JT delivers his investigative report on Professor Korbel to Brad. JT goes on to say that everything in the file is public record. After going over the findings, simple characteristics of the man, Brad says the professor sounds too good to be true. Brad doesn't want to take any chances on Korbel, tells JT to keep digging.

In Michael's office, Paul and Michael go over all the suspects in Carmen's death. After Paul questions why Daniel's name isn't posted on their corkboard, giving Michael probable case, Michael adds Daniel's name to the list.

Detective Sullivan brings Will Bardwell the DNA report from the Carmen Mesta murder, showing that fibers were found on the body matching Neil Winters! A Newman employee shows up, says she overheard someone threatening Carmen before she died. She says that Michael Baldwin told Carmen that he'd bury her! When asked if anyone else witnessed the conversation, she says, yes, Phyllis Newman was there. The DA adds Michael's name to his board. Suddenly, another report is delivered, to where Will says, "Like father, like son." Fibers from both Neil and Devon were found on Carmen's clothing.

Dru and Neil leave their apartment, unaware that they are being followed. They show up at Devon's, nervously telling him to hurry up and pack, insisting that they all need to leave now! While waiting for Devon, Neil tells Dru that heading to the airport, leaving town, is the only chance they have. Once Devon is ready, they all leave for the airport!

Victoria and Adrian are at the coffeehouse, discussing the fundraiser. Victoria lets Adrian take a peek into some of Nikki's files, containing tons of donation information about many residents. Colleen shows up, and with a bit of persuasion from Victoria, she agrees to help them with the fundraiser. While Victoria goes to order, the professor seems distracted by the idea. After Victoria leaves, Adrian questions Colleen, asks her if she really has the time to help with the benefit. When Colleen says yes, the professor states that he will not go easy on.

At the counter, Jana asks Victoria if she, too, can help with the benefit. Victoria is intrigued with Jana's interest in art. Jana and Victoria join Adrian and Colleen at their table to where they are all designated duties for the benefit. Jana seems overly eager about the art aspect of the benefit. After Victoria tells Jana she'll get her all the clearance she needs to view the Newman collection, Jana gets a relieved look about her.

At Newman, Victor plays Jack, acting as though he's appreciative by Jack's attempt to get Carmen out of town, offering her a job at The House of Kim. Jack comments, "What are friends for." Jack leaves

As Mr. Kim walks by Victor's office, Victor calls him in, questions Mr. Kim in a roundabout way about Carmen's job offer. Mr. Kim states that he offered Carmen the job merely a week before her murder. After Mr. Kim leaves, Victor finds the timing of Mr. Kim's job offer very interesting

Back at Brad's office, Victoria shows up, and Brad and JT show her the report on Adrian. Victoria has to run out to look at a file and sees Colleen in the hall. Colleen gives Victoria her PDA, which she left behind, and Victoria tells her to be careful around Adrian, to not tell let him know he's being investigated. Although Colleen looks stunned, she acts as though she knew about the investigation. After JT and Colleen leave, Victoria tells Brad about Jana's interest in the benefit. Brad looks deep in thought. When Brad comments about wanting to do a background check on Jana, Victoria says she's already ordered one.

At the coffeehouse, Adrian gives Jana an art related phone number. She comments that it'll be exciting working with Victoria, seeing the art collection.

Paul orders some coffee from Jana where he questions her about her accent. He holds her conversation as he asks her for a glass with ice. After receiving it, Paul goes out back, places the glass in a bag for fingerprints!

In the parking garage, Colleen lays into JT about not telling her he was investigating Professor Korbel. JT reminds her that it's his job, that Brad hired him to do it. Colleen comes off as very protective of her professor. Colleen is fuming that JT lied to her.

Jack and Mr. Kim talk about Carmen, saying she could've ruined them with the information that she knew. They discuss Gloria, and Jack states that soon he'll erase all traces of Gloria from Jabot. Mr. Kim gets a call saying that Billy arrived in Hong Kong as planned, and Jack is pleased, says their plan is coming together perfectly.

Michael pays Victor a visit. Victor asks how Gloria is doing, and Michael explains all the harm Jack is trying to cause her. It is then that Victor divulges to Michael that Jack offered Carmen a job with The House of Kim. Michael lets Victor in on how he found out about Jack trying to buy back his family's company through a dummy corporation. Victor is impressed with Michael's tactics, puts him back on Newman retainer. Victor smiles, asks Michael what he would think if he told him that Jack owned House of Kim. Michael is shocked! Victor gives Michael the replay of his suspicions, tells him of Billy's relocation to Hong Kong, reminds Michael of Gloria's status at Jabot. Michael is furious for not seeing this coming, says there's no proof. However, Victor says, "Not yet." Michael wants to tell Katherine, but Victor pleads with Michael to wait. After hearing Victor's plan to get Jack, Michael agrees to keep quiet.

Will gets a call from his investigator saying that Dru and Neil are running, prompting him to put out an arrest warrant for them!

Next on The Young and the Restless: Phyllis and Jack argue at Sharon's photo shoot, Victor vows to make Jack pay and DA Bardwell questions the Winters as they are about to leave town...