Victor strides into Adam's room as Sabrina's voice plays on the laptop. Ashley follows. Adam insists that he got an email and the voice started playing. Victor sees that there are no recent emails - Adam says he deleted it. Victor accuses him of being behind all of it, but Adam insists that he's being framed. Victor asks if he's playing him for a fool. Adam asks him to calm down, but Victor shouts, "Don't tell me to calm down! Have you been gaslighting Ashley?" Adam replies that he's not that stupid, besides, he's blind and has an ankle bracelet. Victor suggests that Heather is helping him. Adam says it's ridiculous, and points out that Estella was there today. Adam pouts that Victor has wanted him to be guilty right from the beginning. Victor gets up close and personal and warns him that if he is the one gaslighting Ashley - God help him! Vic leaves, and Adam gasps.

Mac corners Chloe at Crimson Lights and confronts her about calling Raul. Chloe says it was instinct. Mac notices that she isn't wearing her ring - so it didn't work out the way she'd hoped! Chloe says that Mac is wearing her ring - so it shouldn't really matter where things stand with her and Billy - right? Chloe points out that Raul came right away when she called - he's a great guy, so why would she want Billy? Mac says she sees through her. Chloe says she's being straight - the reality of Billy is more than even she wants to deal with! Mac suggests that maybe she's just not the right woman. Chloe scoffs, "Oh, and you are? You're going to change him?" Chloe reminds Mac about Delia before leaving.

Billy meets Raul for dinner at the Club. Raul lets it slip that Chloe is the one who called him to come and see Mac! Raul tells Billy how he and Mac got together in Darfur. He asks Billy if this is weird for him. Billy says he asked, and besides, Raul deserves to be happy. Raul asks about Billy and Chloe. Billy says she gave her ring back. Raul gets a call from Mac and they agree to meet.

Lily and Cane canoodle at Jimmy's, giggling over whether or not they just made a baby on the couch in the office. Cane jokes that he wants six kids - he grew up alone. Lily teases that he only wants so many kids so he can put them to work taking inventory! Cane says he's going to take Jill to lunch, she's been down lately. Lily says she'll meet them later.

Nina continues to argue with Katherine about Cane at the Chancellor Estate. Nina says Kay and Jill clung to the DNA test that said what they wanted to hear, and now they give Cane everything - if Phillip had gotten that kind of support he might still be here! Jill wanders in as Katherine and Nina discuss Phillip's death. Nina says her son still needs his father. Katherine suggests that she resents Cane. Nina says that's not her issue with him - that he's living Phillip's life. Jill comes into the room as Nina declares that she could drive a semi through the holes in Cane's story - how can either of them trust him?! Jill and Nina get into a heated argument. Nina says Jill finally starts acting like a mother and he's not even her son! Jill threatens her and calls her names, but Nina says she'll do what she has to for her son. As Cane steps into the house, Nina announces that she's having Phillip's body exhumed! Cane says Nina's obsessed! Katherine sends Cane away. Jill tells Nina that they already exhumed Phillip's body and tests proved that he wasn't her son - she doesn't want him disturbed again. Nina shouts that there are things she doesn't know - her son may have a degenerative disease called Huntington's. Nina doesn't have the gene, and needs to know if Phillip was a carrier. Jill says they can call the lab they dealt with the first time! They call and there's no record of Phillip - ever!

Mac is at Jimmy's and thinks back to getting hot and heavy with Billy. Raul arrives and Mac gives him a grave look. He asks her what's going on. She tells him that she hasn't been completely honest with him. She says she's confused about what she wants. He asks if she loves him. Mac says she does, but takes off her engagement ring and apologetically says she can't marry him. He says he will wait for her whether she asks him to or not. He thinks this is why Chloe called him. Raul asks her to just wear the ring. She looks unsure, but they kiss.

Billy is on the basketball court and calls Chloe - he wants to see her and Delia. She says that she's busy right now, but agrees to meet him later at the Club. Cane shows up and starts playing ball with Billy. They get a little intense and do some friendly trash talking. Lily shows up and laughs. Billy gets a message from Chloe saying she's on her way, and leaves. Lily points out to Cane that it's not so bad having a brother, is it? Cane tells Lily about Jill and Nina fighting, saying that he thinks Jill will get Nina to back off.

Ashley and Victor talk downstairs at the Ranch. They discuss whether or not Adam could be the guilty party. Adam listens in. Victor says if Adam is responsible, he'd be better off in prison - because there would be nowhere on Earth he could hide! Adam returns to his room and makes a call to have a package picked up and overnighted, and then out the window he goes.

Billy and Chloe meet in the dining room of the Club. Billy plays with the baby. Chloe marvels that Billy was hanging out with Cane, and then they discuss the fact that she called Raul. She says that in the end the joke was on her. She suggests they set up a visitation schedule for him and Delia. He says it sounds formal. Billy gets a smile from Chloe as he tells the baby she'll have to eat all her cold pizza for breakfast when she visits. Mac walks in, and tells them that Raul has gone back to DC. She remarks how happy Billy looks with the baby before leaving to go workout.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Lily wonders why Cane is worried about losing his great life.

Nina says that someone really doesn't want them to know who is buried in Phillip's grave!

Nick tells Phyllis that he and Sharon will be looking for a new house soon!

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