At the tack house, Phyllis welcomes Nick home from work, showering him with her seduction. After they make love, Phyllis warns Nick that she better not catch him looking at other woman, that he better enjoy her pregnant appearance till the end. They laugh while talking about baby proofing the house. As Nick tries to nap, Phyllis worries that they don't have things ready for the baby's arrival. The two giggle and joke around until Nick falls asleep Suddenly, Phyllis starts feeling contractions.

When Jill arrives home, she blames Katherine for all her troubles at the office, blames her for Billy's departure. Katherine denies that it was her fault, that she only tried to get Billy to realize his mistakes. Jill is emotional. When Jill expresses how much she'll miss Billy, Kay reminds her that she sent Billy away to boarding school for most of his life, that Billy got most of his poor judgments from Jill.

At the club, Jill runs into William, and they decide to have dinner together. They share a relaxing evening, wondering where their relationship is going. Talk of Katherine, Billy and William's homicide case engulf them during dinner. When Jill asks how William relieves his stress, he's says he spends the night with a beautiful woman. He tells her that he was initially at the club to attend a grief support meeting. When Jill's ready to leave, William suggests he walk her out. However, Jill says she's too tired to go home, says she has a room at the club. Jill offers for William to stop by after the meeting.

Katherine holds a picture of Jill, remembering back to many horrible conversations of their past, then shoves Jill's picture faced-down into a drawer. Katherine has a disturbing nightmare about a baby crying

Gloria visits Kevin at the coffeehouse, to where Jana and Kevin tell her they finally got their own apartment in Michael's building. When Gloria asks Jana to help her with the computer, Jana sees that Gloria is doing some research on how to look more glamorous. Jana questions whether Gloria has a new man in her life. However, Gloria claims that she simply needs a change. When Jana sees that Gloria is reading about William Bardwell, Gloria admits that she's attracted to him, that she really got to know him at the support group. Jana reminds her that William prosecuted her husband, but Gloria says she's come to terms with that.

Kevin rejoins them, and Jana fills him in on Gloria's new interest. Kevin plays the devil's advocate, questioning Gloria about what she's getting into with William. Jana tells Gloria she's going to help her impress William. With a little help from Jana, Kevin is shocked by Gloria's sophisticated appearance. Gloria thanks Jana, then heads to the club to attend the support meeting, hoping she'll impress William.

Gloria walks in the club, asks if the William has arrived. She's told that he was there earlier, but left with a woman.

JT tries pampering Colleen with a quiet night at home. Just as they engage in a kiss, Professor Korbel knocks at the door. They invite him in. He hands Colleen some material to go over for tomorrow night, tells Colleen he'd like to go over the papers with her, if possible. Although JT gets irritated, he agrees to put off their dinner. JT stands back, watching as the two talk about the sensuality of the art sculptures. JT takes a crack at Adrian, causing him to feel uncomfortable, ultimately leaving. Colleen calls JT rude, again bringing up his investigation into Professor Korbel. JT finally gets fed up and storms out of the apartment.

At the club, JT blows off some steam by shooting hoops. He picks up his cell, then thinks better of making the call to Colleen. At the apartment, Colleen does the same She goes to the club, tells JT that he shouldn't have walked out on her. She says if he's investigating someone connected to her, she has the right to know. However, JT says he'll never be able to divulge the information on his cases to her. Colleen states that she's sorry he feels that way, that she needs to make some important decisions in her life.

Back at the apartment, Colleen says she hates fighting, and JT goes to her, tells her he's not sorry about doing the background check on Adrian. However, he's sorry that he hurt her They lose themselves in each other After they make love, JT compliments how beautiful Colleen is.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Neil and Dru are arrested, Brad questions Colleen about what she's divulged to Professor Korbel, Victor helps out Jack and Phyllis learns she's experienced false labor