At Crimson Lights, Nina comes in and greets Paul, who had left her an urgent message. He tells her that he did some more digging into Violet Montgomery's past - she won't believe what he found out! She was actually being treated for pneumonia in another city when Cane was supposedly born and switched! Nina says she knew something was up. Just then, she gets a text from her son.

Lily kisses Cane goodbye as she leaves Jimmy's Bar. On her way out she says that Nina left him a message - she has more questions. Cane sighs. Once Lily is gone, he grabs his keys and heads out.

Neil meets with Katherine at home. He suggests Jill for a position at Chancellor. Jill walks in and says she'll consider it if the price is right! Katherine announces that she'd rather promote the night security guard! They exchange barbs and Kay says she heard Jill took a beating when the bank in the Caymans went under - she offers to buy her interest in the house. Jill says she's not going anywhere, and leaves the room. Neil and Katherine discuss his transition, which has been seamless.

Victor is at the Club outside the door of Nick's room. Mary Jane approaches and tells him she is going to have the restraining order lifted from Paul. Nick opens his door, and Victor goes in, saying he assumes he's found out that he is the father of Sharon's baby. Nick says they won't know until next week - and he's reconciling with Sharon regardless! Victor tries to impress upon Nick the implications for the children. Nick says he knows it's fast. Victor wonders if he's looked at this from all angles. Nick says he can't stay with Phyllis anymore. Victor remarks that it's hard watching him do what he's done. They discuss Nikki and Ashley, and Victor points out that Nikki left him. Victor tells Nick that he likes Sharon, but that's not the point - this better not be just for nostalgia's sake! Nick says he's tried to deny his feelings for Sharon - he can't anymore!

Ashley visits with Olivia at the Ranch, telling her the baby is kicking. Adam listens from the stairwell, thinking back to Dr. Taylor telling him Ashley was having a hysterical pregnancy. Liv leaves, and Ash goes out of the room. Estella comes in with a box and calls out. As she gazes at the sketch of Sabrina, Ashley returns and asks what she's doing there?! Rafe appears and says that he brought her there to deliver a box of papers for Victor. Rafe suggests that his aunt is innocent - Ashley should just listen!

Tyra encounters Devon at the basketball court and they argue about her not telling him that they were not related. She says she was trying to protect him. He asks why she's there, and she explains that Neil invited her - they can all have a meal after playing ball! Devon remarks that he's lost his appetite.

Adam sits in his room listening to the tape of Sabrina's voice. Heather knocks and comes in. She thought she heard a woman's voice. Heather wants to discuss the two of them moving in together, but he reminds her of the ankle bracelet. She says Victor won't let it be removed. Adam urges her to find a loophole, otherwise, she should just break up with him! She agrees to try.

Lily meets with Olivia on the patio at the coffee house. Liv tells Lily that she's not pregnant like she'd hoped, and that there was an abnormality on her examination. Lily is disappointed - she was hoping to be giving Cane good news today!

Cane arrives at Katherine's house as Neil is leaving. Katherine asks why Cane is so on edge. He says he should be looking forward to his future right now, but Nina keeps wanting to drag him into the past, and she won't stop! Katherine doesn't understand why he's upset - he has nothing to hide. Cane says maybe he does - he only knows what his uncle told him - maybe he was lying to him! Katherine says the truth will win out, but agrees to speak to Nina. Cane thanks her and leaves. Nina comes in soon after, and Katherine tells her Cane doesn't want her to ask anymore questions. Kay says whatever research she's doing, she should leave Cane out of it! Nina argues with Katherine, telling her that she can't let this go after what Paul has told her! She suggests that Cane is a liar who has been playing Kay and Jill. Katherine blurts. "Stop! Don't." Nina informs her this is also about her son - and she's not letting it go!

As Estella tries to explain herself to Ashley in the living room, Adam listens again from the stairway. Rafe insists that his aunt isn't capable of the things she's been accused of! Estella admits she didn't feel as close to her as she did to the other ladies of the house, but she would never do these things! When Rafe says he has proof that his aunt is innocent, Adam steps out from the stairs! Heather comes down not far behind him. Rafe produces a copy of Estella's polygraph test results! Adam says they've done what they came to do - now they need to go! Heather gets a call and also leaves. Ashley tells Adam that she may have been wrong about Estella - it doesn't make sense that she would turn on Victor after all these years! Victor comes in, and Ash embraces him. Adam looks worried.

Jill meets with a headhunter at the Club. The man warns her that companies are being very cautious that anyone they hire nowadays doesn't have the slightest whiff of scandal. Jill gets snarky with the man and says she'll conduct her own job search - then leaves him with the tab!

Neil and Tyra meet at the Club. He asks her what happened with Devon. She says he hasn't accepted them as a couple - he's completely cut her off! Since she doesn't want Devon to do the same to Neil, she suggests that they stop seeing one another! Neil assures her that she and Devon will be close again.

Jill turns up in a beauty salon. The lady asks, "What'll it be? Mani/pedi?" Jill looks grim. Soon, a customer comes in and Jill comes out from the back in a white coat, saying, "Pick your color."

Devon thinks about Tyra on the basketball court. He shakes his head in frustration. Roxanne appears and wants to go get something to eat. They kiss, and when Devon opens his eyes - he sees Tyra! Roxanne asks him what is wrong - he says he's fine!

Cane and Lily meet up at Jimmy's again. She tells him that she didn't go to a seminar - she went to meet Olivia because she took a pregnancy test, but it was negative. She apologizes, but he asks her not to stress over this - they have plenty of time. He reminds her that the good thing about her not being pregnant is that they get to keep trying!

Heather meets with Paul at the coffee house and tells him that Mary Jane Benson dropped the restraining order. Paul immediately wonders about the sudden turnaround. Heather advises him to steer clear of her.

Mary Jane is in her room at the Club, envisioning various reactions that Paul might have to knowing her true identity. She hides kitty under the bed and heads out. In the hallway, she runs into Nick and congratulates him on getting back together with his first love - she never got over hers either!

Upstairs in his room, Adam dozes off on his bed and the laptop falls on the floor. The recording of Sabrina starts to play and Adam can't shut it off! Ashley and Victor hear it and appear in the doorway!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Mac tells Raul she hasn't been completely honest with him!

Victor tells Adam if he's the one gaslighting the woman he loves - God help him!

Nina tells Jill she's having Phillip's body exhumed! Cane overhears!

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