Michael arrives home to hear that Gloria planned a dinner party for him and Lauren. Although Michael is concerned that a party will be too much for Lauren, she welcomes the idea. Nick and Phyllis arrive, presenting Lauren with a 'new mom' gift. Michael pulls Phyllis aside to question her about her testimony at Dru's questioning, but Phyllis refuses to discuss it.

Jana and Kevin arrive. They talk to Nick and Phyllis about their apartment hunting.

Gloria brings out a special dip that she prepared, announcing the rest of the dinner entrees. Everyone tries the dip, leaving them all chocking on the excessive amount of garlic that Gloria added. Gloria apologizes, then brings out the main meal. Comments are sparse as everyone digs into the chicken. When Gloria asks how it tastes, Kevin says that the rice is over-cooked, Michael makes humorous jokes about prison food being better Nick and Michael get up to go fetch some takeout.

Gloria chalks it up like a champ, and Phyllis and Lauren suggest they help Gloria clean up. When Lauren tries helping Gloria, they tug over a dish. Gloria trips backward, bumps into a table with a bang, waking up the baby in the process. Lauren shocks everyone by snapping at Gloria for waking up the baby.

Gloria is upset that the party turned out like this, blaming herself for everything. Kevin assures him mother that Lauren didn't mean to be snippy, that she's just tired. They all tell Lauren good night and leave

Jill is ready to leave the mansion for a date with Will, but Katherine stops Jill to lecture her about Billy. William arrives, saving Jill from enduring anymore of Katherine's arguments. They leave for dinner.

Esther and Katherine have plans to go to a play, but Esther thinks maybe they should skip it. She comments that Kay hasn't been sleeping well lately. Katherine admits to still having bad dreams, but doesn't divulge the fact that there's a baby crying in them. Katherine wonders if the nightmares have a connection to the fights she's been having with Jill.

At the club, Colleen's co-worker makes a remark about how cute Professor Korbel is, causing Colleen to think back on their kiss. At the sight of Victoria joining the professor at his table, jealousy sparks through Colleen. Colleen goes to Professor Korbel's table to take his and Victoria's dinner orders. She questions Victoria about where her dad is, questions the professor as to why he didn't tell her about the 'date.' They explain to Colleen that it was a last minute get together to discuss work, leaving Colleen flushed with more jealousy. She leaves to put in their orders

Victoria suggests that they have a silent auction as a fund raiser, and the professor is impressed. As they're eating their dinners, Victoria continues to talk about what food they'll have at the function. Colleen hovers over their table, asking if the food is okay, until Professor Korbel asks her if there's anything else. Victoria sees Nick and Michael walk in and excuses herself from the table to go to Nick.

With Victoria gone, the professor asks Colleen if she'd like to join him. He comments that her step mom and he have a lot in common. Vicki comes back and says that Colleen must be one of the best assistants he's ever had!

Jill and William are seated at the club. While looking over their menus, they talk about the awful days each had- Jill's fights with Katherine and Will's case.

Michael approaches Will and Jill, making a scene because Will is out enjoying himself after what he put the Winter's through earlier that day. Will tells Michael to calm down, that this isn't the place to get into it about the case! Nick comes over to stop Michael from making a scene.

Back at the mansion, Jill and William share a kiss on the couch. Suddenly, Kay storms in, causing Will to make a quick exit. Katherine comments that Jill should make better judgments, that Billy could've walked in. They start to argue, leading Kay to bring up old memories about Jill sleeping with her husband, saying that she's a bad parent. Jill lashes back, telling Kay that she gave her child away!

Will walks into the coffeehouse, sees Gloria. She introduces him to Kevin before he leaves to go do the books. They sit and talk, sharing laughs as they discuss their evenings. Gloria comments that the case it tearing Michael apart.

Jana tells Kevin that it's obvious that Gloria has a crush on Will.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Victor questions Mr.Kim about Carmen's job offer, Billy pawns one of Katherine's antiques and many people are left questioning one another...