At the Club, Adam gets right up in Victor's face as Sharon tries to calm him. Victor tells him he is worse than a sociopath! Things rapidly become overheated and Adam gets physical with Victor, who threatens to crush him like a bug! Soon, he does just that, punching Adam who winds up on the floor to the horror of the onlookers! As Victor tells Adam he is disowned, Billy gleefully snaps pictures! Sharon picks Adam up and dusts him off, Nick takes Victor to the bar, and Jack comments, "An old man with a stitched-up heart versus a blind man - that's entertainment!" Adam goes to a table with Sharon, where Tucker comes over and tells him they have work to do. Adam leaves, glaring at Victor as he goes. Jack asks Phyllis if she knows of a good photographer for his wedding - she jokingly gestures to Billy and his camera! Malcolm walks in, and he and Phyllis greet one another happily.

Emily and Chloe sit on the patio at Crimson Lights discussing Billy and Jack. Chloe muses that Billy has been a good father lately, and with Emily's surprise for Jack, maybe he'll be thinking of a family soon too! Emily reminds her to keep it a secret. Neil and Devon come in to meet with Cane and Lily. Neil tells his daughter he is sorry to hear about Harry dying. Cane and Lily let Neil and Devon hear the babies' heartbeats, and then Lily says she's going to church to say a prayer for Harry. Outside, she tears up. Cane tells Neil and Devon that Lily needs someone to confide in.

Emily and Chloe arrive at the Club to meet with Jack. They sit down and go over a few wedding details. As Billy hovers, Chloe shares a cute text from Chance. Emily muses that maybe she'll be planning her own wedding soon. Chloe and Billy walk over to the bar, and Emily and Jack playfully taste test foods for the wedding. Cane comes in and interrupts, asking Emily to go talk to Lily at the chapel. Jack and Cane talk business.

At the bar, Chloe teases Billy about taking pictures of the altercation between Victor and Adam. She gets another cute text from Chance and Billy rants that she's no fun anymore. She tells him he wanted his freedom, so he should stop complaining! Billy gets a text from Heather saying that Dr. Taylor checked out to be squeaky clean, and that she's in her room if he wants more. Chloe sneers, "More what - bootaaay?" Billy makes a point of saying he's not going there, and says that actually he'd like to spend time with Delia tonight.

Sharon has stayed behind in the Club to speak to Noah and Nick about Noah going to Paris. Noah leaves them to discuss it, and Nick points out that he doesn't want Noah's marks tanking because he's being teased about family drama at school. They agree he should go to Paris. Sharon tries to question Nick about Victor and Adam, but he tells her she will have to go to Victor for answers.

Adam has gone to Tucker's office, where Tucker confronts him with the issue of Restless Style. He asks why his own father would say he's a deceitful, congenital liar! Tucker tells Adam he's proven himself by standing up to his father. There's a knock at the door - it's Nick! Adam leaves, and Nick tells Tucker he wants to buy Jabot and roll it into Newman Cosmetics. Tucker muses that it's an interesting idea - in fact, he'd like a cosmetics empire. Tucker says how about he'll hang onto Jabot, and Nick can sell him Newman Cosmetics! Nick muses that Tucker obviously wants to start a bidding war between the Newmans and Abbotts. Tucker grins, and says, "The more the merrier - for me, that is."

Victor arrives at the Ranch. Ashley doesn't want to see him, but lets him in. He tries to avoid discussing the Adam issue. Abby comes in and hollers at Victor that all he ever does is humiliate her - she hates him! He bellows at her not to ever talk to him that way. As Abby storms off, Ash confronts Victor, asking what has gotten into him. Sharon arrives and says she wants to know the answer to that too - she demands a retraction! Victor says he meant every word. He goes up to see Abby, and Ashley tells Sharon that Victor won't be fighting her for the Ranch - she and Adam are welcome to stay.

Abby comes back downstairs and tells Ashley she wouldn't talk to Victor, but he said he'd be in the den for a while if she changed her mind. Ashley has received a baby gift from her mother, Dina, and Abby watches as she opens it - it's purple. The color triggers a memory in Ashley's mind - of the scrap of purple material Adam told her he found after she thought she hit someone with the car! She urges Abby to help her find it!

Victor is leaving the Ranch when Adam gets home. Adam loudly says, "What are you doing here?" Victor looks around and closes the door, before asking Adam if he's alright. He whispers that the charade is working. He reminds him that Tucker McCall is as sharp as they come - he needs to believe that their rift is authentic if they're going to infiltrate his company. Victor tells Adam that once Katherine's company is back in her hands, they'll both have a lot of explaining to do - until then, he needs to keep hating his guts!

Malcolm and Phyllis are having coffee at Crimson Lights and catching up. She mentions that Jack is looking for a good photographer for his wedding. They discuss his reasons for coming back. Suddenly, he gets a call from Neil saying something has come up with Lily - he takes off.

Phyllis is still in the coffee house when Sharon walks in. They get into it about Adam and Victor, and Sharon says Phyllis must think Victor's behavior is okay since it's Adam he's turned on rather than Nick. Phyllis says that's not true, but she wants to know what caused Adam to go off the deep end. Sharon points out that she should just keep her nose out of her business, and tells her she just needs to back off! Phyllis looks intrigued.

At the chapel, Lily cries and prays for the babies. She says she's scared by Harry's passing, and hopes that the babies' won't have their mother taken away. Emily arrives and listens to Lily's concerns. She works to reassure her. Soon, Cane and Jack come in. Lily rushes into Cane's arms and he kisses her head. Jack and Emily stay behind when they leave. He tells her he was impressed with her advice to Lily.

At home, Lily gets a note from Harry. She says he must have written it before he died. Lily starts to read it, but is overcome with emotion and hands it to Cane. Neil sits with her as Cane reads Harry's words describing how Lily cheered him up, and how he'll be watching over her. Malcolm and Devon are there, and Malcolm muses that Harry sounded like a good person. Lily decides she'll have to savor every minute that she gets to live - otherwise Colleen and Harry will come down there and kick her butt!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Michael tells Lauren that he called Eden - she thinks she's being set up!

Nick says to Sharon, "Is this all real? You, married to Adam, living at the Ranch? Is this what you want?"

Ashley shouts at Adam, "You're a liar, Adam! A liar!"

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