At Crimson Lights, Victoria tells JT she knows she should rest, but she's going in to work. They discuss the art theft ring - she says Sabrina would have been disgusted. She then realizes that it's Sabrina and Victor's anniversary date. Vikki wonders if her father really completely forgave her - she's got to go see him.

At the Ranch, Ashley tells Dr. Taylor to go ahead up to Adam's room and tell Victor the good news - that the baby is healthy. Dr. Taylor seems ill at ease, but goes. Ashley tells the sketch of Sabrina that the nonsense with Estella is now over - Victor can be happy.

In Adam's room, Victor questions Adam's resistance to being examined by the specialist, wondering why he takes exception to him spending millions of dollars trying to help him get his sight back! Adam mutters that he's just given up. Dr. Taylor knocks and comes in. Victor excuses himself, and Adam asks the doctor, "Did you bring it?" The doctor says he can only imagine what he's going to do with it - he must be crazy! He warns that Adam could be doing permanent damage to his eyesight! Adam dismisses his concerns.

Sharon and Nick are in their room at the Club discussing house-hunting. He says today is the day. They kiss and wind up back in bed. After making love, Sharon acts as though something is wrong - she admits that she's worried that this will all fall through. Nick promises that he will never willingly walk away from her. He then says, "First one in the shower gets to pick the house!" Once dressed, they discuss how they will make room for everyone in their new house. Nick says whenever Victor set up house with a new family someone always felt left behind. They choose a house from the papers they have, and he points out the nursery that could belong to Faith - that's the name of their baby in his dream. Nick calls the real estate lady to take them to see the house. Sharon reminds him that it may not be his baby, but he says he knows it is!

At the courthouse, Daniel waits with Jana, Amber, Kevin, Phyllis, and Michael for his hearing. Heather and the D.A. arrive and they go into the courtroom. Kevin and Jana wait anxiously. Heather begins telling the judge the charges against Daniel, and asks that bail be denied. Michael says Daniel was merely a victim of Thomas Balfour, and that the evidence is circumstantial - he doesn't even have a motive. Jana tells Kevin that this is her fault - she shouldn't have told Daniel about the meeting in the alley! He tells her she was an innocent bystander - he just hopes that the judge buys Daniel's story. Jana wonders why Kevin seems angry - he says Daniel should have looked out for her more. Heather, meanwhile, brings up Daniel's past transgressions. Michael becomes irate, saying the charges he faced when he was younger were wholly dismissed! The judge asks Daniel a couple of questions, then sets the bail at one million dollars, pointing out that he's the son of Danny Romalotti. Phyllis blurts, "What is this? A shakedown?" She then tells her son she'll cover it.

Victor and Ashley discuss Estella downstairs at the Ranch. He says he just can't conceive of Estella being guilty. Ashley thinks maybe she had a Sabrina fixation. She then mentions to Victor that it's his anniversary. She says she's going out to give him some space.

Victor talks to the statue of Sabrina on his property. He says he built the statue because he wanted her close to him. He remarks how strange life is - he found Ashley because of her death - and says he needs to let her go now. He puts the head back on the baby and says goodbye, turning to ask the gardener to remove the statue that day.

Outside the courtroom, Michael tells Jana that the fact that Daniel was given bail makes it look good for her. Daniel doesn't want Phyllis to post his bail, but she and Amber insist he allow it. Amber says they need to get to the bottom of this - whoever did this, didn't do it for the money - they gave up $100,000 to frame him!

Michael goes back into the courtroom with Jana and Kevin. He says that she runs a business and asks for bail to be set low. Heather stands up and says that Jana is a murderess, and that if you trace her connections to this case - it's like a spider web. The judge denies bail. Kevin flips out, and Michael moves to calm him, saying she'll be out soon - he promises! Daniel and Amber are stunned by this outcome. Michael says that Heather has it in for Jana since the last time. Kevin tells Daniel that he got her into this - he needs to get her out! Daniel spots Aucker and asks for more information about the man who died. Aucker mocks him and walks away. Daniel wonders who would want to do this to him?! He doesn't think he has any enemies!

Back at the house, Victor encounters Victoria, who says she sometimes visits the statue of Sabrina as well. He says he sometimes feels that the house is haunted - it's time to let Sabrina go in fairness to Ashley. Victor takes the sketch down and says, "Sabrina is no longer here, and I've moved on." Victoria is stunned that he is just going to forget about her! Vikki becomes confrontational and takes the sketch. On her way out she passes Ashley and says, "I hope you're satisfied now!" Victor tells Ashley that he took the sketch of Sabrina down, and all he's going to pay attention to now is her and their baby!

Phyllis turns up at Sharon and Nick's room as they are about to leave - she tells Nick that she needs his help! She explains about bail, and Nick tells her to take the money out of their joint account. He says that he wants to talk to Daniel as well. Phyllis says that the last time Daniel ran was because of Nick! She says it's ironic that he wants to lecture Daniel about running away when that's all he ever does!

Victoria meets JT at the coffee house and relays the latest about Victor and Sabrina. She says it's typical of her father to want to cut her out! JT says this is about more than Sabrina. She accuses JT of taking Victor's side!

In Adam's room, he is shocked when he goes to inject his eyes, but drops and breaks the container of botox!

In an office, a hand is seen holding a glass. A blond man walks in and announces that the girl was denied bail, but Daniel Romalotti will be out soon. The hand throws the glass and smashes it against a cabinet in anger!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

The specialist tells Victor that Adam doesn't have the eye disease that Hope had. Victor says, "He's been faking it all along?"

Noah tells Abby that he's thinking about divorcing his parents!

Daniel tells Kevin that they need to get the victim's cell phone!

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