Ashley arrives at Restless Style looking for Abby, who is there doing a photo shoot. Abby appears and they hug. Abby expresses concern about all the stress Ashley's been under. She says she can't believe that Estella is responsible.

Kevin visits Jana in jail, and shares with her that he did a successful speaking engagement. Michael is there and has set up a meeting with the judge to help get Jana out. Michael dashes out, and Jana tells Kevin she can't believe that she's back inside again. He promises they'll get her out of there.

At Crimson Lights, Noah is preparing to go join Abby at the photo shoot. He and Eden discuss how Abby would never let someone like her be a part of it. Noah wishes he could skip it, but heads out, agreeing to meet up with Eden later.

Sitting at the counter in the coffee shop, Amber gives Daniel a piece of paper and pen and urges him to write down all the people from his past who might want to see him crash and burn! Daniel is stumped - he can't think of a single person who would set him up for murder. Amber wonders if it's someone who is really trying to get him out of the way to get to her. Daniel doubts it. Kevin comes in, and Daniel apologizes for Jana being in jail. Kevin knows he didn't mean for this to happen. As they talk, some teenage girls come in and tell Kevin they saw him speak at their school about the chipmunk - he's awesome!

Heather arrives at the Ranch to see Adam. Victor reluctantly lets her in, telling her to make it short since Adam is about to be examined again by a specialist. Dr. Donahue arrives and Heather goes up to tell Adam he's there.

In Adam's room, he's on the phone with Dr. Taylor in a frantic effort to get more botox. Heather knocks and goes in, telling Adam that Dr. Donahue is downstairs. She is puzzled at his attitude when he states that he doesn't want to be examined. Adam makes his usual scene about wanting to get out of that horrible house. Heather leaves, urging him to relax about the doctor. Victor comes in, and Adam asks why he's setting him up to fail. Victor says they owe it to Hope to take advantage of an opportunity she didn't have. Adam imagines what would happen if the doctor examined him and told Victor he had been faking all along! He panics!

Michael arrives at Crimson Lights and speaks with Eden who is working there. He tells her how proud he is of her grades. She mentions that she still misses her dad. Michael asks about Noah - if they're still together and proceeding with caution. Eden is taken aback, so Michael urges her to have that talk with Lauren. He warns her not to be in a rush to grow up, though, and assures her that she's wanted at their home for as long as she likes! They venture over to Kevin, Amber and Daniel. Michael is somewhat puzzled by Kevin's newfound popularity, and Eden suggests starting a chipmunk club! The phone rings - Kevin gets a call about another appearance! Michael hopes that this will somehow help Jana's case. Amber tells Kevin she's proud of him - he says it's due to her getting him on the radio show. They agree that maybe Daniel is being set up by one of their enemies. Michael tells Daniel not to make one false move, or a judge will revoke his bail! Amber seems to be up to something on her laptop, and goes off on her own. Daniel tells Kevin that he has an idea - they need to get the murder victim's cell phone. He wants Kevin to get it from the evidence room, saying, "Do it for Jana!"

Noah comes in to the Restless Style offices. Abby and Ashley smile at his look. Ashley leaves, with Abby warning her to beware of creepy Adam as she goes. Noah and Abby complete their photo shoot, then chat about which of them is more spoiled. She asks him about his parents being back together. He asks if she can keep a secret - he's thinking about divorcing his parents! Abby points out the downside of living on his own, but Noah argues. Eden comes in and Abby blurts that this must have been her idea! Noah says it wasn't her idea. Abby spits that Noah should be emancipated from Eden! Abby leaves, and Noah suggests that Eden ignore her.

Ashley arrives at home and asks Victor to feel the baby kicking - he can't feel it! Dr. Donahue and Adam come downstairs. Dr. Donahue announces that this has been a waste of time - there are puncture wounds in the corneas - it seems Adam has been injecting something into his eyes! Victor asks what kind of sick monster Adam is, then hollers that he's the one who's been tormenting Ashley. Adam swears that those sick animals in prison did this to him - they were stabbing him with hypodermic needles! Victor asks the doctor if Adam could have injected something to fool other doctors. Dr. Donahue says his test shows Adam has been suffering from the disease for quite a while now, and unfortunately, Adam cannot participate in the trial that would have helped him, due to the damage from the injections - he'll wind up permanently blind! Victor says he's sorry about that as Adam absorbs the news!

Michael is about to go in to see the judge when Heather stops him. She says it will be a waste of his time - she's re-opening Jana's other case. Michael says they should deal with one at a time!

Amber sits out on the patio with her laptop. She discovers that she may have a cyberstalker, and texts her former partner, Allie, to see if she has one too.

Michael goes to see Jana with the bad news that Judge Collins is leaning toward re-opening her murder case - Heather really wants a conviction this time. Jana cries, saying she took someone's life - she knew this would happen. Michael says she was sick, and she's turned Kevin's life around - he won't let her slip through his fingers!

Ashley and Victor stand in the living room. Ashley says Adam couldn't have done all those things to her. Victor laments that he didn't get him out of jail sooner. Ashley goes up to Adam's room, where he has just thrown a book across the room in frustration. She tells him how sorry they both are, and assures him that he'll get through this. Because he's been there for her and her baby so many times, she'll now be there for him. Adam cries on her shoulder!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Sharon asks Nick if he still believes the baby she is carrying is his - the one who Cassie predicted.

As Mary Jane disrobes, Jack says, "I thought you said this was an important Jabot matter."

As Jack walks into the Club dining room he overhears Noah telling Sharon and Nick that they're too screwed up to run their own lives - let alone his!

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