In the hallway outside Adam's room, Ashley stops Victor from checking up on his son. Inside the room, Adam tells Rafe that he just couldn't handle the idea of him suspecting him like everyone else. Adam turns away dramatically and tells Rafe just to forget what he said about having feelings, but Rafe pulls him nearer and strokes his face! Adam tells him he should probably go before his father comes in. Rafe says he knows about Heather, and that the world sees him in a certain way, so if he's feeling at all confused... Adam thanks him as he leaves, saying he'll be in touch. Adam then immediately calls Heather, saying, "Heather! I need you!"

Mac is stunned at what she's just heard in the room at the Club - Billy slept with Sharon with no protection, so her baby might be his! Chloe says they can get back to whatever it is she interrupted. When Billy asks Chloe to just be quiet, Mac says they love this - torturing each other! Billy grabs Mac and says what happened with Sharon was an accident. Chloe says, "He tripped and fell on her when she was naked!" Mac leaves and Billy tells Chloe that she's right - Chloe is enjoying this! Chloe admits she gets a tingle when they go toe-to-toe, but this is far from an ideal situation! Billy goes out to look for Mac.

Jack is in Mary Jane's room, but his mind is elsewhere. She says it's okay - she likes him - even if they're not having sex. He says right now his mind is on his brother - could he take a raincheck? Mary Jane says he can, and kisses him.

Sharon continues to talk to herself in the hospital chapel. She can't wait for Nick to arrive so she can share the news with him, and let him know how happy they're going to be! She tells Cassie how wonderful everything has turned out, but starts to worry about Nick not showing up. She checks her cell phone and gets his message - Summer is sick with anaphylactic shock!

Nick arrives at the hospital to join Phyllis in Summer's room. The doctor has just told her that Summer is in a coma. Phyllis tells Nick that there were peanut butter cookies at Restless Style, but she warned Summer and threw them away! Phyllis sits close by Summer and shows Nick the bracelet Summer had made for her - she was so proud! Nick flashes back to Cassie being in the hospital. Phyllis urges him to speak to Summer. He moves forward and tells her daddy is there. Nick steps out to call Victor, then returns to tell Phyllis that he sends his love. As Sharon appears and watches from the window, Nick comforts a distraught Phyllis, taking her in his arms. Sharon steps away.

Victor tells Ashley about Summer in the living room of the Ranch. Ashley wants to go to the hospital, but Victor disagrees. They discuss Sabrina and Victor tells Ash that he needs her, Sabrina is part of the past now. Ashley goes to get something to eat, and Victor calls Mary Jane - he gets voicemail. When Ash comes back into the room, he says he has to go take care of some business.

Billy returns to the room to find Chloe is still there. He asks if she wants to get into it - have the Billy and Chloe Show? He wonders if she was hoping to chase Mac away, then argue, and wind up in bed. Chloe scoffs, "Oh yeah. That would've been hot!" She points out that they are about to find out whether their daughter has a sibling, and he keeps not caring! They bicker about whether Mac needed to know about Sharon - Chloe says he was able to tell her because she knows the real him - he's putting on a front for Mac! She asks if he's going to chase after Mac, or face up to the paternity results.

Sharon returns to the chapel and wonders if Summer's accident is karma - no child should have to suffer because they found their way back to one another. She says it kills her to see Nick suffer. She asks for guidance - how can she help Nick?

Summer is taken for tests, and Phyllis tells Nick in the empty room, that he can stop being nice now - this is her fault, she should have thrown the cookies out the window! Nick says she got to her in time - she saved her! Phyllis thinks Nick hates her, and she doesn't blame him! Nick refuses to let her push him away - he's not going to let her do that! He takes her into his arms, just as Sharon appears at the window again! Nick tells Phyllis that he froze when Cassie was in the hospital - he was useless then - he has to be here for every moment this time. He has to, or he'll be lost inside! Sharon listens as Nick tells Phyllis she can push all she wants, but he's not going anywhere! Phyllis leaves the room, and Nick turns to see Sharon standing there - she slowly walks away.

Heather arrives in Adam's room, saying his dad seems upset about something downstairs. Adam grabs her and kisses her deeply! After they make love, Heather says she has to leave to work on a case. Adam tells her he needs her. She asks how he knows exactly what to say to make her love him even more, kisses him, and leaves. Adam sighs.

Jack finds Billy at Jimmy's Bar. Mary Jane has followed him and watches through the door. Jack tells Billy how badly he wants the baby to be his. Billy feels differently, and his attitude makes Jack livid! He tells his brother that this baby is a miracle - not something the Universe came up with to mess up his life - if he can't see that, he's worse off than Jack thought!

Nick follows Sharon out into the hospital corridor, and tells her that Summer is in a coma. He asks about the paternity results - Sharon says she hasn't opened them - all that matters right now is Summer. Phyllis passes by as Summer is brought back into her hospital room. Nick follows them, stopping to look briefly at Sharon on his way in.

Mac comes back to the room at the Club and Chloe is still there. Mac confronts Chloe, but Chloe turns it back on her - saying that Mac was with her husband! Mac points out that Billy came to her, she didn't chase him! Chloe says she led him on. Mac asks Chloe why she still wants Billy. Chloe says she loves him, faults and all, but Mac wants to change him - that's just not what love is!

Heather meets up with Ashley in the living room on her way out of the Ranch. She assures Ashley that Rafe is in over his head on this one - the walls are closing in on whoever is doing this stuff to her!

Adam answers the phone to Rafe, who is worried that he may have come off as detached when he was there earlier. He assures Adam it's not just him - he has feelings too!

Victor is let into Mary Jane's room - she's not there. He begins looking around, and a look of concern crosses his face when he sees Kitty!

The doctor tells Nick and Phyllis that Summer may suffer brain damage - but it's too soon to tell. Nick places his hand on Phyllis's shoulder as they pray for their little girl.

Sharon comes into Jimmy's Bar. She says to Billy and Jack that she knew she would find the baby's father here - she knew Jack would be there looking for Billy. Jack gasps, as Sharon confirms that the baby is a girl - and Jack is the father! Mary Jane skulks in the background and digests this news!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Phyllis says to Nick, "Her baby? Nick it's not even yours."

Jeff says to Victor, "You reimburse me, and Gloria, and Jill for every dime we lost..."

Nina tells Neil that if Cane is involved somehow, she's worried for Lily!

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