Paul and Nikki sit at the Club discussing Mary Jane and the restraining order. Nikki is glad she came to her senses, and Paul says it was rather sudden. Mary Jane then comes in and asks for a chance to explain. She claims that she had a stalker following her three years ago, and Paul's questions caused her to panic! Rafe approaches and asks to speak to Nikki alone. She goes with him. He pleads Estella's case to her, saying she can't eat or sleep - she's a wreck! He asks her to intercede with Victor and Ashley on Estella's behalf. She agrees. At the bar, Paul continues to talk to Mary Jane about her stalker. She tells him that she did everything she could to erase her past. He wonders why she didn't just tell him that in the first place. She doesn't like talking about it. He asks what brought on the change of heart. She says she realized she over-reacted, and wonders why he has to push it. Rafe and Nikki come back over and Nikki tells Paul that she is going out to the Ranch. Paul realizes that Mary Jane disappeared!

Adam approaches Ashley downstairs at the Ranch to apologize again. Ashley is cold toward him. Adam presses Ashley to believe in his innocence, but she just keeps telling him she wants to be alone. Adam heads back upstairs, where he finds Victor in his room sitting at his laptop! He asks what he's doing. Victor says he's checking out his story. Adam wonders if he has a right to privacy. Victor says he forfeited that right when he framed him, and asks why he always keeps his door locked. Adam makes excuses, but Victor tells him to keep it unlocked from now on. Adam says he may as well go back to prison! Victor points out that he's lied since he came to town. Adam says not anymore, and not when it comes to Ashley. Vic warns Adam that he will go to any lengths to protect Ashley, and calls his bluff about going back to prison. He then says there is another doctor coming to look at his eyes - Adam says he won't submit to more poking and prodding! Victor asks in a low voice what kind of game Adam is playing, then informs him he will see the doctor!

Cane is at Jimmy's, putting something into the safe under the bar. Lily comes in and asks him about what's wrong with him lately - she thinks he's thinking about the father he never knew. Cane is too busy to have the conversation, so she kisses him and leaves. Cane calls Jill about the exhumation of Phillip's body. She tells him it's underway, and he asks how she could have let this happen?! She tells him it's important for health reasons. Cane says goodbye. Lily comes back in, and Cane tells her they're exhuming Phillip's body today. Lily feels there is something he isn't telling her! She reminds him about their pact to always be honest. He says he's scared that he will never compare to the man in the grave in Kay and Jill's hearts!

At the Chancellor house, Katherine comes up behind Jill as she hangs up with Cane, saying that at least they'll know who that young man out there really is! Jill says she still loves Phillip as though she'd given birth to him. Nina appears and says mother's love is what they all have in common. Jill and Nina get into another bickering match over who loved Phillip more, until Kay intervenes, saying they need to work together for Phillip IV's sake! Nina leaves, and Jill then turns on Katherine for doing the baby switch. Katherine says she's not sure they still know the whole story on that - Paul has found discrepancies! Kay says Jill needs to admit that maybe Nina is asking questions that they should have asked! When Jill gets out pictures of the Phillips, Kay asks how Jill cannot believe that she still loves her like a daughter! Jill asks how she can say she loves her - she's taken everything from her!

Nikki arrives at the Ranch and asks Ashley how she's doing. They discuss the night of the storm, and Dr. Taylor. Ash mentions that Liv approves of him. Nikki wants to talk about Estella. Ashley tenses up. Nikki says she didn't cause the drama - she's sick about it. Nikki reminds her that evidence can be planted - she knows Estella - she's just not capable of doing these things! Ashley remarks that she's been so sure it was her - until yesterday. She tells Nikki about Sabrina's voice on Adam's computer. Nikki knew he had something to do with it! Victor comes down the stairs, and Nikki says she's there on Estella's behalf. She lets him know she suspects Adam - he could have an accomplice! Victor says he's looking into it.

Nina catches up with Paul at the coffee house and asks him to arrange for her to be at the opening of the coffin - she doesn't trust anyone! She confides that she ordered a DNA test as well - Cane will be exposed for the fraud she knows he is! Paul makes the arrangements by phone and offers to go with her. They discuss Cane. Nina says he's conning everyone. Paul thinks he's a good guy. Nina says they'll find out.

Mary Jane comes into Jimmy's and orders a drink. Lily reassures Cane that they will soon lay Phillip to rest once and for all. She says she got him something when shopping - father and son baseball mitts for when they have a child of their own. He hugs her. Cane gets a call from Jill asking him to get in touch with his uncle - it seems Violet wasn't in town when the baby switch occurred. Cane hangs up and Mary Jane, who is sitting nearby, asks if it was bad news. She says he can run away and give up, or stay and fight - she's a fighter! Cane goes over and kisses Lily and tells her that she should always remember that he loves her, no matter what. She leaves and he goes behind the bar and takes his passport from the safe!

Upstairs in his room, Adam looks up information on the computer, trying to figure out how to fool the new doctor who is going to examine him. He calls in another order of botox while he's at it. Adam then calls someone to check on a tracking number for an package that was supposed to be delivered. He hears a vehicle pull up outside and says into the phone, "Never mind. It just arrived."

Victor, Nikki, and Ashley hear the doorbell ring at the Ranch. Nikki says that's probably Estella. Victor opens the door and accepts a package addressed to Ashley. She opens it and they gasp as the severed baby head from Sabrina's statue falls out!

Paul and Nina are in the room with the coffin. The technician asks if they're ready. Paul tells her it's not too late to back out. Nina says she's ready. As the man lifts the lid, Nina looks inside and screams. She covers her mouth with her hands and her legs give out under her. Paul catches her. Inside the coffin there is no body - just a big sandbag!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

As Adam watches from his laptop upstairs, Victor tells the police that he wants this torment to end today!

Jill and Nina argue over whether to ask Cane to submit to another DNA test. Nina tells Jill that if she doesn't get him to do it, she will!

Ashley asks Nikki if she really feels it's Adam. Nikki says that she absolutely does!

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