Mac sits in her room thinking about her comment to Kay about wishing she were a different type of person. She looks in the mirror and undoes a couple of buttons, saying, "Why not?"

Billy is sitting on the Chancellor sofa with Delia. He marvels at her laughing, and when Chloe comes in he calls her over to see. Chloe says she's been doing that since last week! Chloe takes the baby and asks her if daddy told her she may soon have a half-brother or sister. Billy tells Chloe that Sharon is moving out of the Abbott house right now and Jack won't even look him in the eye. As they discuss the situation, Mackenzie appears. She asks what's going on with Sharon? Chloe looks toward Billy, asking if he'd like to tell her, or should she? There is an awkward moment, then Chloe covers. Mac leaves for Jimmy's, and Billy gives Chloe a kiss to thank her for not telling Mac about Sharon. He leaves, and Chloe grabs her phone and dials.

Jeff approaches Mary Jane at the Club and says he's considering using her PR skills. She tells him she only services more upscale clients before walking away. Gloria rushes over and asks what he found out. He's not sure.

Sharon stands in the Abbott living room thinking back to fun times with Jack. He comes through the front door and, not realizing Sharon is there, throws down his briefcase. She approaches him and says this is it - this is goodbye. As she packs up, Jack gives her a hand. They reminisce about good times, and Jack asks her one more time to stay. She tells him she'll miss him, but Nick is her life!

Michael is at the tackhouse with Phyllis. He says Kevin is progressing, but still having some nightmares. Phyllis fiddles with Michael's tie distractedly, and he asks if she is going to talk about this?! She says she can't let it go. He offers his and Lauren's company, but she says they should go on their date night - at least one marriage should stay intact! Just then, Nick arrives. Michael asks how he can even show his face around here. Phyllis stops Michael's tirade, though, and he tells her he loves her before leaving. Nick asks about Summer, then suggests that Phyllis should be the one to file for divorce. Phyllis says they've invested years in their lives together, and after 48 hours he shows up talking divorce and settlements?! She says if he wants a divorce, he can file the papers! Nick says this isn't easy for him - he just wants to take her in his arms and ease the hurt. She asks why - does she seem weak to him? She knows weak women turn him on. He talks about the baby, Noah, and Summer, but Phyllis says not to bring up the baby in the same sentence - the local butcher could be the father! Nick leaves and Summer comes downstairs. Phyllis hugs her and says it was just the TV she heard. She then breaks the news to Summer that daddy will be living somewhere else, fighting back tears as she does it.

Nick arrives at the Abbott Mansion to get Sharon and her stuff. Jack leaves the room as Sharon lets Nick in. She whispers to Nick that this doesn't feel as right anymore. Nick tells her this won't be easy, but he loves her and their baby. As they embrace, Jack appears. Nick tells Sharon to go to the car. Jack tells Nick there is nothing he can say that he wants to hear. Jack then says, "Take care of her." Nick grabs the box and leaves. Jack dials his phone and says, "I need to see you."

Lauren meets Eden at Crimson Lights. Eden says that Sharon told Noah she needed to talk to him at the Club - which is strange because she's supposed to be living at Jack's! She hopes she doesn't have anymore upsetting news for Noah, especially since she and Jack are having a baby!

Jack arrives at Mary Jane's door. She opens it and says, "Took you long enough." They kiss passionately! After they have sex, Jack makes a quick exit. Mary Jane thinks back to seeing him having sex with Phyllis as he leaves. Once alone, Mary Jane makes a couple of phone calls, pretending to be someone else, and messing up a photo shoot Phyllis had scheduled for Restless Style!

Billy goes to Jimmy's and wants to have a normal conversation with Mac. Mac says she's been too serious the past couple of years and wants to have fun. She talks about the recording they made and announces that she wants to sing. Billy is about to teach her how to do a shot, when she balks at his closeness. He sighs. Suddenly the song from their duet comes on the jukebox. Mac says this is the universe telling her it's her chance - she grabs Billy and kisses him passionately!

Chloe goes up to Mackenzie's room and snoops around. She finds her old diary from when she met Billy, and says, "Now we're getting somewhere." She reads exchanges between the very much in love, younger Billy and Mac, including him saying he would never make her live in the poolhouse! Chloe reads about how much in love Billy was with Mac. The baby cries and she puts everything back and goes to her daughter.

Jeff tells Gloria, at the Club bar, that he just saw another guy going into Mary Jane's room - his name rhymes with 'black rabbit'! They laugh uproariously and make jokes about how much Mary Jane is charging. Jeff tells Glo that Mary Jane said she only services upscale clients - they think she's a high class hooker!

Noah arrives at Sharon's room at the Club. Nick and Sharon tell him that they are reconciling. Noah asks what about Jack and the baby. They say they will raise the baby, and it may not be Jack's. Noah is outraged, asking Sharon if she has nothing better to do than to move from house-to-house and bed-to-bed! Nick tells him to watch his mouth. Sharon stops Noah from leaving, saying they need to discuss this as a family! She acknowledges that they haven't been good role models, but they want to earn his trust back. Noah tells them he's headed for Victor's house and leaves. Sharon wonders how many more people are going to be upset by what they're doing? They look at houses, and then Sharon pulls out Cassie's framed drawing to hang up. The baby kicks and Sharon pulls Nick over to feel it. Nick looks at the drawing and thinks of Summer.

Noah meets Eden at the coffee house and tells her what happened. He announces that he has decided to file for emancipation!

Mary Jane arrives at the tackhouse and when Phyllis answers the door, she tells her that the photo shoot is messed up. Phyllis says she'll have to go to the office and fix this! Mary Jane offers to sit with Summer. Phyllis seems unsure, but then says, of course, she's a friend. Mary Jane sits down with Summer, and there is a knock at the door - it's Jack!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

As Mac and Billy are about to have sex in Jimmy's Bar, Raul's voice calls out for her!

Jack tells Phyllis about one of his first romantic disasters - when he drove a perfectly innocent woman to attempted murder!

Mary Jane asks Victor, "What about Jack, and me? What will happen after all this is done?"

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