Still in the dining room at the Club, Sharon and Nick discuss their excitement that they will soon discover the baby's paternity. Nick points out that today is the anniversary of the first time he proposed to her - this was all meant to be! They discuss Noah, and Nick reassures her that he'll come around once they get settled. He sighs and says that Summer is having trouble adjusting too. Sharon hopes Summer won't resent her. Nick feels it will all work out.

Mary Jane comes into Restless Style and notices Phyllis looking at a photo of her and Nick in happier times. Summer arrives with her sitter and reaches for a cookie on the desk. Phyllis snatches them away, saying they might have peanuts in them, and they make her sick! Mary Jane watches with interest. Jack come in and asks to speak to Phyllis alone for a moment - he tells her Sharon's results are in. Phyllis laments that this is happening, and says she hopes things go in Jack's favor. Mary Jane, meanwhile, sits with Summer musing that she needs to find a way to bring her daddy back to her mommy - so she'll leave Uncle Jack alone! Mary Jane listens as Jack tells Phyllis she can always count on him, no matter what she needs. She then walks over and takes the package of cookies out of the wastebasket and puts them in her purse! Mary Jane asks Jack to go get dinner and discuss some business - he agrees. While he says goodbye to Phyllis, Mary Jane shoves some cookie in her mouth and goes to give Summer a big kiss goodbye!

Adam is on the phone with a GCAC employee, trying to find out how to contact Mary Jane. Victor comes in and he hangs up. Victor tells him Estella got out on bail, but there is a restraining order still in effect. Adam asks who Victor was talking to outside earlier. Victor says he was alone. Once alone, Adam takes out a photo of Hope and asks her how she coped with her blindness. He remarks that he's not as strong as she was - she would be so disappointed in him right now. He tells his mother he never meant to make Ashley lose her baby - he wishes Hope had never put him in contact with Victor! Adam tells his mother that the sick, twisted part of him - that's from Victor. As he goes to hide the purple gown and wig in a safer place, since he's not allowed to lock his door - someone knocks!

Chloe chats away to Delia on the patio of the coffee house. She calls Billy, but gets voicemail and hangs up. Chloe gets a call from Esther, saying she will come to take Delia. Chloe tells the baby that she will then head to the Club to workout and maybe treat herself to dinner.

Mac arrives at a room at the Club to meet Billy - she asks what the emergency is?! Billy says if she didn't come quickly, their food would get cold! He has a dinner for two set up! She is moved that he has remembered some of her favorites, and agrees to join him. Over dinner, he tells her he misses having her in his life. Mac admits that she broke off her engagement when Raul was in town, then takes off the ring and places it on the table! Billy says that Chloe is done with him also. He asks Mac if she loves Raul, suggesting that she doesn't love him as much as she loves him. She jumps up, and he asks her just for the truth. Mac admits that ever since she came home - it's been him! As Billy moves closer, though, she tells him he needs to give his marriage a chance - he has a baby and took vows. Billy says he took vows with her too! She says she's scared. Billy can't imagine passing up this second chance - they kiss!

Victor meets Sharon and Nick at the Club, and tells Sharon that she's been through a lot in the past few months - it's nice to see her happy. Nick tells his dad that they get the paternity results today. Sharon tells Nick to go ahead and attend the business meeting with Victor, and she will meet him at her doctor's office in the hospital later. She leaves, and Victor and Nick discuss the baby, and how Cassie predicted another one for him and Sharon. Victor says however it turns out, he has faith in him. Mary Jane and Jack come in and exchange barbed greetings with Victor!

Rafe enters Adam's room as he frantically shoves the purple gown and wig under the bed. Rafe says he wants to talk to him about Estella. They debate the evidence against her, and Rafe suggests that someone framed her! Adam denies having any role in it, reminding Rafe that he's blind and has an ankle monitor. Rafe says Estella isn't capable of this, and Adam could have had someone helping him! Rafe says if he has nothing to hide - then he won't mind him looking around! Adam thinks fast - he walks over to Rafe and says that he thought they were closer than client and lawyer - he thought there were feelings between them!

Nick is in his car when he gets a call from Sharon. She says the doctor got called in to do a c-section, but she has the envelope. He says he'll meet her in the hospital chapel and they'll open it together.

At Restless Style, Phyllis prepares to leave and calls out for Summer. When there is no reply, Phyllis looks about and notices Summer lying on the floor behind the desk! Phyllis screams for help!

Chloe stops by Jack and Mary Jane's table at the Club. Jack asks after the baby, and wonders if she's heard from Billy - the paternity test results are in today. Chloe says she doesn't know where Billy is, but wishes Jack luck with the test result. Chloe walks over to the bar and hears the waiter say he got a big tip from Mr. Abbott upstairs!

As Billy and Mac get hot and heavy in the room, there is a knock at the door - it's Chloe. She apologizes for interrupting as Mac does up her blouse, and tells Billy that Jack is looking for him - the paternity results are in today. Realizing that Billy hasn't told Mac yet, Chloe explains to her that Billy may be expecting another child with Sharon - his brother's ex-wife!

In the hospital chapel, Sharon opens the envelope and says, "Thank you!" She sees that the baby is a girl, and it's Nick's. She feels that this means Cassie is at peace.

In the car, Nick gets a call from Phyllis saying that Summer is in shock and not breathing - she thinks she got some peanut butter cookies that she threw in the trash. Phyllis used the epi-pen but doesn't think it worked. Devastated, Phyllis says that they're taking Summer to the hospital. He says he'll meet her there!

Mary Jane takes Jack back to her room, then sends him down to get drinks. She phones Victor, who warns her that he brought her to town to get Jack where he wants him - not where she wants him!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Phyllis tells Nick that Summer is in a coma!

Billy tells Mac that his dalliance with Sharon was an accident. Chloe adds, "Yeah, he just sort of tripped and fell on her when she was naked."

Rafe phones Adam and tells him that the feelings he talked's not just him, he feels that way too!

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