At the fundraiser, Colleen breaks away from her kiss with Professor Korbel. She's apologetic but he brushes it off, telling her she was upset. He understands. She takes a call from J.T. telling him she'll be home soon.

At the loft, J.T relays the conversation that Colleen is fine and on her way home. When she shows up, she asks Devon if she can help his family in any way. He replies she can't, but is curious how the fundraiser went and question how the Professor is. She lies, saying she didn't get to talk to Professor Korbel too much, so has no idea. They all discuss the case, with Daniel thinking it could be an ex-lover who killed Carmen. Daniel asks J.T. how bad it is for Dru, but J.T. doesn't know much. He does know that the body was moved from the original spot where she was murdered.

J.T. asks Colleen how she's doing, and she appears guilty but tells him she's fine. She thinks back to the kiss she shared with Korbel, and tells J.T. she loves him. The two begin to kiss and wind up making love on the sofa. J.T. notices that their love making was better than usual. He goes off to shower, and she calls, leaving a message on his machine, hoping things aren't awkward between them. Right away she sees a text message from him, reading 'no apologies, nothing happened'!

At their apartment, Dru and Neil both come clean with the other. Neither of them killed Carmen.

In the hospital, Nick and Phyllis visit Lauren with a gift for Fen. They ask to see him, but have to wait until the doctors finish running some tests. They notice how quiet she is, apologizing, knowing that she's thinking about Sheila. Lauren admits that when she sees Phyllis, she thinks of Sheila. They share their issues leading up to their marriage, but Lauren's thoughts are elsewhere. She sees a woman with a mask on her face that gives her chills. Upset, she tells them she hates being this way and then they discuss the case against Carmen. Phyllis isn't saying that Dru is guilty, but she sure made an enemy of Carmen. Lauren still has thoughts that Phyllis is Sheila and breaks down. Phyllis tries her best to reassure her friend that she's not Sheila and encourages her to let it go.

Michael and Paul meet at Crimson Lights. Paul says, "So Carmen died between 5-6pm?" They wonder what will happen if the police find out that Michael and Paul did the background check on Carmen. If the police see the security cameras from Newman, they'll see Michael give Carmen the envelope [with the background check in it]. Michael takes a call. They've released the crime scene and decide to go over and take a look. Before they leave, they call Dru and Neil, requesting their presence there.

At the ranch, Victor is writing a letter of condolence to Carmen Mesta's family. Nikki thinks it's very thoughtful, and they think it's horrendous that she was murdered. They ponder who could have done it. They agree Dru is a logical suspect, but can't see her being capable of murder. Victor realizes that people can snap.

Victoria and Brad show up for dinner, telling each other the last time they saw Carmen. Brad lies, of course. They ponder who could have done it and Nikki doesn't see Dru as being the killer. Victoria perks up telling them that she would do whatever it took to protect herself or her family! Brad tries to find motivation for Dru, but Victor doesn't think they should jump to conclusions. Later, Victor and Nikki share the good news. Victor has been seizure free for two months!

At Indigo, Neil and Dru realize they don't have a verifiable alibi, until Dru tells him, "Yes we do. We have each other!" Michael shares the news about the time of death. He asks Neil to retrace the steps leading to finding Carmen's body as Paul investigates, with Dru's assistance. Michael asks Neil for his alibi two nights ago. He says he was home all night. Dru comes back with Paul and Michael sends Neil off with Paul while he asks her point blank, "Where were you two nights ago?" She too tells Michael she was home all night. He sighs, thinking that this sounds like a regular husband and wife covering up for one another but allows the two to leave Indigo. Paul asks Michael for his alibi and is told that he was at the hospital with his wife and child when the men are interrupted by a phone call for Paul.

At the coffee house, Jana serves Professor Korbel coffee, discussing Colleen. Kevin stops by and they sum Colleen up in one word, "Stubborn!" Professor Korbel invites Jana to join his class, and after he leaves, Kevin gets a little jealous. He asks Jana if she was flirting with the Doctor! She kisses him, showing that she is interested only in him, then locks up and the two rip each others clothes off and make love on the counter! They dress, and then Jana realizes that the security cameras were on the entire time! (Could not find the song playing during this scene!) Later, they watch the tape of them making love. They're shocked, interested and a little embarrassed at the tape. Jana wants him to get rid of it but plays with Kevin a little, daring him to upload the tape to his website! Kevin erased the tape and they agree to settle on the live version, knowing that once something is on the net, it stays there!

Michael arrives at the hospital with dinner, just as Nick and Phyllis are leaving. He tells her good news. Another test was run on the remains of Sheila. It really was her! A relieved Lauren hugs Michael, saying "Happy Halloween!" The four of them share dinner and the doctor comes out, telling them Fen is ready to go home!!

Devon and Daniel arrive home with Devon asking Lily and Daniel their thoughts on him giving the background check to the police. Daniel agrees that the authorities should know that Carmen had other enemies but Lily wonders if they should give the report to their parents in the morning. Devon agrees this is fine.

At their apartment, Dru and Neil are happy they thought of an alibi for both of them, but there is no turning back.

Next on Young and the Restless:

The police arrive at Dru and Neil's, for their clothing! They also show up at Devon, Lily and Daniel's place, confiscating their clothes, and the envelope of Carmen Mesta's!
Next on Young and the Restless:

Jack tells Jill, "I was with Billy when you called." She wonders if he was asking him for money!

Dru tells Neil, "So glad we told Michael we were together. No cop can disprove that!! Neil replies, "We hope!"

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