Nick and Sharon prepare for the day in their room at the Club. They discuss Noah volunteering for the Rec Center in the summer. They kiss, and Nick is headed to pick up Summer. Sharon asks if he told Phyllis that they're taking Summer house-hunting. Nick admits he hasn't yet.

Daniel, Amber, Jana, and Kevin are at the apartment. They discuss getting advice from Michael. Jana is going to meet with him, and Daniel heads to tell Phyllis about what's going on. Kevin and Amber stay behind. There is a knock at the door - it's Aucker, the FBI agent - he's got a search warrant to look for the missing money! As Aucker and his people search, Kevin muses that it's interesting that it's the do-gooders who are in trouble this time, rather than them!

Nina comes downstairs at the Chancellor house and asks Kay if the lab has called back. Katherine says no, and they speculate on whether Jill is covering something up. Kay asks if Nina will tell Jill about Violet not being in town at the time of the baby switch - Nina wants to wait. Jill comes in as the lab calls. The person who supposedly dealt with Phillip's case previously, disappeared after falsifying documents! Nina tells Jill and Kay that something is definitely up! Jill defends Cane's character, but Nina says she didn't say Cane was lying - she suggested that someone is lying, and someone doesn't want them to know who is buried in Phillip's grave. Jill and Nina bicker about the exhumation. Jill says digging up what she thought was her mother's remains nearly killed her - she forbids this! Nina says it's not up to her! Katherine says it doesn't matter who is in the grave - they love him regardless. Nina says this can't wait another day, shouting, "I want to know who's in that coffin!" Jill agrees finally, but doesn't want anymore DNA testing - she won't put Cane through that!

At Jimmy's, Cane leaves a frantic message for Phillip to call him back. Lily comes in and asks if he's still upset about what Nina is doing - he tossed and turned all night in his sleep! She wants him to tell her what's wrong. Cane tells her what it was like growing up without a family, and watching others with families. He says how much it means to him to belong to something now. He says he feels afraid it could all disappear. Lily reassures him, saying that he's a Chancellor and her husband - and that will never change.

Daniel visits Phyllis at Restless Style. They exchange small talk before Daniel launches into telling her what he's involved in. She says Nick told her about Victoria getting mixed up in an art scheme. Daniel says it's the same thing. She warns him to be careful. He asks about Summer, and Phyllis says she's okay, but is wondering why her daddy isn't tucking her in at night. Daniel goes to say hello to her before leaving.

Jack and Mary Jane get seated for breakfast at the Club. Mary Jane is irked when Jack leaves the table to take a call from Phyllis. She spots Sharon at the bar and goes over to apologize for her behavior the last time they met. She congratulates her on getting back together with her high school sweetheart - she's a sucker for true love stories. Mary Jane then asks if it's for keeps - is she done with Jack? Sharon is surprised to hear that Mary Jane and Jack are seeing one another again. Mary Jane says Phyllis suggested that Sharon might not last with Nick and she would go back to Jack. Sharon says she and Jack are friends, and Mary Jane shouldn't listen to Phyllis! Jack comes over, and Sharon asks to speak to him alone. Mary Jane goes to make a call. Sharon asks Jack if they're okay. He says they are, and they hug. Mary Jane watches, stricken. Sharon tells him Mary Jane wants him free and clear - he says he's not ready for anything serious with that woman! Mary Jane comes over and kisses Jack, saying she has to run to RS. Sharon teases him after she leaves, but also warns Jack that she's infatuated! Jack says she's not the bunny-boiler type!

At Jimmy's Bar, Michael interviews Jana and Daniel about what happened on the night of the murder. Daniel admits that he touched the gun, but he didn't see Victoria or the money. Daniel mentions the guy in the ski mask, and Jana points out that that's who they should be looking for. Michael says that if Aucker won't do the job, they'll have to do it for him. Michael finds out that the dead man had a cellphone on him - Daniel's name was in the contact list. Michael warns them to live the lives of saints until that money is found!

Nick arrives at Restless Style to pick up Summer. Things are very calm. Nick then tells Phyllis that he and Sharon will be looking for a new house that day. Phyllis isn't sure it's such a good idea that Summer go along - it's so soon after he moved out! Nick says the situation is going to change - they need to be stable. Phyllis says leaving his family to hook up with his ex is anything but stable! Summer appears, followed by George the photographer, who suggests putting Summer on the cover of the magazine. Phyllis is reluctant, but Nick agrees. Mary Jane walks in on what appears to be a close moment with the three of them.

Kevin and Amber are at Crimson Lights. Kevin tells her he was relieved to see that the cops didn't come looking there. When Amber follows Kevin in the back to get more sweetener, they discover the hidden briefcase full of money! Kevin says that it's got to be the money the feds are looking for. Amber says it was planted there - there's no way Jana and Daniel hid it. Suddenly, Aucker busts in with a search warrant! As they search, Daniel, Jana and Michael walk in. Amber and Kevin gesture wildly, but Aucker comes out of the back room with the briefcase, saying, "Mr. Romalotti! Just in time - look what I found!" Daniel says he has no idea how it got there. Michael tells him not to talk. Aucker places Daniel under arrest. Michael calls Phyllis to tell her the bad news.

Phyllis hangs up the phone from talking to Michael and says she has to leave Restless Style. Nick asks what is going on and she tells him Daniel has been arrested - something to do with that art scam that Victoria got caught up in. Nick insists on taking her to the police station, and asks Mary Jane to watch Summer. Nick also calls Sharon and tells her what's going on. Nick and Phyllis leave, and Mary Jane tells Summer not to worry about her daddy not living with her - Auntie Mary Jane is going to take care of everything and make sure everyone winds up where they belong - happily ever after!

Cane takes a call at Jimmy's Bar from Jill. She tells him that Phillip's body is being exhumed because of the Huntington's disease gene, assuring him that there will be no DNA testing done - no one disbelieves him! Cane hangs up and calls Phillip, but he's not there. He leaves a message, saying it's urgent.

At the Chancellor Estate, Nina makes a call to order a DNA test done tomorrow when the body is exhumed!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Victor asks Adam if he's ready to return to prison. Adam complains that he doesn't believe anything that he says!

Lily tells Cane that he's not just worried about his mom - there's something he's not telling her!

Nina tells Paul that Cane Ashby will be exposed for the fraud that she knows he really is!

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