Jill is in the Chancellor living room and calls in to the beauty salon to say she needs a family day! Katherine wanders in and muses about the mystery Nina has unearthed. Jill becomes angry, but Kay quiets her by asking, "What if she's right?" Jill scoffs that Katherine used to be able to see through people like Nina Webster!

Cane is at Jimmy's, and leaves another message for Langley that there is an emergency. Lily hears and asks what the emergency is - Cane feeds her a line. When he goes to do something, Lily, suspicious, picks up Cane's phone and looks at the outgoing calls, seeing that there is a long list of them - and they're all to Langley!

Sharon comes into the Abbott Mansion with a huge basket of fruit that was delivered from the Jabot staff for Jack's birthday. He tells Sharon she just gave him the best news - that he's the baby's father. He asks how Nick took it, and Sharon says she hasn't told him yet - he's been at the hospital with Summer who is in a coma! Jack wants to go to the hospital, but promises he'll let her tell Nick about the paternity results.

Nikki and Paul are in the hospital room with Nick and Phyllis watching over Summer. Phyllis asks for some of the flowers to be removed - it looks like a funeral! She stumbles out into the hallway where she encounters Victor. She tells him she's afraid to sleep. Mary Jane comes in saying she just heard the news. Victor gets a message on his phone and steps away - it's a photo of him and Mary Jane! The blackmailer wants Victor to go to Jimmy's in one hour!

Neil meets Nina at Crimson Lights. They get caught up on her son possibly having Huntington's disease, and the empty casket. She says she thinks Cane is involved somehow - she's worried for Lily. She tells Neil that Cane is taking another DNA test - he may not be Jill's son. Neil points out that he turned down major cash from the Chancellor's - he seems to have principles. Nina says that for Lily's sake, she hopes she's wrong!

Cane and Lily arrive at the Chancellor Mansion and he seems upset. When Jill gets Lily alone, Lily tells her that Cane has been making tons of calls to his Uncle Langley. Jill seems puzzled. Nina comes in and Jill asks what she's doing there. Nina sarcastically replies that she dropped in to play a board game! The woman is there to take Cane's blood for the DNA test. Cane asks to do it privately - he has a thing about needles. Lily says he never mentioned that before!

Still in the corridor, Phyllis tells Mary Jane that Summer must have gotten into those cookies she threw away. Michael arrives and expresses how sorry he is, but also warns her to be wary of Nick. She admits he was holding her hand and it felt right, but she knows she doesn't have him for long. She tells Michael that if anything happens to Summer she'll have nothing! Nick, Nikki, and Paul come out of the hospital room, and Paul asks what Mary Jane is doing there? Nick says she is a friend of Phyllis's. Nikki then asks where Victor went?!

Gloria is incognito in Jimmy's Bar at a table. Jeff greets Victor as he comes in. Jeff says they're both men of the world, but Ashley would probably want Victor's head on a spike if she saw that photo! He even taunts Victor about having to 'pay for it'! Victor quietly grins as Jeffrey again threatens to tell Ash! Jeff tells Victor to return all the money they lost in the Cayman Islands bank fiasco - and he'll keep his secret! Victor tells him to take his decaying body and drag it back to the swamp he came from! As he leaves, he tells Gloria that she picked the wrong side! Gloria tells Jeffrey that this is bad - the most powerful man in the world wants them dead! Jeff scoffs!

Phyllis is back in Summer's hospital room. Nick says a prayer and leaves for a moment. Mary Jane is still with Phyllis, and tells her she must have been relieved that Nick is not the father of Sharon's baby - Sharon told Jack last night that he's the father! They go out into the hall where Jack arrives and expresses how sorry he is about Summer. Phyllis, meanwhile, encounters Heather, who says she saw Nick on the phone. Nick comes back, and Phyllis says she thought he was focusing on Summer right now - not Sharon. He says he was concerned about the baby, that's all. Phyllis asks why - it's not even his, it's Jack's! She realizes from Nick's reaction that he wasn't told yet!

As the blood test is wrapping up, Victor comes to the door of the Chancellor house and tells Jill he needs to talk to her - now. In the living room, Nina and Lily get into an argument about who is the worst judge of character, and Kay seems upset and about to collapse. As the attention turns to Katherine, Cane swaps the blood samples. Nina notices that he is touching the sample and calls him on it! Lily takes a call from Neil and goes to meet him. Cane tells Nina not to take notice of Lily's attitude - she feels he's under attack! He says he's happy to do whatever he can to get to the bottom of things.

Outside at the Chancellor house, Jill asks Victor if he thinks she is in cahoots with Jeffrey. Victor says Jeff was blackmailing him on her behalf. Jill pleads ignorance, but says she does hold some sway with Jeffrey, which she'd be willing to exercise in return for a job with Newman Enterprises! He tells her there are plenty of companies for which she would be better suited - out of town. Jill scoffs that she wouldn't leave her sons and grandchild, but Victor says it's not that - she relies on Katherine but won't admit it. Jill tells him that's not true, and says she won't help him with Jeffrey.

Mary Jane slips into Summer's room alone and tells the little girl that she is sorry - it was only supposed to be a little distraction to keep Phyllis away from Jack! Mary Jane expresses regret that her plan doesn't seem to be working out - Jack is still hovering around! She tells Summer that she'll have to send her mommy far, far away! When she steps out of the room again, she spies Jack giving Phyllis a hug! Mary Jane sees Heather, and begins to talk to herself out loud about how unfortunate it is that a mother would do this to her own daughter! Heather comes over and asks what she knows about Phyllis! After speaking to Mary Jane, Heather watches Phyllis and calls her office to pull everything they can on Münchhausen's Syndrome.

Lily meets with Neil at Crimson Lights and he asks a lot of questions about Cane and his uncle. She gets up and is walking out as Cane comes in. She asks him if he is keeping anything from her about his Uncle Langley. He merely says the DNA test will prove that he is really Jill's son. They embrace.

Nina meets Paul at the hospital and he tells her he's been doing some investigating into the time Phillip III died. He says there is someone unaccounted for - the cop who rode with the body in the ambulance!

Nick goes to the chapel in the hospital and mourns the news that he is not the father of the baby. He says to God that he already took Cassie - He can't be this cruel! Nick asks for a sign, and Sharon appears. Nick asks her if it's the truth - that the baby isn't his. She tells him to focus on Summer for now. He asks if it's a girl. Sharon confirms it, but says it's not his girl. Nick tears up.

Jill goes back into the Chancellor Mansion to find Katherine, who tells her that Cane left. Jill says once the test results come in they'll be rid of Nina. As Jill keeps ranting, Kay yells that she doesn't want to talk about it - she doesn't feel well! Jill accuses her of lying, and says she'll listen to what she has to say!

Victor pays Mary Jane a visit to tell her that their connection has been discovered. Mary Jane notes that she has made headway with Jack. Victor says he wouldn't want history to repeat itself!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Kevin asks Amber what's worse - losing Daniel because he would judge her, or losing him when she could have been the one to save him?!

Billy asks Mac how long she's been there. She replies, "Long enough to hear some pretty surprising things."

Murphy sits at Katherine's hospital bedside, and Jill, outside the door, overhears her say, "I am absolutely thrilled that that witch and I are not related!"

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