Outside at the cabin, Phyllis and Summer nail something on a post for Nick. Phyllis tells Summer it's a present for daddy. They go back into the cabin, where they are surprised to see Ashley with Nick. Summer points at Faith and says, "Daddy, look, a baby!" Phyllis apologizes for them being there - Jack didn't mention anyone else using the cabin. Ash says it was spur of the moment, and that it's not a problem. Nick sits down and holds the baby, as Summer comes in close for a look. Phyllis looks concerned. When the baby goes to sleep, Ashley comments on how difficult it must be for Nick to be around an infant right now. Nick says she is his sister. Phyllis takes Nick outside, and says she knows he's in a lot of pain - she wanted to give him a way to let it out. She says this is his baby's final resting place and they can come there whenever he wants. She takes him to the tree and shows him the little monument to Faith she put there. He cries and says it's perfect. They tell Ashley about the plaque and she says it's an honor to have the baby remembered here. Nick and Phyllis leave, and Ashley tells them to visit her and Faith anytime. The baby fusses for Ashley once they're alone. She takes her outside and looks at the plaque, saying that was nice of Phyllis, and that it's so sad.

Jack is shocked to look into Sharon's house and see her kissing Adam! He goes inside and asks what Adam thinks he's doing?! Jack demands to know what angle Adam is working, but Sharon says she owes him no explanation. Jack says she used to know the truth about Adam! He declares that he's not jealous - he is concerned for her welfare! Adam says Jack has a little trouble with boundaries. Jack insists that Adam is a sociopath, and angrily lists the things he's done, saying that Sharon herself told him that Adam couldn't be trusted! Sharon remains silent as Adam tries to turn it back on Jack. Jack asks Sharon what she has told him about their relationship. Sharon defends taking Adam into her confidence, and Jack hollers that she sounds brainwashed! Adam yells at Jack not to talk to Sharon that way. Jack warns Adam not to hurt her in any way, then leaves. Adam sighs, and tells Sharon that Jack is just being overprotective. She says Jack was out of line. Adam thanks her for a great evening and turns to leave. She asks him not to go, and takes his hand, saying something 'real' is happening between them. She leads him upstairs where they make love. Adam tells her he loves her.

Back at the tack house, Phyllis assures Nick that he should always feel free to talk about his grief, and the baby. Nick hopes that after tonight the worst will be behind him. They embrace. Nick goes up to read Summer's story, and there is a knock at the door - it's Jack. He says he needs to talk to Nick, it's urgent! He tells Phyllis it's about Sharon and Adam is involved. Phyllis explains what Nick has been through tonight, and tells Jack it can wait until morning! Jack is halfway out the door when Nick comes downstairs. Phyllis says Jack came about business, but she suggested he wait until morning. Nick agrees. Jack apologizes and leaves.

At the Baldwin house, Daisy reassures Ryder in hushed tones that no one will figure out that it's really her in the red light alibi photo. Lauren is appalled that Daniel was served at their home on Thanksgiving. Michael and Lauren advise Daniel to just tell the truth and follow Michael's advice. Daniel comments that he might just help himself and starts walking toward Ryder. Kevin grabs his arm, and takes him aside, asking him not to start anything. Daniel just wants to ask some questions. He approaches Ryder and demands to know if he has any more information about the murder, or Deacon's role in it. Everyone gets in on the questioning as Kevin tries to defend Ryder. Ryder claims to know nothing, but Daniel says he doesn't believe him. Ryder says he's sick of being blamed for everything, but Lauren points out that he hasn't been straight with them! As Daniel moves toward Ryder in a threatening way, Kevin intervenes! Lauren informs Kevin that Ryder is defensive at every turn while Daniel is an open book - it's increasingly suspicious. Kevin insists that beating the truth out of Ryder isn't the way to go. Michael agrees, and warns Amber and Daniel that they need to be on their best behavior - he'll get Ryder on the stand where he can't avoid questions! Amber and Daniel ask Michael a bunch of questions about how this might go down, but he says to wait until tomorrow, after he's had time to think.

In a separate area of the Baldwin house, Kevin and Jana are alone with Ryder. Kevin is telling him that he has made a lot of mistakes too, but he's not alone, and he can turn things around. Ryder pouts that everyone wants to think the worst of him. Jana tells him that he has to trust them first, before they can trust him in return. The others come into the room, and Ryder tells Daniel he has no problem with him. Amber hints that if he trusts them enough to share the information he has, maybe they'd trust him back. He seems about to speak, when Daisy causes a distraction by screaming and holding her wrist! Daisy says she burned herself on the candle, and everyone fusses. Soon they all realize that Ryder left!

Jana and Kevin have returned to Crimson Lights, where Jana fusses over Daisy and her burn. Kevin spots Ryder at a table brooding. He confronts him about taking off. Ryder says he doesn't need all this grief about the murder - his family has never given him a chance. Kevin explains that Ryder has put him in a difficult place - between his family and his 'new' brother - who admittedly, he doesn't know very well. Just then, Ryder gets served! Kevin warns he won't be able to keep quiet at the Grand Jury. Ryder says he'll do everything he can to help Daniel be proven innocent.

Daniel and Amber are saying goodbye to Michael and Lauren at the door of their house. Daniel thinks back to the argument he had with Amber when he told her he wouldn't marry her if he was going to jail. Michael says he'll talk to them tomorrow. As they leave, he tells Lauren that all the same circumstantial evidence still exists - he'll have to try to sway the Grand Jury. Amber tells Daniel they'll take things one step at a time. She assures him that whatever comes they will face it together.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Michael and Daniel appear at the tack house and Phyllis says it makes her nervous when they show up unannounced, asking, "What's going on?"

Amber approaches Deacon in Indigo and says, "Daniel got a subpoena from the Grand Jury and I want you to fix it!"

Sharon answers her door in a robe - it's Nick. He says he wants to talk to her about what happened yesterday.

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