Katherine catches up with Paul and Jill at the Club, but they don't tell her they were discussing finding her real daughter. Jill decides to leave with Kay, and gives Paul a significant look as she goes.

At home, Lily treats Cane's hand where he hurt it on a potato peeler. He notices she's not looking well, and points out that she's warm. Lily dismisses his concern.

Jack and Emily Peterson bicker in Crimson Lights. He says maybe she's not right for Dr. Lambert's team anyway - she's awfully judgmental. Jack asserts that he realizes how much he hurt Patty, and that he truly regrets it. Jack tells her he knows she can help Patty more than anyone - if she has a problem with him wanting to help - too bad! Jack insists that she was offered the position based on her merits - not because he twisted anyone's arm. She admits she was interested in the job before she found out he was involved. Jack reiterates that Emily can get through to Patty the way no one else can - she shouldn't turn down the opportunity just because she doesn't like him!

Katherine and Jill return to work and have a meeting with Neil about Chancellor going public. Neil warns that Jack will be first in line to buy shares. Kay warns they should not underestimate how manipulative Jack can be!

Billy is holding a Restless Style staff meeting in Jimmy's Bar. He tells them that sales are higher than ever and that they will publish from a bar and be successful at it! Chloe throws an idea out, which Billy likes, but Mac intercedes, saying he needs to use the magazine for something positive. She suggests a story about a real person who has sacrificed. Billy says to find him an everyday hero and he'll put him on the cover! Mac is pleased. As the staff file out, Chloe and Billy joke around, and Mac goes behind the counter. Chance comes in to pick something up, and notices Chloe and Billy. He questions whether there was really a staff meeting. Chloe insists the whole staff was there until a few minutes ago. Chance remarks that he knows what he saw, then leaves.

Cane and Lily arrive at the hospital, where Lily explains that she has been feeling weak and has had some stomach pains. Cane notes she's been overdoing it today. The nurse takes her temperature and calls the doctor. Cane calls Neil at work and tells him that Lily may have some sort of infection - she's been admitted to the hospital.

Nina joins Paul for dinner at the Club. She wants advice about Chance - he seems to keep his feelings hidden. Paul says it's not unusual for a military man. Nina then tells Paul how that all changed today, describing how he blew up at Phillip. Nina asks how he established a relationship with Heather as an adult. Paul admits that Heather felt abandoned by him - and to some extent still does - he tries to be there for her when she lets him. Paul advises they not push. Nina admits she's just worried about Chance being hurt again. They discuss her screenplay, and Nina expresses reluctance to use the story of Phillip coming back from the dead. Paul says if she doesn't do it, someone else might! Nina admits she was thinking about structuring it around the fact that there is still an heir to the Chancellor fortune out there somewhere. Paul nods.

As Emily Peterson is on the phone in the coffee shop with Dr. Lambert, Billy comes in. Thinking he's seen Patty, he rushes over to Jack, urgently telling him he's got to get out of there! As Jack struggles to explain that it's not what Billy thinks, Chance comes in and places 'Patty' under arrest! Jack blurts, "She's not Patty Williams!" Chance makes a call, then declares that Patty is indeed still locked up. Billy attempts a joke about Jack being interested in Emily, and Jack tells him to move on - he's sure he has other backs to stab! Billy makes a call to set up another meeting, and Chance wanders over. He asks about him running the magazine from the bar. Billy confirms they just had a staff meeting there. Chance steps away and calls Chloe, leaving her a message of apology.

Chloe approaches Paul and Nina in the Club. She tells Nina that she thinks it was great how Chance finally expressed himself to Phillip. Nina says she doesn't want to discuss it with her, then accuses her of only being interested in Chance's name. Chloe says she's dissing her own son - she should give him more credit! After Chloe walks off, Paul stuns Nina by accusing her of being like Jill! Nina says Chloe is in love with Billy, but Paul thinks she likes Chance.

Neil arrives at the hospital. He learns that Lily is battling an infection that must be cured before she can receive anymore treatments. Neil takes the doctor aside to ask how serious this is - the doctor gravely says, "We have to get her fever down." As Cane comforts a distraught Lily, the doctor waits for the lab results to determine what antibiotic to use.

Chloe joins Chance at Crimson Lights, where he apologizes for doubting her earlier. She smiles and says she knew he'd figure it out - he wouldn't be much of a detective if he didn't!

On the patio, Jack tells Emily he's sorry she was mistaken for Patty - that couldn't have been easy. She remarks that she'll have to get used to it since she's staying in town. Jack realizes she took the job, and gets a glint in his eye.

Back at Jimmy's Bar, Billy tells Mac about the Patty lookalike, and they joke about him running his magazine from the bar. They kiss.

Back at Chancellor, Jill tells Katherine that Neil should be at the hospital right now. She admits that she's very concerned about Cane - it's a lot to shoulder for him. They discuss how Jill loves Cane like a son, just as Kay loves her as a daughter. Neil calls and tells Jill that it's bad, Lily has an infection and Cane needs her!

At the hospital, Cane has left Lily's hospital room to go to a private area. He breaks down in sobs.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Ashley says she's not interested in helping him in a takeover, but Jack urges her to buy as many shares as possible!

Chloe gives Billy the divorce papers. He asks if they're signed? She says, "Not yet!"

Chance witnesses Gloria being held up at the coffee house!

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