On the private jet, on their way to meet Katherine's daughter, Joanne, Kay thanks Jill for finding her and they discuss what Katherine will do upon meeting the woman. Katherine thinks she'll play it by ear. She hopes that her daughter grew up surrounded by love and has had a good life.

Katherine and Jill have arrived at their destination - a bounty hunter's office called Jo-Jo's in the seedy part of town. A very rough-around-the-edges woman appears holding a gun on a long-haired man in a leather jacket - she is threatening to kill him! The woman notices Kay and Jill and tells them to go on up the street. Jill is horrified, and Katherine muses that if she was a bounty hunter she imagines she would be as successful as Joanne! Jill makes her promise not to tell the woman the truth yet. They go inside, where Jo-Jo is getting off the phone from threatening the mayor. Katherine says she is looking for Joanne Glover. The woman muses that the last person to use that name was the judge who sent her away. She asks who Katherine is, coming in there all snooty and using that name? Kay says, "Your mother." Jill shakes her head. Jo-Jo scoffs, but Katherine explains that her child grew up in an orphanage on the Canadian border. Jo-Jo is floored, but turns brusque again, telling Katherine to go back where she came from. It takes a few minutes, but Kay convinces Jo-Jo to come to Genoa City with them.

At the coffee house, Paul tells Nina and Murphy that he's found out some interesting things about Joanne that Katherine should know before she goes to meet her. Nina says it's too late - she and Jill are on their way! Murphy asks what he means - Paul says she could be trouble. Paul lets them know that Jo-Jo has quite a criminal record, for things like extortion. Murphy decides to call Katherine. Murphy can't get through - he keeps getting voicemail!

On the private jet, Jo-Jo indulges in the 'free' alcohol and it dawns on her that Katherine owns the plane. Kay confirms that she's one of the wealthy Chancellors, and tells Jo-Jo that she is too. Jill gapes as Jo-Jo goes over to Katherine and kisses her cheek, chuckling, "Maw!"

In Crimson Lights, Heather questions Adam about marrying Sharon. Heather wonders what will happen when Sharon finds out he's a pathological liar! She says that she was pulling for Sharon when she prosecuted her - the last thing she needs is him in her life! Adam says he's sorry Heather can't get over what happened between them. Heather hisses that maybe they deserve each other - the klepto and the liar! She storms out!

At Sharon's place, Jack asks her to explain her thinking about eloping with Adam - he promises to behave himself. Sharon tells Jack that Adam set up a beautiful winter wonderland for their wedding, and even gave her Hope's ring. Jack muses that it's a lot to take in. He asks how Noah took it. Sharon says he'll like Adam when he gets to know him better. Jack wishes she'd said something before she left. Sharon gets ticked off. Jack continues on, saying that it makes sense that she'd grasp for a lifeline. Sharon is offended and tries to defend the marriage. A huge argument launches regarding Adam's true intentions and the mistakes in Jack and Sharon's marriage. When Jack insults Adam, Sharon hauls off and slaps him! Adam comes in and says Jack must have heard the news. Jack wishes Sharon luck with Adam - she's going to need it!

Alone in the house, Adam and Sharon compare notes on Heather and Jack's reactions to their elopement. Adam says she is special - it's no wonder Jack can't move on. Adam says if Victor can forgive him for the diary fiasco, then Nick and Jack will come around eventually. He says he'll try to fix some of the animosity. Sharon doesn't think it's possible - she says if they want to hang onto the past that's their problem!

Jack goes to Crimson Lights, where Paul confronts him about the impact his relationship with Emily is having on Patty. Jack doesn't want to discuss it right now, but Paul makes it clear that Patty should never find out, and stresses that the whole thing is just wrong! They bicker about Patty not having Emily as her doctor anymore. Paul thinks it's bizarre that he would fall in love with a woman who has Patty's face. Jack reminds him it's the other way around!

At the Chancellor Estate, Chloe asks Chance, who is preparing to go meet Riggs at the tree lot, if he called his boss first. Chance admits he didn't, but tells her not to worry. He leaves, and Mac walks into the room. Chloe asks her if she'll watch Delia for a short time, and Mac tells her she'd be glad to. Chloe follows Chance.

Chance arrives at the tree lot and Riggs calls out to him. Chance asks if he's alone and waves his flashlight around until he sees him. Riggs is crouching and has blood all over his face! Chance asks who did this to him - Riggs wants him to help get him out of there before 'they' come back! Chance puts his coat on Riggs and a car trains its headlights on them. Chance starts to call for back-up, but is hit from behind and knocked to the ground. Chloe comes running into the tree lot calling out for Chance. He moans and she rushes over to have words about the foolish chance he took in coming there. He calls for back up and sirens are heard. Chance gets checked out, and Heather and the detective arrive and ask questions. Chance thinks someone put Riggs up to it. The detective is ticked that Chance didn't call - they'd have Riggs in custody if he had! Heather reappears with Chance's jacket in an evidence bag - he identifies it, and she informs him it's full of drugs! Heather and the detective inform Chance that this has all the signs of a drug deal gone bad! The detective arrests Chance!

Billy walks into the Chancellor Estate and tells Mac that Chloe must have forgotten that he was due to pick up Delia. He takes her, and Mac mentions that the baby was a little upset when Chloe left. Billy remarks that it's normal for her age - he looked it up. Mac is impressed. Billy mentions his epiphany and Mac talks to him briefly about his drinking. She then notices that Delia is drooling a little and doesn't seem right. It turns out the baby has a low-grade fever, and Mac gives her some medicine. Billy is glad Mac was there to help. Billy walks the floor with Delia, telling her that he will be around no matter what. He thinks that it would be best that he not take her home with him since she's ill, so he and Mac sit down to read a storybook with her. Delia goes to sleep, and Mac says she hopes he means what he said to his daughter earlier. Billy tells her he admires what she's doing for Lily - she has the biggest heart of anyone he's ever known - he offers a heartfelt apology and pledges his support. Mac is shocked at the change in him.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Chance tells Chloe and Nina that somebody is targeting him - he wants to know why!

Malcolm tells Neil and Cane that he's been offered a job and he's considering taking it - looks like he's back!

As Kay listens, Jill tells Jo-Jo that they actually thought she was her daughter. Jo-Jo replies, "But I'm proof-positive, ya ain't!"

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