Lauren, Michael and Fen arrive home to a thrilled Gloria. She's going to spend the entire day with them! Gloria and Lauren but heads over raising children, and Michael encourages Gloria to go to work! She asks to hold the baby, but since Fen's sleeping, she doesn't want to give him up. Gloria offers to take the night shift with the baby, but they tell her they're going to take care of it.

Katherine tells Jill that Billy has been charging a lot of money on his account, concerned, as her accountant called, saying his account is past due. Katherine asks Esther if she's seen anything strange (drugs) in Billy's room, but Esther hasn't. Katherine later tells Jill how Billy spent his money - internet gambling!

At The Athletic Club, Billy and Jack dine. Billy uses his credit card, asking Jack to pay next time! Billy asks to have a chat with Jack about their Dad's will. He wants to hit jack up for cash, to get his own place. Jack is surprised he has already found a gorgeous condo and refuses the money, as he feels Billy needs to learn to live on the money he makes. He'll give him a monthly stipend and asks his realtor to call him. Billy is upset that Jack thinks Billy needs to learn to spend money. Billy leaves when he gets a call from Jill, demanding he come home, "NOW."

Billy arrives home to a war! Jill and Katherine are really concerned about the way that he's spending his money, because he's gambling. Katherine is amazed that Billy doesn't seem to realize he should have taken care of the bills before spending the money on anything, gambling included. He apologizes, telling them it won't happen again and leaves Jill and Katherine, still not in agreement about how he should spend his money!

Jill leaves for work and Katherine has a chat with Billy about gambling online. He calls it entertainment, and promises he will get better. He notices her ring, joking, "Nice rock, I wonder how much you could get for it!"

At Crimson Lights, Jana shows Kevin the newspaper. They realize that Carmen died the eve before Indigo's opening. Kevin gives her a beautiful photo of roses, remembering that she is allergic to roses. He asks her to go shopping with him for baby clothes!

Fen is still sleeping, and they bring presents for Fen and take them over to the condo.

In his office, Will and Det. Sullivan meet to discuss forensics and what was used to kill Carmen. Blunt force trauma was used, they say and they're still going over forensics. Will doesn't think that the Winters will give up their clothes, without Michael's consent! They open the background report on Carmen! Detective Sullivan arranges an interview with the man in the report, while Will thinks that someone in the family has been through the report.

At the Winters, Dru and Neil read the papers. The kids come by and are upset that the cops took their clothes, and the report about Carmen. They explain what was in the report and how Carmen did the same thing she did with Neil. Devon explains how he came to have the report. Neil explains its standard procedure for the police to take it, and Dru is happy they have it. She may have other enemies!

Dru calls Michael, who tells her that anything they find in their house is inadmissible in court. He tells Dru he'll take care of it later, but Lauren pushes him to go to Dru. "They need you!"

After he leaves, Jana admits to living all over the place, including in Europe, to an interested Gloria. Lauren tries to get Gloria to back off, with the baby advice. Kevin tells Gloria she's in the way, but she's not buying. She thinks she'll be of help in a few days when they're exhausted.

Michael makes his way over to the DA's office. He calls Neil, telling him that he'll be going to court to prove that the warrants are baseless, and then watches a video with Will, of Devon, getting into the elevator with Carmen, then another of him knocking on her door, later on! Will also shares news that there was a note on Carmen, when she was found dead. It reads, "Come to the apartment around 5:30" - The other side said, "No way in hell!" The prints on it are Drucilla's, and he thinks that she is the culprit! Micheal is surprised to see that Will has his report on Carmen. Once he reads it, he leaves. Later, Will and the detective notice that Brad Carlton was at Carmen's place that fateful night as well!

Jill meets Jack by the elevators. He tells her he was with Billy earlier and Jill panics, asking if he gave him money. They discuss this in her office, and later, Billy arrives to an ambush! Jill tells him she knows what he was up to with Jack, while Jack tells Billy he was right; he is not responsible enough to have more money, and rescinds his offer of a stipend. Billy promises never to do this again, and Jill agrees to pay off his debt this once,.. much to Billy's delight!

Devon tells the family about the cochlear implants that he is getting implanted soon. They think he will be able to hear by Thanksgiving, and are excited! Michael calls, telling them he is coming over. The warrants held up and he's coming over to discuss something with them. Neil goes off to make a call, with Dru trailing behind him. She overhears him asking to have the jet fueled and ready to go at a moments notice!

Inside, Daniel and Lily wonder if Dru and Neil are somehow connected to the murder, but Devon yells, "NO way!"

Later, Katherine arrives at the Baldwin residence, haphazardly greeting Kevin and Billy on their way out. She has a gift for Fen. Gloria shares the precautions about them bringing a sleep apnea monitor and suddenly Katherine begs off sitting for a drink and leaves. Later, Lauren overhears Gloria talking to John aloud, feeling that she is left out, and having no place anywhere. Lauren takes pity on her, handing her the baby to hold!

Once Kay arrives home, Esther asks what's going on with her. She asks, "Aren't you supposed to be at work," but Katherine is too tired and took the day off. She admits she has had a lot of bad dreams and is tired because of them. She lays down on the sofa for a nap... and we hear a baby crying...

This takes us to a scene at the Baldwin's home where we hear Fen crying. Gloria had asked to hold the baby but Lauren wasn't budging, and later Lauren overhears Gloria talking to John aloud. She feels that she is left out, not wanted or needed and having no place anywhere. Lauren takes pity on her, and with tears in her eyes, she hands Fen to hold!

Next on Young and the Restless,

Jill tells Gloria that Mr. Kim put a halt to her perfume bracelet idea.

Victoria tells Brad, "I will never tell your secret!"

A crying Dru tells Neil, "I swear I didn't do it, Neil!"