Nina arrives to meet Cane at Crimson Lights. He says he's in a hurry. She replies that she could have met him at the bar, but he doesn't want to answer questions while working either! Nina asks about Violet Montgomery - he says she died when he was a baby. Nina asks how she died. Cane hesitates before saying it was pneumonia. She changes tact and inquires about Amber. Cane again, is reluctant to answer, saying he really played a small role if the screenplay is about Katherine! Nina says she has a lot more questions, but Cane wants to leave the past in the past. Nina wonders if he has something to hide. Cane turns it around - she wants to know about Phillip. She admits she loved Phillip and is wondering about his family history. Cane says it's likely all a dead end. Nina says that's what's so strange - there's too many dead ends - she can't even find a record of Violet, living or dead! Cane excuses himself.

Chloe and Billy meet to talk at the Abbott house. He tells her he misses Delia and wants to get back together. She says they'll make arrangements for him to see the baby, but as for them, she has finally got a clue - he only wants to get back together because he's lonely. Chloe says Sharon probably got pregnant right on the day when she was saying her heartfelt wedding vows to him! Billy asks what he has to do to get her back. She says she doesn't think there is any chance of that, and leaves!

Inside JT's house, he tries to call Phyllis to verify Mary Jane's story. Phyllis doesn't answer the phone. Mary Jane apologizes and says she just cut through the property to check out the Ranch's architecture. He tells her to arrange it through Phyllis next time she wants a tour, and she leaves. JT leaves Victoria a message that he's on his way.

Victoria is at Jimmy's bar with the FBI agent. Jana is there as well. Kevin and Amber come scrambling in wondering what is going on. The FBI agent hisses at Jana that she better not have called them! Amber and Kevin sit down with Jana, who tells them the whole story, and that she's worried about Daniel. Amber stomps over to the FBI agent and demands protection for Daniel!

Out behind the bar, Daniel calls for the fake Aucker to come out of the shadows so he can confront him. The man says that Jana Hawkes obviously didn't keep her mouth shut! He points a gun at Daniel and tells him to get out of there! Daniel says he won't make a deal with Victoria Newman over a dead body! Victoria calls the fake Aucker, who tells her he's in the alley - bring the cash!

Chloe meets Katherine at the Club, saying she wanted to meet with her without Esther around - she's such a romantic. Katherine knows it's about Billy. Chloe says that Delia only has one daddy, and if he doesn't come through... Chloe then tells Kay about Sharon's pregnancy, noting that she feels partially responsible because she pushed him so much. Chloe says she has done some horrible things, but she has tried very hard to change. Kay agrees - she's made some mistakes, but if she thinks she is going to change Billy - that would be the biggest mistake! Katherine tries to give Chloe some perspective on Billy, telling her things about her own drinking days. She warns that he may never be the man she wants him to be. They discuss how Chloe should focus on herself. Katherine will act as her sponsor - when she's tempted to run to Billy, she should call her! This way, Chloe will find self-respect.

Billy meets Mac at Crimson Lights and she gives him old clippings of them that she found in the attic. She tells him that she had it packed to take on their honeymoon. He sighs - it would have been nice to show their kids. Mac brings up Delia, and things get a little tense. He says she's sending signals to him by showing him this stuff! Mac denies having any motive, causing him to ask why it's so hard for her to admit to having any real human feelings about anything - does she think it makes her better than him? She finally admits that she still loves him. She reminds him that he is married and she loves Raul - it's impossible for them to be together. He says she's wrong.

Mary Jane gets back to the Club and finds Paul waiting for her. He says he's dug into her financial background, and her identity only just developed recently. She has a financial windfall that she deposited in a bank account that came out of nowhere. Mary Jane scoffs that her cat died and left her a fortune - it's none of his business! She calls him a stalker!

As Victoria heads outside, the fake Aucker continues to hold the gun on Daniel. Suddenly a person in a black ski mask jumps the man from behind - he winds up shot and bleeding on the ground. Daniel gapes! JT arrives and heads out to the alley to look for Victoria. Daniel asks the fake Aucker, "Who did this?" The man replies, "You did." Victoria calls out, and so does JT. When she sees the body on the ground, she screams. The masked man pushes a pile of crates down on top of her and escapes. JT finds Vikki and tries to revive her. As he calls for help, the masked man makes off with the briefcases full of cash! Inside the bar, Amber, Kevin, and Jana panic as everything goes down! When an ambulance arrives, JT warns Aucker that if Victoria dies, he's coming after him!

Paul is greeted by Nina at the Club bar. She congratulates him on his engagement, then asks if he knows any details about Violet Montgomery and Cane. She is stunned to learn that Paul didn't go to Australia and bring Cane to Genoa City - he was already here! After she walks away, Detective Gil approaches Paul and tells him that Mary Jane Benson filed a complaint against him - he has to come down for questioning!

In her room, Mary Jane tells her kitty that she doesn't need the aggravation from Paul! She also breaks the news to the cat that today she lost control and smashed a little bird! She tells the cat that she knows she promised not to do that again - what she did to her - but she knows the cat forgives her. She giggles and hugs the dead stuffed cat!

Chloe goes to Crimson Lights and notices that Billy and Mac are on the patio. Billy is telling Mac that Chloe told him she never wanted him back - and Mac won't be able to hide her feelings from Raul. As Billy walks past her, Chloe almost calls Katherine, but changes her mind and goes after him. Katherine, meanwhile, arrives, and finds Mac on the patio. She admits to her grandmother that she still loves Billy.

Cane is outside Crimson Lights on the phone with Langley. He is panicking about Nina's questioning - saying he's got a life here now, and a woman he loves who he could lose! Langley says Nina will sniff around a bit and then give up. Cane says, "Your wife hasn't forgotten about you, Phillip!"

Amber, Kevin, and Jana find Daniel back at his apartment. He tells them it's not over yet - he's in very serious trouble! He turns the lights out as they all gape at one another!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Amber tells Daniel she'll leave town with him, if that's what he wants to do!

Paul discusses Mary Jane with Heather!

Nikki tells Victor that 'something was not right in that house last night'!

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