Nikki approaches Victor at Newman as he reads a letter from Carmen's brother. Victor reads Nikki the letter, where Carmen's brother expresses that he wished his sister had taken the job offer with House of Kim- an offer that both Nikki and Victor weren't aware of. Victor calls Mr. Kim, asks him to join him for breakfast. Mr. Kim agrees.

When Mr. Kim hangs up with Victor, Jack tells him to keep his guard up around Victor, to never trust him!

Nikki and Sharon discuss new spokes model travel plans for Sharon. They comment on how hard it's been with Carmen gone. Nikki questions Sharon about Carmen's job offer, and Sharon confirms that Jack had mentioned it to her. In a roundabout way, Nikki asks Sharon about Jack, and Sharon lets it out that they spent time in Balis. When asked if it was for pleasure, Sharon replies that Jack had to wrap up a business deal!

At the club, Victor and Mr. Kim share breakfast. They talk about NVP, about the founders, about how Jack came to be a player in the company. Victor talks Jack up, when Mr. Kim asks if Victor regrets selling out to Jack. Victor asks Mr. Kim why he made Carmen the job offer to leave town. Mr. Kim thought it would help Carmen get away from all her troubles with Dru. As Victor tries to further question Mr. Kim, he abruptly remembers having a meeting, leaving Victor at the club. Mr. Kim goes to report his meeting with Victor to Jack.

Nikki meets Victor at the club, relaying what Sharon told her. They put some of the lose facts together and figure out that Jack is up to his old tricks! They talk about Carmen, the job offer, and Victor says it's time to find out how Jack is involved.

At the coffeehouse, Kevin tells Gloria that he did a 'test' on her new concept, and the results were amazing. Kevin asks how Mr. Kim could shoot her idea down, and Gloria looks to the doorway as Jack walks into the coffeehouse. Gloria goes to Jack, accusing him of pulling Mr. Kim's strings. Jack denies it, then leaves the coffeehouse.

Gloria goes to Mr. Kim's office, tells him she's going to fight for her idea. She shows him the article she found, tells him to think about it.

Kay apologizes to Jill for bashing her the night before, claims her mood was from lack of sleep and worrying over Billy. Billy comes in, and Kay gets on his case about being late for work, about losing more money. Billy leaves for work, and Kay tells Jill that she better keep an eye on Billy's actions. Suddenly, Katherine starts looking franticly around the room for an antique that she notices is missing. When they can't locate it, Katherine heads up the stairs to search Billy's room- despite Jill's protesting! When Katherine comes downstairs, she's furious after finding a receipt proving that Billy pawned her expensive antique. Kay tells Jill if she doesn't handle Billy, she'll handle him HER way!

Jill goes to Jack, tells him that Billy is out of control and in danger.

Billy comes home to find that Katherine bought back her antique. When he tries to apologize, Kay doesn't accept. She goes on to tell him that John would be ashamed of him and what he's done!

Jack goes to Katherine's, tells Billy that he's going to cover his gambling debts. However, in exchange, Billy is to take a job with House of Kim in Hong Kong! Jack leaves with Billy calling Mr. Kim to thank him for the job.

Jill comes home, and Billy tells her he's moving to Hong Kong. Jill starts to cry when Billy says he's leaving today, says it's for the best, that he'll make her proud of him again. Billy leaves for his plane to Hong Kong.

Katherine joins Jill, upset that Billy didn't say goodbye to her. Jill is furious for the way that Katherine treated Billy. Jill tells her it was her fault that Billy left!

Jack tells Sharon that she's been his rock, and Sharon invites him to join her on her business trip. Sharon also comments that she told Nikki about their trip to Balis, says that she was surprised to hear that Jack hadn't reported to Nikki on the 'NVP business' he supposedly wrapped up on that trip.

After Mr. Kim asks Jack how he wants to handle Gloria, Mr. Kim calls her, tells Gloria that they'll be going through with her project. However, Ashley will be put in charge of production.

Victoria asks Colleen if she'd like to help her and Professor Korbel with the planning of the benefit. Colleen thinks back to the kiss she and her professor shared, ultimately declining Victoria's offer. Victoria also says that Colleen will have the opportunity to make some great art connections. However, Colleen still declines and leaves.

Brad divulges to Victoria his mistrust toward Adrian after she tells him that Colleen declined her offer. JT enters the office to deliver a report to Brad just as Victoria is leaving. When alone, Brad asks JT what he thinks about Professor Korbel. JT thinks he's harmless, but Brad's not convinced. He hires JT to find out everything he can on Adrian Korbel. JT leaves

At the coffeehouse, Professor Korbel joins Colleen at her table where she tells him about turning down Victoria's offer. He comments that he wishes she would've said yes, meaning less work for him. They laugh. He boosts with excitement about getting to work with Victoria, trying to convince Colleen to help them. JT shows up, happy to find out that Colleen will not be helping the professor and Victoria with the benefit, says he takes up too much of Colleen's time. JT laughs. Colleen leaves JT and the professor where JT cancels their previous dinner plans but suggests that he and Adrian grab lunch some time.

Next on The Young and the Restless: There are many suspects in the death of Carmen Mesta, and they all have their own theories on who's guilty...