After a long night, Michael and Lauren relax on the couch, trying to come up with a plan to make their lives easier. Lauren reminds Michael that he has a lot on his shoulders, that the Winters family are counting on him. Michael opens the paper, sees the headlines about The Winters.

Dru reads an article from the morning paper to Neil about them not being allowed to leave the city. Daniel comes in, tells Dru and Neil that Devon is freaked out about not getting his surgery. They assure Daniel that Devon will get the help he needs. Dru and Neil talk about reopening the club, saying that Michael said it's best to get back into a normal routine. When Daniel expresses all the money they'll make after the publicity the club has gotten, Neil isn't sure he wants to profit off of a woman's death.

William Bardwell tells Detective Sullivan that he has enough evidence to make an arrest and is ready to make an official announcement. Right before the press conference, new evidence comes to light. After the DA opens the envelope, he says, "This changes everything."

Katherine visits Lauren and Michael, delivering another gift for the baby. Michael gets a call from Paul, letting him know that the DA has just called a press conference. Michael leaves Kay with Lauren

Katherine witnesses Lauren in an anxious state. Lauren keeps hearing the baby crying, but Katherine doesn't hear a sound. Lauren admits to being paranoid, tells Katherine that she must understand how she feels being a mother herself. Katherine shocks Lauren, tells her that she never considered taking care of her children a fun thing to do. Katherine has many regrets about her kids, tells Lauren that raising a baby isn't easy. In a roundabout way, Katherine makes Lauren feel as though she's not the only one to experience such feelings.

William goes to see Neil, hands him a picture of Neil taken at a stoplight. The problem is, the time that the picture was taken was the same time that Neil said he was home with Dru. Neil says he left his office and went home, but ran back out to go to the dry cleaners. From there, Neil tells the DA he went back home. William wants to know why he didn't tell him the truth to begin with. Neil says he needed to protect Dru, that she's innocent. William tells them to call him if they can think of anything else that they want to share with him.

As Paul and Michael await the press conference, Detective Sullivan appears, letting everyone know that the conference has been canceled. Paul asks why, but the detective just says that the DA had other business After she leaves, Michael gets a call from Neil who says that the DA paid him a visit. Paul and Michael head out to meet Neil.

Dru and Neil go to Michael's apartment, ranting to them about the picture the DA has. Dru says the DA must know that they lied about their alibi. Michael is furious that they lied to him! He demands that they tell him the whole truth now! Neil and Dru go over everything again, telling Michael that they were scared. Michael says that the bad thing is, they lied to the grand jury. Lauren joins them in the living room and Paul takes her out for a bit.

At the club, Paul and Lauren have lunch. Lauren snaps at Paul, says she wants to go home, that she's too worried about the baby. Paul asks Lauren if she's sure that there's nothing else bothering her, and she says she's sure.

Victoria knocks on JT's door, finding a shirtless JT at home. When Victoria says she's there to drop off some info for Colleen, JT tells her about their fight, about Colleen being upset after finding out that he's investigating Adrian Korbel. Victoria feels awful that she was the one who told Colleen, having thought Colleen already knew. JT can't understand why Colleen is taking this so personally, why she's getting so worked up over a guy she just met. He goes on to express that he thinks there may be more to this than Colleen is willing to admit

At the office, Colleen asks Brad why he's having Professor Korbel investigated. Brad says it doesn't really concern her, that it was just a routine background check. When Colleen won't let up, Brad says the professor has too many things in common with Brad's family, which worries him. Brad relays his findings to Colleen, says that he looked into Adrian's past to protect her.

Victoria finds Colleen in her office where Victoria tries to explain that it doesn't hurt being cautious where Professor Korbel is concerned. Colleen expresses that JT's lies just may cost them their relationship. Victoria reminds her that JT's profession keeps him from divulging certain things to her, that she needs to accept it. Colleen admits that she may not be able to do that.

At the club, JT and Adrian play a game of basketball. JT tries pumping him for information about his past. The professor doesn't give JT much. When asked what he does for a living, JT doesn't hide it, tells Adrian he's a PI. Adrian cracks some jokes about the profession, then takes off. JT calls Brad, reports that Adrian is arrogant, that he could be hiding something.

Adrian goes to meet with Victoria and finds Colleen. Colleen comments on the professor's impressive background, says she Googled him. When Colleen says she needs to go meet JT, Adrian remarks that he just played basketball with JT. He questions Colleen about JT being a PI. Before Colleen can respond, Daniel comes in. Adrian leaves to find Victoria.

At the coffeehouse, Colleen confides in Daniel about her problems with JT. Daniel says if she's always going to second guess JT, then they're not going to be happy together. When she goes home, Colleen finds JT home having put together a romantic setting for the two of them.

Adrian and Victoria go over some details about the benefit. Adrian brings up that Colleen told him about Brad's mother Rebecca, says he'd love to learn more about her. Victoria gets an uneasy feeling.

Victoria runs to Brad, telling him about what Adrian knows.

Michael makes it clear to Dru and Neil, tells them that they may end up being indicted for murder, that the DA now has legal grounds to arrest them!

Next on The Young and the Restless: Phyllis feels a contraction, Jill blames Kay for Billy leaving, Gloria confides in Jana about her attraction to William and J.T. and Colleen continue to argue about professor Korbel