At the coffee house, Jana tries getting information out of the DA, asks about the pictures from the murder scene. When he questions why she's so interested in the case, Jana claims it stems from her photography background.

Sharon stops Dru in the hallway at Newman. Dru expresses what a mess her life has become, tells Sharon that her entire family has been subpoenaed to appear in front of the grand jury. Sharon assures Dru that Michael will get her out of this, but Dru's not as optimistic. She tells Sharon that she fears she'll go to jail. Dru goes on to give Sharon the details of the note found on Carmen's body, the one the DA is mistaking as written to Carmen instead of Devon. Suddenly, Will Bardwell and Detective Sullivan come in looking for Jack, but quickly turn around after seeing Dru.

Will Bardwell and Detective Sullivan walk into Jack's office, telling him they have more questions. Again, Jack goes over the same questions and answers with the two. The detective asks Jack about the large money wire that he sent to Carmen. Jack says that it was a signing bonus for taking a job with the House of Kim, leaving both the detective and DA wondering why he'd be sending her the money. However, Jack quickly makes up an excuse saying it was NVP money that was used to buy out Carmen's contract.

Sharon goes to Jack, asks him about his visit from the police. Jack stays tight-lipped as Sharon tells him about Dru having to testify in front of the grand jury.

Sharon goes back to Dru with the information she found out from Jack. Dru is a mess, fearing she'll be sent away. Dru tells Sharon about the background check Michael did on Carmen, but says the DA is using it against Dru. Sharon vows to help Dru, tells her she'll make sure that Dru doesn't go to jail.

Kevin tells Gloria that he and Jana will be looking at a new apartment today, making Gloria feel as though she, too, should be finding a new place. When Kevin goes to help her search the internet, he sees William Bardwell's name on the screen. Gloria states that she wants to know everything about him, goes on to give Kevin some of Will's background. Gloria admits that she's been going to the same support group as Will, and Kevin thinks it's a bad idea seeing as the face-cream case is still open. Gloria reads an interview that Will's dead wife wrote, expressing to Kevin how much the two have in common.

Jana comes to pick up Kevin and they leave on the hunt for a new apartment.

Jack asks Ashley if she's noticed Billy's strange behavior lately. When Ashley says no, Jack tells her of all the loans he's accumulating from everyone.

Katherine tries telling Jill that Billy is heading for trouble, that he's gambling, not paying his bills. Jill defends her son, says it's not a big deal. Katherine makes Jill furious by calling her nave.

Billy comes downstairs and refuses Esther's offer of breakfast. When she asks if he has money to by lunch, offering him ten bucks, Billy says he'll need a lot more than that. Katherine storms in, asks Esther to leave Katherine says she heard him asking Esther for money, asks Billy if someone's out to kill him! Billy denies her claims, and Katherine gets teary eyed, tells Billy that she really wants to believe him.

Jill vents to Ashley about Billy and is angered to find out that Ashley agrees with Jack and Katherine, telling Jill she doesn't want to see Billy get hurt. Ashley leaves

Katherine goes to Jill, tells her she caught Billy asking Esther for money. Jill stills thinks everyone is reading too much into Billy's money problem. When Katherine says that Jill should be more of a mother, Jill says, "What do you know? Aren't you the one who gave your child away?" Jill leaves

In the hall, Will and the detective stop Jill to question her about Carmen. When they bring up Carmen's offer from the House of Kim, Jill says she never knew about it but wasn't surprised since Carmen's PR work was in high demand.

Jill goes to Gina, asks if Billy paid his tab. Gina says no, leaving Jill upset that Billy never gave her the check she gave him.

Back at home, Katherine tells Esther to keep an eye out for anything unusual in Billy's room. Esther questions Katherine about the nightmares she's been having. She talks about seeing Lauren's baby, about missing out on Billy's childhood.

Katherine naps through a disturbing sleep, dreaming of offering 'someone' a million dollars for their child!

The DA and detective make their rounds, question Ashley about Carmen's job offer with House of Kim. Ashley says that she didn't know about it, tells them they'd benefit from asking Mr. Kim.

Ashley goes into the conference room, tells Mr. Kim that the DA is outside waiting to question him. Jack and Mr. Kim quickly try to get their stories straight. Ashley tells him good luck, says he'll need it.

Jill admits to Jack and Ashley that they were right, that Billy is in debt. However, seeing as Katherine was right, Jill asks them not to tell her that Jill knows.

Mr. Kim gives the DA and detective his spin on Carmen's job offer. He tells them that the money was NOT for a signing bonus, says that Jack must have misunderstood. They both express how generous Jack is being with helping Mr. Kim, making Mr. Kim very nervous.

Gloria runs into Will, distracting him with her perfume Will says Gardenia was also his wife's favorite. Gloria adorns a sly smile.

Jill and Jack question Billy about his gambling. He finally admits that he owes thousands to some bookies in Miami. Jack and Jill demand that Billy gets his act together! Jill says she wants a list of all his debts. Billy leaves

Sharon tells Jack about Carmen's past lawsuit, saying the details may help with the DA.

Mr. Kim thanks Ashley for the heads up about the DA wanting to question him, then goes to Jack.

Mr. Kim says that he thinks the DA bought his story, but Jack thinks they're digging themselves deeper in a hole

Next on The Young and the Restless: Phyllis vows to testify against Dru, Michael worries about Dru as Neil and Dru testify before the grand jury

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