Michael meets Will in his office, explaining that the background report on Carmen is his, and Carmen wasn't pleased to find out that he did it. He relays that he told her about the news the day the murder took place. Will asks to question Devon, but Michael represents the family and doesn't allow it. He warns Will that he will protect his clients, wanting justice to be deserved. Will warns him that if he continues this 'Cheaper by the dozen' caseload, he'll have him thrown off the case!

At the Baldwin's, Lauren wanders around, forgetful. She's exhausted, forgetting where Michael is and what she was just going to do. Gloria understands, telling her she's there for her and gets her a cup of tea. Lauren is really appreciative but she wants alone time. She asks Gloria to go back to work, knowing she wants to impress Mr. Kim. Gloria concedes.

Colleen hobbles in on crutches (See News Room for details on her real life fall.) to Crimson Lights for coffee. Jana asks if she has class with that 'gorgeous professor' today. She says she does, thinking back to the kiss she shared with him.

The professor comes into the caf, orders from Jana and goes to Colleen's table, concerned about her. She brushes it off she fell, but is fine! Colleen tells him she has decided to drop his class! He tries to talk her out of it, 'dogging' the other professors, jokingly. He pleads that it's hard to train another student, and she starts to smile, and he leaves her to rethink it!

Gloria wanders into the caf and finds out that Jana and Kevin are looking for a place together. Gloria is crushed, thinking they could have moved in together. He jokes he doesn't want to end up like Norman Bates!!

Michael enters the Winters home to ask Devon questions. How he got the report on Carmen, if there was anyone there with them, why he rushed off afterwards, and he explains that she was frustrated with him because he couldn't hear her. Neil wonders if someone was trying to blackmail Carmen, but there is nothing to suggest this and Michael admits he is the one who did the background check. He tells them that the DA saw Devon at Carmen's apartment with the report, so Devon shares he just wanted to give it back to her. He explains he went alone on a walk to a park afterwards. He's searching for an alibi for Devon, but realizes there is none. Dru wants to lie, say that Devon was at home with them, but this makes Michael freak out, telling her that the police already suspect her and tells them about the note. Devon remembers that this is the note that Dru wrote to Devon to go to the doctors! Lily gives her alibi. She was at Newman and then Crimson Lights, and then went home. Daniel gives his; he was at the old place and then home alone. They can't think of anything else that would help, aside from telling him about some of the items that the police took from their home (duct tape and garbage bags). All items were from the club.

Later, Dru cries, as she realizes she can't protect Devon.

From her office, Jill calls Will, who is not happy to admit he can't meet her for dinner. He agrees to a picnic at his desk when he gets hungry. Gloria comes in; upset to find out that Mr. Kim put a halt to her perfume idea because production costs are too high.

Colleen and Brad arrive at Victoria's office, skeptical as to why Adrian Korbel is there. He explains he's there to view some photographs of Victoria's collection. Colleen appears to be jealous, as Brad is concerned and doesn't like that Adrian is there.

Colleen and Adrian leave. When asked, Adrian asks Colleen why she needs an itinerary of his schedule. He doesn't want her to drop his class because she's a perfectionist and he needs someone like her on his team. He tells her that their kiss was insignificant and asks that she not bail. He'll still see her if she drops his class, because he'll be seeing Victoria from time to time.

The DA and the Detective barge in on Victoria and Brad, in her office. They have questions regarding Brad's whereabouts after work the evening that Carmen was murdered. They admit to seeing him at her suite on the security cameras, so he finally comes clean, saying he was there to discuss a PR project they had coming up. This doesn't make sense to them as he had no briefcase and hid when he heard someone coming! They question Victoria privately, who protects him, saying that she's sure Brad's busy schedule he probably forgot that he was there that night. She explains her reason for not firing Carmen, and the legal issues that they were dealing with. She doesn't think Dru was a danger to Carmen, but says what matters that Carmen thought she was!

Later, Brad and Victoria talk, agreeing to be very careful of what they say. They also decide to give Dru her old job back.

Lauren tries to get the baby to sleep without luck. She's utterly exhausted, and jumps into Michael's arms the moment he comes home. She cries that she can't get Fen to sleep, and he's soothing. He comforts both she and the baby and gets him to sleep and then starts to work.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin and Jana have returned from their viewing of the apartment. Kevin was not impressed, so they agree to look more. Kevin takes a call from his brother, who needs help with the baby. Kevin arrives to sit with Fen and the guys send Lauren for a nap! Kevin tells Fen he's one lucky kid!

Devon, Daniel and Lily sit at the caf, discussing alibis. She lies, saying she saw him at the park, but the guys don't want her to lie for Devon.

Gloria wanders aimlessly through her office; upset about the news cancelled her product line. She calls Will Bardwell and tells him she needed a friendly voice. She yells into the phone "Why did John have to die?" Will arrives at her office to support her. He understands when she takes her frustrations out on her and tells Gloria that when his wife died, he was angry at her too. Gloria cries that he does understand, and listens as he tells her it is natural to lash out like this. He hugs her as Jill shows up at the door!

Back at Crimson Lights, Colleen calls the professor. She admits she has changed her mind and is staying in his class.

A man serves Daniel, Lily and Devon with subpoenas to appear before the grand jury elsewhere, Victoria, Brad, Dru and Neil also receive subpoenas.

Next on the Young and the Restless

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