At the club, Michael goes over Dru's case with Paul and Neil. He wants Paul to do a thorough investigation on the murder, unlike the one the police are conducting on strictly Dru. Neil thinks back to the videotape of Dru attacking Carmen. Paul and Michael tell Neil that all evidence points to Dru, that the prosecution is going to have a field day with Neil and Dru's corroborating alibis. Together, they try to figure out where Carmen's murder took place. They all imagine Dru confronting Carmen in the Newman parking ramp Dru begging Carmen to let her off the hook, Carmen refusing, then Dru finally hitting Carmen over the head causing Carmen to fall to her death

Neil says, "No way," goes further to say that Michael could've killed Carmen. Neil reiterates his theory Michael presents Carmen with the background check report he did on her, of the knowledge that she had a previous affair with a married man. Neil thinks it's possible that Carmen could have been furious with Michael, could've even attacked him, causing Michael to push her off of him killing Carmen accidentally.

When Michael says Neil's theory is crazy, Neil claims he's just trying to prove that there were other people in Genoa City who could've killed Carmen- whatever the circumstances. They think about the others who the DA questioned. Michael asks Paul if he thinks Brad has it in him to kill someone. Paul thinks back to the man Brad killed in Chicago. Michael goes on to give his theory about what could've happened between Carmen and Brad She may have tried to blackmail him for more money, Brad could've gotten angry, pushed Carmen, causing her to hit her head against a brick wall

Victoria and Brad are at the coffeehouse, becoming paranoid about being pinpointed as suspects. Brad admits to still being worried about what Carmen 'could've' overheard after they left the speakerphone on. Brad and Victoria are fearful that Carmen may have written down what she heard, that the truth could very well still resurface, ultimately making them the prime suspects in Carmen's murder. Brad reminds Victoria that she doesn't have an alibi, that people know that Carmen was trying to get money out of Victoria. Brad gives her his theory on what may be misconstrued if the police find out their involvement Victoria finds out that Carmen stole her portfolio, Carmen threatens to tell the truth about Brad being a Kaplan if Victoria doesn't pay up, Victoria grabbing a crowbar and knocking Carmen over the head

Jana brings Brad and Victoria their orders, causing them to hypothetically bring Jana into the mix, thinking 'what if' Carmen found Jana with Victoria's portfolio Jana panicking, killing Carmen to save from her telling Victoria that Jana stole her portfolio

Kevin and Jana put their spin on Carmen's murder, thinking maybe it was a serial killer who murdered Carmen- a Genoa city resident who no one would suspect Professor Korbel. Jana says maybe Professor Korbel befriended Carmen, silently stalked her. After having a dinner invitation turned down by Carmen, he freaks, hits her over the head in a passionate rage Kevin laughs, tells Jana she has a warped mind.

Professor Korbel and Colleen talk about the case. Colleen goes over what happened with Devon and Carmen, the mix-up involving the note. However, Colleen says that no one from the Winters family killed Carmen. Professor Korbel thinks that maybe Lily killed Carmen. He goes on with his theory A screaming match between Lily and Carmen, Carmen smacking Lily across the face to shut her up, Lily retaliating by pushing Carmen against a wall, knocking her out.

Colleen doesn't buy the professor's theory, says that Kevin probably killed Carmen On a slow night, Kevin approaches Carmen at the coffeehouse, laying his charm on a bit thick, Carmen tries to escape Kevin's predatory hold, kicking him in the groin, then an angry Kevin slams her through the door and to the ground Professor Korbel shakes his head and leaves.

Colleen joins Devon, Daniel and Lily where they all admit that none of them have alibis on the night Carmen was murdered. Devon reminds them that at least they weren't caught pounding on Carmen's door.

Michael and Paul imply to Neil that Devon may have hit Carmen over the head after an angry confrontation Neil says to leave his kids out of it. Neil's phone rings and he excuses himself from the table, leaving Paul and Michael suspecting him and what 'could have' happened Carmen running into Neil in the Newman parking garage, Carmen taunting Neil with all the claims against her, Neil slamming a wrench against the side of Carmen's head

Neil comes back to the table, suggesting that maybe Jack killed Carmen.

Jack and Mr. Kim talk about Carmen's job offer, about what the police could be thinking Jack seeing Carmen in the parking garage, asking her why she hadn't left town yet, Carmen refusing to be silenced, Jack grabbing Carmen by the neck and shoving her against the brick wall Jack tells Mr. Kim that that kind of behavior would be uncharacteristic of him. Jack goes on to remind Mr. Kim that he clearly told Jack that Carmen wouldn't be a problem anymore. Jack gives Mr. Kim a thoery of his own to think about... Mr. Kim hitting Carmen over the head with a hammer, just to be sure she wouldn't blow his cover- even in Hong Kong Jack also says Paul could've killed Carmen, as he was investigating her.

Paul gives Neil some good advice Don't talk about the case and do NOT act as though you have something to hide! Paul says if he finds out anyone in Neil's family is guilty, he's off the case.

Next on The Young and the Restless: JT questions Brad about Professor Korbel, Victor tells Michael about Mr. Kim's job offer to Carmen and Neil and Dru discuss going to the airport