At home, Michael admits to Lauren that he's worried about the Winter's family holding up in court. One slip up, Michael says, and Dru will be indicted for murder. Lauren thinks Michael is underestimating Dru, says that she wouldn't do anything to harm her family. However, Michael knows that all the witnesses that Bardwell has subpoenaed will not work in Dru's favor.

Dru voices her fears about Devon going before the grand jury. She paces at Newman, worrying that Devon will have to go to jail. Dru is hysterical. Neil tries calming her down, telling Dru that none of them know for sure what Bardwell has on them. Dru questions Neil, accuses him of thinking she's a prime suspect!

At the coffeehouse, Devon tells Lily (Christel Khalil reprises the role as Lily) that he's scared, that he worries he'll mess up, get confused, and get 'someone' in more trouble than they already are in. Colleen shows up, tells Lily if she needs to talk she can trust her. Lily tells Colleen about all the evidence stacked against her family, about the envelope the police found in their apartment. Lily wants to lie, wants to give Devon an alibi. Like Daniel, Colleen advises Lily not to lie. Colleen shocks Lily by asking if she thinks it's possible that, maybe, Devon is guilty.

Dru and Neil go to their children, huddle around them close, tell them that no matter what, they'll get through today.

JT and Jana talk about the new CD, Insanity, being sold at the coffeehouse as Professor Korbel comes up behind them. Surprisingly, JT and Korbel talk about their similar tastes in music until the professor gets a call. Colleen questions JT about his sudden friendly interest with her professor. JT says he's trying to be friendly for her sake. Colleen and JT say goodbye to the professor before leaving, JT shocks Colleen by inviting him to dinner at their place!

In the Newman break room, Daniel begs his mother to go easy on Dru. However, not one of Dru's biggest fans, Phyllis wants Dru to pay for the harm she caused Carmen. Although Phyllis realizes that Daniel is caught in the middle, she vows to tell the jury the truth, that Dru is capable of violence.

Packing up their briefcases, Brad and Victoria ponder about how much the DA 'really' knows. They realize they'll need to be on their toes today to remain out of the spotlight. They go through a few scenarios about whether or not Bardwell can pin point them as suspects.

Dru and Neil join Brad and Victoria in the elevator where Victoria tells them that she and Brad have been called as witnesses. Dru pleads with them, tells them neither she nor anyone in her family had anything to do with killing Carmen. When the door opens, Brad and Victoria leave as Dru stays back. She looks to Neil, says, "I'm scared" Neil takes Dru's hand, tells her they're in this together.

Lauren struggles with anxiety and leaves the baby with Gloria while she goes to be by Michael's side. .

Detective Sullivan questions Will whether he's confident about today's grand jury trial, and Will says absolutely. Michael, Brad and Victoria entered the room, and the DA immediately takes Victoria in to be questioned.

Phyllis joins Michael at the courtroom. She tells Michael the same thing she told Daniel, but Michael isn't sure that Phyllis can keep the truth and her hatred for Dru separate. Phyllis states that if the DA asks if Dru's capable of murder, she'll say yes! Victoria comes out and Brad goes in for questioning. When Phyllis asks if the DA's questioning was intense, Victoria refuses to talk about it and leaves

Neil, Dru, Devon, Daniel and Lily arrive. Neil goes to Phyllis, asks her to go easy on Dru, asks if Phyllis really thinks that Dru murdered Carmen. Before she can answer, Brad comes out, tells Phyllis to be careful during her questioning. Lily watches Phyllis enter the room, comments that she's going to crucify her mother! Michael tells everyone to stay calm and just tell the truth, to give a DNA sample if asked.

Victoria and Brad are at the club, comparing notes from their questioning. Brad is pleased with the way Victoria handled all the questions surrounding him. Brad leaves Victoria gets a call from Professor Korbel, asking to meet him. They agree to meet at the Athletic Club later.

Bardwell comes out, tells everyone that they're taking a short break. Dru gets hysterical, says she can't handle it, Lily screams to Michael that she can't understand why they're doing this to her family. Michael is adamant that they all calm down before they start to look guilty.

Neil and Dru go over there alibi, making sure their stories are straight, more importantly, making sure they both are giving each other a false alibi. Lauren comes over, tells Neil that Michael needs her. She convinces Dru to go to the coffeehouse, to take a break until they need her. Although Dru doesn't want to go, Lauren insists and takes her away.

Phyllis comes out and Lily bombards her about bashing her family. Out in the hall, Michael stops Phyliss from leaving, asks her what happened. Phyllis says the DA's questioning was weird, almost creepy, that she can't quite figure it out. She leaves Michael puzzled.

Just as Dru and Lauren order tea at the coffeehouse, Dru gets a call saying that Devon is going on the stand. In a panic, Dru rushes back to the courthouse. When she arrives, Devon comes bursting out of the questioning room, refusing to let them take a swab of his DNA! Neil tells Devon he has to give them the sample, says he could be put in jail if he doesn't corporate. Devon goes back in with the DA, gives him the sample. When Devon comes out, Neil enters the questioning room as the DA closes the door behind him. When they are finished with Neil, the DA calls for the final witness Dru! Before she goes in, Michael reminds Dru to take her time, to handle everything with caution! Finally having made it through the questioning, Dru comes out. She is very confident, whispers to Neil that she stuck to their story

Next on The Young and the Restless: Gloria's dinner party is disastrous, Katherine's nightmares continue to probe thoughts of Jill and Professor Korbel asks Colleen to join him at his table