In the living room of the Ranch, Adam appears just as Ashley has dropped the baby head out of the package onto the floor. Victor asks Adam if he is the one who is responsible. Adam says he'd never hurt Ashley! Nikki lashes out at Adam, who says it was probably Estella! Victor picks up the phone and calls the police.

At Jimmy's, Mac holds her ringing cell phone but doesn't answer it. Cane comes in carrying a box and looks at her questioningly. They argue over who is going to lock up, with Cane ultimately sending Mac home. Once alone, he leaves another urgent message for Langley, who seems to have disappeared! Cane then opens the safe and takes out a wad of cash. He thinks back to taking his vows with Lily. Suddenly she knocks at the door.

In the room with the casket, Nina wobbles as Paul struggles to hold her up. Horrified, she gasps, "Where is Phillip's body?!" Paul assures her that they'll get to the bottom of this! Nina rages at the morgue employee that she wants to know what is going on here! Nina leaves the room, and Paul tells the man that there is a test he wants done before he leaves!

Katherine and Jill bicker wildly over their relationship at the Chancellor house. Katherine tells Jill to stop living in the past - she's got so much to live for in the present! Jill says she'll just be glad when all this nonsense with Phillip is over and they can move on! Katherine gets a call from Paul. She relays to Jill that there was no body in the casket!

At Crimson Lights, Billy slips the barista some money to keep the patio closed for a private party! He joins Mac outside and says that six years ago tonight they exchanged vows - in spite of everything, he wants to go back to being those kids, just this one time! They joke about old times. He says prom night was one of the best nights of his life. Billy puts the jukebox on and they dance. Soon a slow song comes on and they nearly kiss, but Mac pulls away and says they can't go back. He says he should go, and leaves awkwardly.

Up in his room, Adam plunks down on the sofa and sighs. Victor comes in and says the detective is on the way. Adam says good - he'd like to clear his name. Victor is skeptical, and reaches down to check that Adam has his ankle monitor on. Adam smirks, saying, "You're really reaching." He informs Victor that when the truth comes out, he'll want an apology! Victor leaves without a word.

Nikki brings Ashley a cup of tea in the living room at the Ranch. She tells her that she absolutely believes that Adam is behind this! Estella and Rafe come to the door. Victor lets them in, and shows a shocked Estella the baby head, telling them he'd like them both to stay since a detective is on the way. Detective Gil soon arrives and says there are laws about using the mail for this type of thing. Victor orders him to do whatever he has to do - this torment must end today! Adam watches from his laptop upstairs, and says, "And so it begins." Gil tells Victor that the name and address are fabricated, but they lifted a fingerprint. Nikki is upset when Victor asks Rafe and Estella to give their fingerprints. He also wants Adam's taken. Rafe says they won't do it, but Estella wants to set things right. Victor walks upstairs and tells Adam that a print was found on the box. Adam thinks back to Estella leaving a box for Victor on an earlier occasion. Adam thanks Victor for telling him, and Victor marvels that he's not even nervous!

Nina and Paul are back at the Chancellor Estate with Jill and Katherine. Nina tells them that there is now no proof that Cane is a Chancellor. Jill argues, but Paul interrupts them - he's getting a call from the morgue. After he hangs up, he informs them that he asked to have the DNA from the casket tested, but there wasn't any to test, meaning, there was never a body in the casket! They speculate on whether the body was stolen, agreeing that there was no viewing - the last time Nina saw Phillip was in his hospital bed. Nina says this means that there was no DNA test to prove that Phillip wasn't Jill's son! She demands that Jill make Cane take another DNA test - or she will! Paul leaves, promising to be discreet. Jill goes to talk to Cane. Nina tells Kay she wishes she could see the look on Cane's face when he realizes he's busted! Katherine is overwhelmed by all of this and says that, next, Nina will be suggesting that Cane is the one responsible for the body not being in the casket! Nina says if Cane refuses to take the DNA test, they'll have their answer.

Cane is eating with Lily at Jimmy's when Jill calls. Cane tells her to calm down, listens, then hangs up. He tells Lily that it doesn't sound good! Jill is soon at the bar, explaining what is going on. She tells him how much he means to her, and that it makes this hard to say - they need to do another DNA test. Lily is stunned, telling Cane he doesn't have to do this, but Jill insists that it's the only way to prove the truth to Nina! Cane says he'll take the test. Jill leaves, and he worries to Lily what will happen if he's revealed to not be a Chancellor after all? She asks what he means. He says all he knows is what his uncle told him. She says that he is the man she loves regardless of the test results.

Gathered in the Ranch living room, Estella, Rafe, Adam, Nikki, Victor, and Ashley are stunned when Detective Gil announces that the fingerprints on the box belonged to Estella! She pleads to see the box - she brought one here the other day - maybe whoever is responsible used that box to incriminate her! Ashley lashes out at Estella, who admits that she didn't like her as well as Nikki or Sabrina! Nikki is stunned when Victor orders charges to be laid against Estella! Nikki says she'll help her, and Victor orders her to leave.

Rafe goes back upstairs with Adam. He tells him that he can no longer represent him, since he can't work for Newman and help his aunt at the same time. Adam says it's regretful, and expresses surprise that Estella would do something like this! Rafe is irked - telling Adam there are holes in this case a mile wide! He says whoever has set her up is going to pay!

Victor and Ashley sit on the Ranch sofa. She says she thought it was all over, that once Estella was fired it would be the end. Victor says now that Estella is behind bars, Ashley can concentrate on the baby. Ash agrees, saying, "Taking care of the baby is the only thing that matters now."

Paul and Nikki meet at the Club. She talks to him about what happened at the Ranch, and with Estella. Paul, however, refuses to share the details of his day with Nikki. As he orders his meal, she stares at him, totally intrigued at his mysterious behavior!

Jill returns to the Chancellor household just as Nina is hollering about Phillip possibly being out there somewhere, and her son being sick - and now there is nothing she can do to help him! Jill says that Cane didn't even flinch about taking the DNA test she has no doubt that once he does, he'll be vindicated once again!

Cane goes into the freezer at the bar and opens a box labeled, "Langley." He takes a vial of blood from a carousel of viles of which two are already missing. He calls Langley again and says, "By the time you get this message, I'll have done what I have to do. And maybe then you'll quit running."

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Adam says to Dr. Taylor, "Give it to me!" Dr. Taylor replies, "I can just imagine what you're planning to do with it! You'd have to be out of your mind!"

Nick says to Sharon, "First one in the shower gets to pick the house!"

Victor says to Adam, "I told you that I wanted Dr. Donahue to examine your eyes." Adam retorts, "I'm not gonna' stand for this!"

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