Neil is in Lily's hospital room and asks what he walked in on. Lily explains that she and Cane are discussing their wish to have a baby, and that they would like to do it right away. Neil isn't too sure about the idea, and Lily tells him it's alright to be afraid. Neil asks Cane to come with him to check on Katherine. Lily asks Cane to pass on that her prayers are with Chance.

In the waiting area of the emergency department, Jill holds up a shaken Phillip, and reassures him that Chance, who has been stabbed, will be fine. Nina, Katherine, Murphy, and Mac stand there, dazed.

Nick and Phyllis are chatting in Nick's office about the settlement in the case of the Caymans bank issue. Jack comes in and says he's there to praise Nick's efforts in that direction. He admits he hates Victor, but not Nick. He pulls out a bottle of bubbly and says he'd like to toast to Newman always being Nick's domain! Phyllis steps outside the door to call Lauren, and opens a letter. The contents seem to set her off - she quickly leaves without a word. Jack and Nick continue to spar as they drink. Nick asks if Jack is really here as a proud stepfather, or on recon? They compare notes on brothers who twist the knife - Nick has Adam, and Jack has Billy. Nick muses that Jack helped Billy write that article.

Billy is meeting with a man in the bar. Chloe is there, distractedly checking for a text from Chance on her cellphone. She leaves, and the man asks if they're married - they have the same last name. Billy rubs his forehead and says they just divorced - she's now free to chase whomever she likes! Chloe stops outside the door and calls Chance. Jill answers his cellphone and tells Chloe that he's been hurt!

Still in Nick's office, Jack asks if Nick knows anything about Katherine's activities. Just then, Billy appears with a folder and drops it on Nick's desk! Jack informs Nick that he's not on Billy's side. Billy tells Nick that there was no stipulation as to the content of the magazine - there's no basis for kicking him out of the building. Nick heads off to legal, and Billy questions Jack's disloyalty in front of Newman. Jack tells him he's his ex-brother! Jack lays into Billy about how all he's ever wanted was to have all the Abbotts running their dad's business and he ruined that dream! Nick comes back in and tells Billy that legal has decided to honor the injunction - but if they find a loophole, he's back on the street!

As Cane arrives in the emergency department and hugs Katherine, Jill turns her attention to back to Phillip who is despondent. She gives him a pep talk, saying she knows he's scared, and telling him not to run - they'll make it through this together. Chloe arrives and tries to get up to speed on what happened. Katherine asks Chloe to sit with her, and they discuss what a good man Chance is, and how good he is with Delia. Chloe marvels that he likes her, and listens to her, rather than looking at her like she's going to screw something up. She admits to Katherine that she signed the divorce papers today - and all she wanted to do was tell Chance. Katherine pats her arm.

Phyllis is in Patty's room. Patty acts thrilled to have company, but Phyllis pulls out the letter she received earlier. It is a letter to Summer, signed by Patty, saying she's sorry that she's sick - it makes her sad. Phyllis angrily asks if she laced it with peanut dust?! Patty says she doesn't remember writing that, and tells Phyllis that she and Jack plan to have kids! Phyllis, believing that Patty's pretending, warns her that she's lucky she's locked up in there and not out on the street! Phyllis says Patty likes to terrorize people who can't defend themselves, but now she's with her! Emily comes in and comforts Patty. Phyllis is stunned at her appearance. They step outside to talk. Phyllis asks why she isn't upset that Patty took her face?! Emily sighs and says that Patty is paying for her crimes. Phyllis shows her the letter and says she tried to kill her daughter, and now she's trying to contact her! Emily stuns Phyllis by saying she has to take the blame for the letter! She explains that she may have discussed the concept of remorse and taking responsibility with her patient. Phyllis asks if it was supposed to be an apology of some sort. Emily suggests that might be the way to look at it. Phyllis warns that she has no pity for Patty.

Outside Lily's room, Cane tells Neil that he realizes the idea of a baby seems sudden, but Neil says not at all - Lily's been worried about this since the diagnosis - and it's because of how badly she thinks he wants a baby! Cane insists he's not pushing it, and asks Neil what he wants him to do. Neil questions how they're going to find someone to do this. Cane says that's the easy part - Mackenzie volunteered. Neil can't believe that she did that without any prompting from Cane. Cane tells Neil that he saw the look in Lily's eyes - she needs this right now. He pleads with Neil not to do anything to take her hope away.

Cane goes into Lily's room. She asks where Neil is, noting that he's avoiding her. She wonders if Neil got to Cane, and talked him out of letting Mac carry their baby? Cane says he didn't talk him out of it, but it might be wise to wait until she's out of the hospital. They debate about her reasons for wanting to do it now. She asks for her make-up kit and pulls out Colleen's angel charm. He warns they can't base their future on a charm, or a dream she had. Lily says if they both want it enough it will happen. Neil comes in, and tells her it's in the job description for him to be afraid for her. Lily sighs, and asks if he wants to be a grandfather. Neil says, "Someday." She says that just might be sooner than he thinks!

Mac and Murphy talk in the hospital waiting area. They talk about death and babies. Mac feels babies are the one perfect thing in the world. Billy arrives and puts his foot in his mouth immediately by asking Jill where Cane is - does he get a free pass? Jill, white-faced, says that Cane is in with Lily. Billy holds his head and says he forgot. Mac pulls him away and says that they can fix the misunderstanding later. She tells him that Cane and Lily want to have a baby, and that she is looking for a purpose in life. She is about to tell him about her offer to Cane and Lily, when Kay calls him over. Katherine tells Billy she doesn't like some of the stuff he's pulled at the magazine, but she loves him no matter what happens. Nina and Phillip fret together about whether Chance will come out of surgery okay. She tries to explain how scared she felt the whole time he was in Iraq - this is the same. Phillip says he's scared too, but Nina tells him he doesn't get to feel like her, because he ran away and left them! Phillip assures her that he's not leaving this time, and comforts her in an embrace.

Phyllis is back at Newman, telling Nick all about her visit to Patty. She says she's frustrated that neither Patty or her shrink seemed to feel like it was a big deal that a child almost died!

Jack finds Emily at the Club. She tells him about Phyllis's visit to Patty. He's puzzled as to why Phyllis would go now. Emily explains about the letter. Jack tells Emily exactly what happened to Summer, and describes Phyllis's side of it - how she couldn't even be there for Summer in the hospital because Patty had seen to it that she was accused of harming her own daughter! He muses that he's just glad that Patty can't do anything like that again.

Billy wanders back over to Mac in the waiting area of the hospital. She blurts out that she offered to carry a baby for Lily and Cane. Billy shakes his head in disbelief, then informs her that won't be happening! Just then, Chance is wheeled past them on his way out of surgery. The doctor declares that Chance will be okay, and Nina remarks on how pale he is. Everyone files in to Chance's room behind his stretcher - except Chloe. She stands in a doorway alone and breathes a deep sigh, whispering, "Thank you."

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Kevin urges Ryder to tell Michael where he was on the night of the shooting. Ryder tells him to just leave it alone!

Nina says to Chloe, "It doesn't mean you're over Billy." Chloe replies, "Well, I am, and I'm going to prove it."

Ashley tells Abby she loves her - and so does her father! Abby asks, "The one who's dead, or the one you drove out of the country?!"

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