At the hospital, JT shakes his head and wonders why he let Victoria go undercover. Nikki arrives and demands to know what happened! The doctor comes out and says Vikki is fine, but they need to observe her since she had a head injury in the past. Nikki goes to call Victor.

In the dark apartment, Daniel and Jana try to explain the situation to Amber and Kevin. Amber and Kevin are stunned that Daniel rushed in and risked his life over a painting! Daniel finishes the story by saying that he's been framed for the murder of fake Aucker. Daniel says they need to get out of there, but it's too late - the FBI is at the door! Harold Aucker asks where Daniel was tonight - Daniel says he was home sketching. When Aucker brings up Victoria being injured and a murder occurring, Daniel asks if Vikki is going to be alright. Aucker points out that since he didn't ask who was murdered, he must already know! Daniel says he assumed it was someone caught up in the scheme. Aucker shows a picture of the dead man, and Daniel confirms it's the man who scammed him. Aucker leaves, saying he'll prove Daniel and the rest of them are lying! Amber tells Daniel they can leave town, but he says her designs are just taking off. She would give it up. Kevin tells Jana that she is an accessory to murder - she told Daniel where the sting was going down! Daniel decides to tell the truth.

Heather and Paul sit down at a table in the Club. She teases him about being at the police station for stalking. He tries to explain that things in Mary Jane's past didn't add up, and when he confronted her, she overreacted - which only makes him believe more that she is hiding something! Paul lays out the investigation details for Heather. She asks why it's so important to him. He swears he knows her from somewhere - there's a strange connection. Heather says she understands - she hates it when pieces of the puzzle don't fit. Suddenly, Mary Jane approaches with a man - Paul is served with a restraining order! Heather gives Mary Jane a dirty look as Paul is forced to leave the Club!

Victor thanks Adam, at the Ranch, for looking out for Ashley while he was away. Adam says it's the least he could do after all he's done for him! Ashley flashes back to falling down the stairs - Victor asks her what is wrong! She says she had a nightmare while he was gone. Adam abruptly asks if Ashley would like tea! Victor gets a call from Nikki about Victoria and leaves. Adam thinks back to the night of the fall. Ashley comes in with a tray of tea and they sit down. She tells him she just felt the baby kick and takes his hand to place on her belly! Adam calls the doctor to come over, and asks him how she could be feeling the baby? The doctor confirms she lost the baby - it's a hysterical pregnancy - it would be very traumatic to let her continue on this way! He tells Adam he's got to stop this now! Ashley appears, and the doctor checks her. When she leaves the room again, the doctor worries to Adam about Victor finding out what's going on. Adam tells the doctor he only needs to worry about him!

Victor arrives at the hospital and joins Nikki and JT. Before long he is hearing about how JT discovered Mary Jane on the property - that's why he was late getting to the bar, and wasn't there when Victoria got hurt. Victor says that's the second time he's heard that woman's name mentioned today.

Harold Aucker visits Victoria in her hospital room. He asks her what happened in the alley. She says she called out for Balfour, or whoever he was, and then the crates fell on her. She only saw JT in the alley. Victor, Nikki, and JT come in and Victor asks JT to escort the man out. Victor and Nikki visit with Victoria, while outside the room, JT tells Aucker to stay away from Victoria. Aucker says it's a federal investigation, he can't stop him. JT threatens him. Victor and Nikki come out into the hallway where Paul has arrived. He tells them about Mary Jane and the restraining order. Victor asks what he's going to do, but the doctor interrupts. They find out that Victoria only has a concussion - she can go home tonight.

Daniel and the others find Aucker at Jimmy's and tell him the whole truth. The FBI agent accuses Daniel of being the murder victim's accomplice. Daniel tells him about the man with the ski mask. Aucker says that they found the gun and it has Daniel's fingerprints on it! Daniel says he picked it up and threw it away before he took off - he knows nothing about the briefcase. Aucker says the bottom line is that two men went into the alley, only one came out alive, and $100,000 and a painting are missing! Aucker gets a call saying Vikki is okay and warns Daniel that the money had better not turn up in his possession!

As Victor is leaving the hospital, Nikki catches up and asks him about Ashley. She mentions seeing her talking to the statue of Sabrina, and tells him that some strange things happened while he was away. She tells him about everything, including the discrepancies in Adam's story, and the strange doctor. Nikki says she doesn't trust Adam - something was not right in that house last night! Victor will check it out.

Paul and Nikki have coffee at Crimson Lights. She asks if he's okay. He says the restraining order adds spice to his life! She is dismayed that he plans to keep digging. He says he won't violate the order, but he's more determined than ever to find out why Mary Jane Benson gets so freaked out whenever he's around!

Alone in her room, Mary Jane holds a photo of Paul in her hand next to her 'Enemies List' and says to herself, "I can't do it. I don't want to be enemies with you, Paul!"

The masked man enters the coffee house and slips the briefcase full of money in the back shelves behind the counter!

Victor gets home and asks Adam and Ashley about the strange incidents while he was away. He says he wants to meet the new doctor. Ashley tells Victor the baby kicked before heading upstairs. Victor stops Adam and says that Nikki also mentioned that he gave Becky the night off the other night. Adam wonders why he doesn't want him and Ashley alone. Victor reminds Adam that Ash is fragile, and he can't see! Adam whispers to himself, "Sorry, Victor. We're doing things my way now!"

Next on The Young and the Restless:

At the Chancellor Mansion, Mac asks, "What's wrong with Sharon? Is the baby okay?" Chloe turns to Billy and asks, "Billy, do you want to break the news? Or should I?"

Jack listens as Nick assures Sharon that they'll get through this together - this time it's for keeps!

Mary Jane offers to babysit Summer!

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