Victor gets off the phone with Victoria, whom he has asked to come out to the Ranch. Ashley comes into the room, and he warns her not to go to Estella's arraignment while she's out - it might upset her. They debate as to whether it's an airtight case against her - Vic's not so sure. Adam comes in through the front door, saying he needed some fresh air. Victor brings up the diagnosis from yesterday and tells Adam he's not alone. Adam goes upstairs, and Victor tells Ashley about how afraid Hope was that he would inherit the disease. Victor feels that he has failed Hope - and Adam. He doesn't blame him for being angry!

Nikki chats with JT at the coffee house. She tells him she is sure Estella was framed - probably by Adam. JT wonders if there is evidence against him. Nikki says nothing solid - but this time he's going to pay! Victoria shows up, and they all debate whether or not Adam could be responsible. Victoria remarks that they all might as well spit on Sabrina's grave, then stalks inside. JT explains to Nikki that Vikki's been a little sensitive lately!

Inside the coffee house, Noah spots Rafe and asks for advice on becoming an emancipated minor! Rafe says he has to line up a place to live, telling him to come by his office later. Noah gets a call from Nick - he and Sharon have important news and want him to meet them at the Club. Noah rolls his eyes.

Nick and Sharon sit in the dining room of the Club. Nick talks about how they have found their house, and soon will have the paternity results - it's all coming together! Noah arrives and they tell him about the new house - they can all be together again! Noah says the house sounds great, but he's not moving in - he doesn't want to live with them! He tells Nick how awful visitation will be for Summer, and how they'll screw up the baby too! He then says he's filing for emancipation - he's going to live on his own! Nick asks if he's filed yet. Noah says he's talked to a lawyer. Sharon feels he's over-reacting. They accuse Noah of just wanting to move in with Eden. Noah swears it's not about Eden - they just don't have a clue! They tell him he's not ready to be on his own, but Noah says he isn't going to keep talking to them if they just make fun of him!

In her room, Mary Jane tells her cat that Jack's on his way over - sometimes men just need a little nudging! Jack knocks and comes in, asking what the important business is? Mary Jane strips down, asking what could be more important than keeping the CEO of the company happy?! Jack gives in when she kisses him. They head for the bed and make love. Afterward, Mary Jane imagines telling Jack that she's falling for him, and him reciprocating the sentiment. In reality, Jack's phone rings and she blurts, "Is that Phyllis?" Jack is taken aback by her question. When she tries to make love to him again, he tells her to stop. He makes it clear to her that their relationship is about sex only - he doesn't want her to get hurt. She has no intention of that! She says she'll see him later, and shows him out. Mary Jane then tells kitty that it's happening, she just needs to take it slow!

Heather arrives in Adam's room, saying she only has a moment before she needs to go to court. Adam apologizes for being abrupt with her yesterday. He then tells her that thanks to Victor leaving him in prison - where inmates stuck needles in his eyes - he's no longer a candidate to have his eye disease treated! Adam blames everything on Victor, and does the self-pity routine. Heather says they will soon have a life together. Adam remarks that he's useless now. She assures him that she loves him and they kiss passionately. After they make love, Adam tells Heather she's the only person he trusts.

Victoria and JT arrive at the Ranch, where she tells Victor it was very difficult watching him take down the portrait of Sabrina. He wants her to help him rebuild his art collection. Victoria is moved, saying that this gesture he's making with the art foundation shows he understands - she intends to make Sabrina so proud! When Victoria leaves, JT appears and thanks him for doing that! They discuss Estella. JT says Nikki feels she was framed. Victor wonders if someone other than Adam could have set up Estella - like Mary Jane Benson. They discover that Mary Jane has been on the property before the day that JT caught her. Victor says he'll take it from here! JT leaves, and Victor calls Mary Jane arranging to meet her outside the house. Adam listens from the stairwell!

Nikki tries to reassure Estella at the courthouse. She is very distraught, and is stunned when Ashley appears and tells her she will be brought to justice today! Estella moves away, and Nikki tells Ashley that Estella has certainly been set-up - probably by Adam! Ashley vehemently defends Adam! Rafe appears and says the charges will get thrown out of court - but nothing will undo the anguish Ashley and Victor have caused Estella! He goes into the courtroom and succeeds in getting Estella free on bail. Ashley taunts her, saying she might be free for now, but it won't last! Ashley then turns on Heather, asking why she didn't oppose bail. Heather says the evidence was circumstantial and there were no priors. Nikki approaches and hisses that an innocent woman is being punished because Ashley and Victor can't see the obvious!

Jack walks into the bar area of the Club just in time to hear Noah tell Nick and Sharon that they're too screwed up to run their own lives, let alone his! Jack walks over and remarks that it's a big move to become an emancipated minor! He takes Noah aside and says that they love him. Noah points out that they ruined Jack's life. Jack denies it, but Noah can't believe he's standing up for Sharon. Jack urges him to give it a few weeks and then make a decision. As Noah leaves, and Jack walks back over to Nick and Sharon's table, she gets a phone call that the paternity test results are in. Jack says he knows Sharon is hoping that Nick is the father - he hopes she gets her wish!

At Crimson Lights, Victoria tells JT how excited she is about the art foundation. He sets ground rules - no meeting in dark alleys! She talks about the first painting she will try to acquire in Sabrina's honor. She makes a call about the painting, and the man who takes the call is the same one who threw the glass in anger when he heard that Daniel got out on bail!

Victor meets with Mary Jane and confronts her about wandering on his property and stabbing him in the back - does she think she's going to get away with it?! He asks her some questions, including about the statue of Sabrina. She says she has no idea what he's getting at. Victor tells her to do one thing only - keep her eye on Jack Abbott!

Nikki corners Rafe outside the courtroom. She tells him that she suspects Adam as being the person who set Estella up. She tells him about the lies he told her, and Sabrina's voice coming out of the computer! Rafe's interest is piqued!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Billy says to Mac, "What about Raul? Do you love him?" She replies, "Yeah, just not..." Billy interrupts triumphantly, "Just not like you love me?!"

Nick is in the car talking to Sharon by phone. He says they'll open the paternity results together.

Adam says to Rafe, "I have feelings. Don't you?"

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