Sharon awakens in the room at the Club. Nick emerges from the shower and joins her in bed. She says Jack will be worried that she didn't come home. Nick says, "He knows."

Phyllis wakes up on the sofa to find Jack is still there, sitting in the chair. She thanks him for staying with her. Phyllis says JT will be bringing Summer home, so Jack leaves. Outside, Mary Jane watches him go, and whispers that Phyllis shouldn't think she can steal her man!

Daniel is at his apartment on the phone with Jana - he says he can't let 'fake Aucker' sell the painting - it's a forgery! He prepares to leave, but Amber appears and starts kissing him! He gives her the brush-off, saying he's going out for supplies. She says he's lying - Daniel is worried another relationship talk is abreast! He gives in when she says she wants to celebrate Katy Perry liking her designs one year ago today - and shows him a bra design just for him! After making love, Amber wants to talk about how great things are now for them. Daniel sighs. Amber dozes off and Daniel sneaks out. Amber sits up and says, "Okay, Daniel, what are you up to?" She calls someone and says that she thinks they've got trouble!

JT arrives back at his home after taking Summer to the tackhouse. He is surprised to walk in on what appears to be a compromising situation between his wife and Harold Aucker - he's putting a wire on her! JT is perturbed, and doesn't want her to do it - he forbids her to go undercover! The FBI agent reassures JT, but Victoria tells him it's not his decision - it's hers! JT continues to press Vikki not to do this, but his wife blurts that Sabrina would have done this - it's the right thing to do! JT admires her courage, but is scared - he announces that he's going with her!

At the Ranch, Ashley tells Adam that she is anxious to see the doctor - she hasn't been feeling the baby as much! He says his doctor friend is coming. She heads upstairs as the doorbell rings - it's Nikki! She confronts Adam about lying to her the night before, and says she wants to see Ashley right now! She spots a towel on the floor, hands it to Adam, then goes upstairs. Adam sighs - she missed seeing the blood on it! The doctor arrives. Nikki and Ashley come downstairs, and Adam introduces his doctor friend. Nikki is skeptical, but Ashley wants to find out if her baby is okay. The doctor examines her and pronounces her and the baby to be fine. Nikki thinks she should get a second opinion, but Ash won't let her call Liv.

Once Summer has been dropped off, Mary Jane knocks on the door and asks Phyllis how she's doing. Phyllis won't discuss it in front of Summer. She introduces Mary Jane to Summer, before sending her daughter upstairs. Phyllis tells her Nick came home last night - long enough to tell her he's leaving. Suddenly, Nick arrives at the door. Summer rushes down to greet him. Mary Jane leaves, and Summer goes up to play dollhouse. Nick says he thinks it's important for Summer to see him everyday - Phyllis agrees. Summer's new teacher arrives, and tells Phyllis and Nick she is a fan of their love story from Restless Style! When the teacher goes upstairs with Summer, Phyllis notes that she thinks they're the perfect couple - so did she! Nick says he still has feelings for her. Phyllis thinks he's making a mistake. They agree he should leave. Outside, Mary Jane watches him go from her hiding spot, and muses that Phyllis blew it- she chased him away! Inside, the teacher tells Phyllis that Summer has been acting out lately at school before leaving.

Jack meets Sharon at the Club dining room. At first she pretends she got in really late last night, but then admits the truth. Jack says he understands her ending up with Nick - it's kismet, fate! She doesn't want Jack to hate her. He says he'll always love her - he sees that raising the baby together is not in the cards. He urges her not to feel guilty - he came into this with his eyes wide open! Jack adds, however, that if the baby is his, he will want to raise it. Sharon feels the baby kick for the first time. Jack excuses himself - he is heartbroken.

Victor is meeting with a doctor who needs funding for stem cell research. Victor has bought the company and provided the funding, and the man assures Victor that he will do everything he can to ensure that his son, Adam, regains his eyesight!

Upstairs in Adam's room at the Ranch, the doctor who examined Ashley enters and says that Ashley had a miscarriage - he doesn't know how he convinced her otherwise! Adam reminds him of the letters Skye and her friends wrote detailing how he sexually interfered with them - Adam tells him he will keep quiet, or the AMA will find out! Nikki interrupts them, and the doctor leaves. Nikki asks Adam where the staff is, and warns she'll be back in a few hours to check in! Outside the door, she leaves Victor a message to call her ASAP!

Jack arrives at the tackhouse. Mary Jane is still hiding beside the doorway and watches as Phyllis opens the door and they embrace! As they go inside and sit down on the sofa, Jack recounts how he felt the baby kick today on top of everything else. As Phyllis commiserates, they are startled by a dead black bird smashing through the window and landing on the floor beside them!

Adam joins Ashley downstairs at the Ranch. She thanks him for calling his doctor friend over, just as Victor comes in. Victor pointedly asks what Adam helped her 'get through'? Ashley instead says how glad she is to see him. Victor's phone signals him and he reads the text from Nikki. As Victor talks to the baby he thinks is in Ash's tummy, Adam watches, shaking his head.

Nick returns to the Club to meet Sharon. She says she's sure Phyllis wants to murder her. Nick says if Phyllis was angry it would be better than in so much pain. Sharon tells him she saw Jack as well, and the baby kicked. They kiss.

JT sets out from his house to follow Victoria on her mission, but spots Mary Jane cutting through the property. He grabs hold of her, saying this is private property and she needs to tell him who she is, and what she's doing there!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Billy urges Mac to admit her feelings for him.

'Uncle Langley' tells Cane that Nina will do a little sniffing around, then will come to a dead end and give up!

A stack of huge wooden crates falls on top of Victoria as JT calls out her name!

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