Phyllis and Nick arrive at the studio for Sharon's photo shoot. Seeing as they're the first ones there, Nick thinks it'd be fun to take some shots of Phyllis. Phyllis poses for Nick as they laugh it up with the camera.

In the break room, Sharon reminds Jack that she has a photo shoot, says that she's not looking forward to it with Phyllis overseeing it. Jack offers to go with her for moral support.

Jack and Sharon arrive, interrupting Nick and Phyllis's fun, not at all impressed. While the photographer is taking photos of Sharon, Phyllis has a problem with the outfit that Sharon and Jack picked for Sharon. Phyllis steps forward, tells Sharon that she wants to give her a few pointers to make her look sexier.

Sharon mocks Phyllis with her poses while Jack and Phyllis continue to argue about Sharon's looks. Suddenly, Sharon agrees to spice it up by shortening her dress way up! After the shoot, Jack, Sharon, Phyllis and Nick argue over which pictures to pick for the campaign

Nick agrees with Phyllis, Jack with Sharon. When the photographer asks for the picture choices, Nick suggests that they reschedule another shoot with a different model. Jack tells Nick to stay out of it! Jack makes the final pick and sends the photographer on his way, in turn putting Phyllis and Nick in their place.

In the elevator, Jack asks Sharon if it still hurts seeing Nick and Phyllis together. Sharon admits that, yes, sometimes it does, yet she can't help the way she feels. Jack says he feels the same way around Phyllis. Sharon asks if Jack thinks their relationship is an escape, and Jack says maybe it is, maybe an escape is what they both need.

Nikki goes to Victor's office, tells him she's sick of watching Jack and Sharon flaunt their relationship at work. Victor comments that Jack may not be able to do so much longer. Michael comes in, explains that although he needs to focus on the Winters case at the moment, he'll let Victor know the second he hears anything about The House of Kim problem. Again, Michael can't believe he fell for Jack's ploy. Victor says he'll never forgive Jack for deceiving him and Nikki. Lauren shows up needing to talk with Michael.

After Michael goes, Nikki questions if he's the best person for the job, and Victor assures her he is. Victor recites all the damage Jack has done, says he wants to teach Jack a lesson he will never forget.

Phyllis vents to Nikki about Jack taking control. Nikki says that Jack is still hurt, that he's taking it out on her through her work.

Sharon tells Nikki that Phyllis is making decisions that could jeopardize NVP. She shows Nikki the pictures from the shoot, and Nikki approves of the pictures.

Jack goes to see Victor, but runs into Nick. Jack suggests that Nick tell Phyllis to keep her personal life at home. Victor returns to his office and Nick leaves

Victor questions Jack about Billy, comments on Jack's great business sense. Jack says he's made some mistakes along the way, and Victor asks if he has any regrets.

Jack and Sharon have a heart-to-heart where he says he enjoys the time they spend together, says that he hopes they can continue to see each other.

In the car, Nick tells Phyllis to admit that she was jealous being around Jack and Sharon, and Phyllis accuses Nick of them same. They laugh it off.

Dru and Devon wait in Dru's car for Neil. Just as Neil's getting into his own car, he's stopped by DA Bardwell and Detective Sullivan. Dru and Devon get out of the car and go to Neil. The DA hands Neil a statement, saying that the judge ordered them to NOT leave Genoa City. Neil informs them that they aren't fleeing, that they need to get Devon to an important doctor's appointment. Dru begs the DA and detective to not stand in their way. Although the DA says he can't stop them from leaving, the court papers demand that they come before the judge.

At the coffeehouse, Lauren and Michael talk about the baby's morning, laughing about Fen throwing up on Gloria. Abruptly, Lauren starts to cry, to express how strung-out she is. Michael makes her promise to let him help. Michael's phone rings. Michael has to leave Lauren at the coffeehouse to go help the Winters.

Jana joins Lauren, starts talking about Carmen's murder case. While Lauren would rather not talk about it, Jana it intrigued with the case. Lauren says she'll just be happy when Michael isn't so tied up in his workload.

Michael shows up at Newman, telling the Winters that the only way they can leave is by going to court. In the courtroom, Michael represents the Winters, saying they are not a flight risk. The judge asks Dru to explain Devon's surgery. Dru says if there are no complications with the surgery, they should be home in a couple days. The DA questions Dru, asks why Devon can't be treated in Wisconsin. Neil pleads his case, says the out-of-town doctor is the best. Neil promises to return home after the surgery. The DA asks why Neil was so determined to leave town even after receiving the court order, and Neil says he was afraid they wouldn't be treated fairly. Devon expresses to the judge how he feels about being deaf, tells him that he needs this chance to be able to hear again. The judge rules, says that Devon's case isn't compelling enough for him to allow the Winters to leave town, that he can get medical attention in Genoa City. The judge makes them post a bond, surrender their passports and forbids them from leaving town. Dru assures Devon that he will get the surgery.

In his office, DA Bardwell gets the DNA tests results for the grand jury

Next on The Young and the Restless: Colleen confronts her father, demanding to know why Brad asked JT to investigate Professor Korbel, Dru and Neil admit to lying, Kay talks to Lauren about her baby and the DA claims he has enough evidence for an arrest...