Chloe sits in the Chancellor living room talking to Delia. She tells her how Mac and Billy were so in love with each other in high school - yuck! She assures Delia that she made a call that will help them put their family back together!

In Jimmy's Bar, Billy is taken by surprise by Mac's sudden turnabout as she kisses him frantically! As things heat up and clothes start coming off, someone bangs on the door! They ignore it, until the person calls out for Mac - it's Raul! They pull themselves together, and Mac let's Raul in. He embraces Mac and shakes hands with Billy, who leaves in a rush. Mac asks what he's doing there? Raul says Chloe called and said she needed him!

Phyllis is at Restless Style on the phone telling someone involved with the photo shoot that they need to figure it out so she can get home to her child!

At the tackhouse, Jack gapes as Mary Jane invites him in and says that she and Summer were just coloring! Summer goes upstairs, and Mary Jane confronts Jack about leaving her suite earlier, saying he had a meeting. She tells him she 'isn't going to boil his bunny'; he doesn't have to tell her a story if he wants to leave - they had fun. They discuss how friendly they are with their exes. Jack irritates Mary Jane. When Summer comes back, Mary Jane says that Uncle Jack should leave! Just as he's leaving, Phyllis gets home. Mary Jane looks tense as they all exchange pleasantries, and excuses herself. Phyllis tells Jack that Mary Jane is a keeper!

Victor and Ashley arrive at the Club and meet the doctor who Adam has treating her. They sit down and Victor compliments the man on his credentials. Olivia happens by, and stops, saying, "Dr. Taylor?" She says that the man has an extraordinary career - Ashley couldn't be in better hands! Liv offers to send him Ashley's files. Ashley thanks her. The doctor excuses himself. Out in the lobby, he calls Adam and tells him angrily that he smiled and said all the right things! At the table, Victor gives the stamp of approval to Dr. Taylor, before leaving to head upstairs! Olivia and Ashley stay at the table and make up. Ashley tells her how much joy the baby is giving her.

Chloe stands in the poolhouse rehearsing what she might say when Billy comes back, imagining that he might want her - for the wrong reasons. Billy arrives, and Chloe says she came to look for one of Delia's hats. Billy calls her on it, and she admits that she doesn't like the awkward run-ins between them. She asks why he's not at the bar with Mac. He says Raul showed up. Chloe says she's sorry. She then quickly asks herself what she is saying? She's sympathizing with him because his crush's fiance turned up? Chloe heads to the door, saying she really needs to get out of there. Billy stops her - asking her not to leave. He kisses her, but she pushes him away, saying she's not his consolation prize. He grabs her and says that he knows she wants him - he knows her! Billy kisses her again and she gives in. When they hit the sheets, though, Billy flashes back to being with Mac in the bar, and can't go through with it! Chloe angrily tells him he should have let her leave earlier! He says she's a great girl, but... Chloe reminds him she is his wife, and she's sure Mac has no problem making love to her fiance! She says she's completely done with him. Billy slyly says she'll be back the next time - this is who they are! Chloe denies it, takes off her wedding ring and thrusts it towards him - she's truly done!

After Summer has gone to bed at the tackhouse, Jack and Phyllis discuss Nick being gone, Summer, and the baby, but Jack wants to change the subject. Phyllis asks him about Mary Jane. He says nothing major is going on - she lied to him about being married in the first place! Phyllis suggests that Mary Jane would be a good match for him - she's gutsy and smart! Jack says his affections are elsewhere. Phyllis warns him not to lead her on. He says he learned that lesson a long time ago - with three bullets! He tells Phyllis how he drove a perfectly innocent woman to attempted murder! Jack says he likes to think he's a better man now than he was back then!

Mary Jane is in her room at the Club, telling kitty about how Jack lied to her about crossing the line with his exes. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. She answers it, thinking it's Jack, but it's Victor! She says that she knows Victor told her to leave, but she stayed and it paid off - Nick and Sharon are together now - he left his wife and they have a room together at the Club. Victor says his family is none of her business. She wants time to deal with Jack, but Victor says she's committed a number of missteps and is bound to fail! He mentions what she has done to Paul - she shouldn't have provoked him! Vic wants her to drop the restraining order and apologize to Paul - if she does this, they'll resume their working relationship. She asks what will happen with her and Jack. Victor replies, "A happy ending for all of us!" After he leaves, Mary Jane tells kitty that she doesn't think Jack and Phyllis will make love again anytime soon - but if they do - well, she's sure kitty would love Summer!

Mac and Raul take a seat at a table in Jimmy's. She notes that he must be tired. He remembers how wonderful she was to him in Darfur, and tells her how much he loves her. She tells him to just stop! She tells him that in Darfur she knew who she was - half the things she does here don't make sense to her, and wouldn't make sense to him! He says he'll help her transition, and asks if she loves him. She says she does, but gets up and fingers her engagement ring. Raul stands up as well. Mac says Chloe was right, telling him, "I do need you!"

Victor rejoins Ashley in the Club dining room. She wants to talk about baby names - she thinks it's a girl - she likes the name Hope. Victor says that's very appropriate. He tells her he adores her. She says she adores him too.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Paul tells Nina that he did some more digging into Violet Montgomery - and she's not going to believe what he found out!

Cane complains to Kay that Nina keeps dragging him into the past, and she won't stop until she proves that she's right!

Victor says he assumes that Nick is there because he found out that he's the father of Sharon's baby!

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