Adam is at the Ranch with Ashley discussing the Newman clan, when Sharon comes in with the Restless Style magazine - she asks if they've seen this - it's an exclusive interview with Victor which says that his son is a psychopath! Ashley doesn't understand why Victor would work with Billy. Adam points out that he quit Newman - this is the fallout. Ashley wonders how she'll explain this to Abby! Adam reads a part in the magazine about how disappointed Hope would be in him. Adam swears, and Sharon says this is just shameful and disgusting. Adam declares that Victor is shutting him out of his life - it's vile! Adam admits that Hope would be disappointed - that he turned out so much like Victor! Sharon tells Adam that she loves him very much. Adam shakes his head, and tells her he doesn't deserve her. She vows to stand by him, and he says he'll take her to lunch.

At the Club, Phyllis and Nick are also poring over the article. Nick tells Phyllis that Victor mentioned talking to Billy, but didn't give any details. Phyllis reads it out loud until Victor comes over to the table. She wonders if this is the same interview he gave. Victor says he meant every word! Nick picks it up and reads from the article that Victor believes Adam to be a sociopath, and a pathological liar! Nick and Phyllis both admit they're shocked at the intensity of Victor's attack. Victor says it will shock - that was the intention.

Noah and Abby are reading the piece in Restless Style at Crimson Lights. Noah wonders how she feels hearing all this about her brother. Abby doesn't think about Adam that way. They discuss how it will affect Sharon. Noah notes that this is exactly the kind of stuff that makes him want to go to Paris!

Jack storms into Restless Style asking what is going on! He wants to know why Billy put Victor on the cover! Billy explains to Jack that he was doing an expose on Adam and had nothing but hearsay - he couldn't say no to Victor's offer! Jack wonders what Victor's angle is - he asks Billy if Victor hinted at what he thought of Tucker. Billy recalls his conversation with Victor, and tells Jack that Victor only mentioned Tucker in conjunction with Adam, saying he hopes McCall knows what he's getting into! Jack tells Billy that this article just goes to show - even with a transplant the man is heartless!

JT and Reed are with Mac on the patio at the coffee house. He says they have only a couple more days to wait before Victoria comes home. Lily and Cane come in, and coo over Mac's burgeoning belly. They are picking up Mac for an appointment, so they head out. JT sits at the table thinking about how Mac talked through things with him after Tucker took over Kay's company. He recalls how she told him Tucker was a great philanthropist who has saved thousands of lives. Nick appears, looking for Noah, and JT asks him about the Dubai situation - Reed is crying himself to sleep at night. Nick says it's turning out to be a lot more complicated than they thought. JT muses, "A lot of things are."

At the doctor's appointment, Mac is told she's right on schedule, and the trio gets to hear the heartbeats of the two babies. Lily records them on her phone. Mac seems subdued.

JT takes Reed to the bookstore, where Mac comes in, saying he had mentioned they might stop there. Reed wants Mac to read him a book - JT smiles. They end up discussing Victoria being held up in Dubai. JT says Victor Newman is interfering with his family again. He switches gears, and asks how it felt hearing the babies' heartbeats. She admits it's tough to watch Cane and Lily so in love. JT assures her that it will happen for her too.

Lily and Cane are back at the coffee house. They are tickled about the good check-up, and having twins. They beam at one another across the table. They spot a lady from the chemo unit at the hospital. Lily says she'll be back in for another treatment soon, and to tell Harry hello. The woman says she thought they knew - Harry passed away. They sit back down, and Lily tells Cane she just wants to focus on the babies. She asks Cane to call Neil and Devon for her. Cane realizes she's very upset.

Nick has gone back to Newman, where Noah tracks him down. He tells his father he wants to go to Paris. As Victor listens in, unseen, Noah tells Nick that after reading that article, he really wants to go - imagine what they'll be saying at school. He notes that Abby saw it, and she wishes she could go to Paris too! Victor makes his presence known, and Noah confronts him about fighting with Ashley in front of Abby, and about the article. Victor says he loves his family. Noah gets a text and leaves. Nick and Victor decide to go to lunch.

Ashley and Abby are at Fenmore's. Ashley assures Abby that Victor would never write an article like that about her. Abby goes to try something on, and Jack comes in. He tells Ash he's not so sure! Talk turns to his wedding and Ashley says she happens to know that Emily has a great surprise for him. Phyllis comes in, and Ashley points out how happy Jack is. Phyllis makes a jab about Emily looking like Patty. Phyllis mentions wanting Nick to move, and Ashley talks about Victor wanting the Ranch back. They all agree that's not right. Abby comes out of the dressing room, saying she left the sweater in there. She goes to meet Noah.

At the Club, Phyllis, Ashley, and Jack have sat down for lunch. Billy arrives and joins them. They discuss the article, and Ash asks Billy how he convinced Victor to do it. Billy stuns her by saying Victor came to him!

Nick and Victor arrive at the Club. Nick hangs up from talking to Victoria on the cell phone. Nick mentions that Reed is missing his mother. Victor feels bad, but doesn't care about JT. As they walk into the dining room, Ashley gets up and demands to know how he could humiliate Adam this way! Noah and Abby arrive and witness the scene. Victor tells Ashley he's decided not to take back the Ranch. Just then, Adam walks in and gets nose-to-nose with Victor - he calls him an SOB and says, "You had to take things too far, didn't you?"

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Sharon says to Phyllis, "You just can't keep your nose out of my life. You need to back off!"

Tucker tells Nick, "How about I hang onto Jabot, and you sell me Newman Cosmetics!"

Ashley tells Abby she's looking for a piece of purple fabric!

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