At home, Victoria is on the phone with someone saying that a man called saying he has a painting that she might be interested in - he's coming over tonight. There is a knock at the door, and Vikki says she'll try to stall him until the person on the phone gets there. The man who posed as Harold Aucker comes into Victoria's home! She calls him Mr. Balfour and tells him she doesn't usually conduct business in her home at night, but his phone call was intriguing. As he asks her to remain quiet about him and the painting if she decides not to purchase it, she answers a knock at the door - it's Jana! The man unveils the painting and stops talking in shock when he sees Jana standing in the room! Vikki asks why he would ever think that the Newman foundation would buy a stolen painting?! Jana suggests that they call the police, but Balfour says it would be a mistake - if they call the police this painting will go underground again. As Victoria picks up the painting, the man whispers to Jana, threatening Daniel if she says one word about it being a forgery! He tells Victoria the price and she balks. Jana blurts that she thinks Victoria should buy it! She makes the deal and the man leaves. Vikki tells Jana she is calling the Feds!

In his apartment, Daniel tells the FBI agent, Aucker, that there is no photo of the man who stole the painting from him in the books he gave him. He wonders what the guy is doing with the painting? Harold Aucker tells Daniel he wants him to take a polygraph test! Daniel is outraged - his home was broken into and he's been tricked and they want to act like he's done something wrong?! The FBI agent leaves, saying he'll be in touch!

As Nikki continues to pound on the Ranch door and call Ashley's name, inside, Adam realizes there is blood on the floor! He apologizes to the still unconscious Ashley, and carries her upstairs! After Adam has put her in bed, the phone begins to ring - it's Nikki leaving a message! Adam heads downstairs as Nikki is letting herself in with an extra set of keys. He tells her that Jack took Ashley out for dinner to get rid of her. Once she's gone, he goes to the blood on the floor and says, "There's so much blood! I'm sorry." Upstairs, Ashley begins calling for help. Adam goes up and she tells him she fell down the stairs and she thinks she's losing the baby. Adam tells her she didn't fall - she's been in bed for hours! He convinces her that she's fine - she was just in the hospital and everything checked out! He says he'll call his doctor friend to come by in the morning. Ashley whispers, "It's just a dream."

Nick and Sharon bask in the afterglow in the the room at the Club. He says it's the way it's meant to be. She can't believe it's not a dream! They discuss how difficult it will be on Phyllis and Summer. Nick is sure it would have hurt Phyllis more to stay in the marriage when he was still committed to Sharon. Sharon rolls over and mentions Jack. Nick says he'll always be grateful to Jack for being there for her when he couldn't be. Sharon says she owes Jack the truth about what is going on. Nick says he needed to make a decision for everyone's sake. Sharon tells him she has never loved anyone the way she loves him. He says he loves her too - never stopped.

Jack and Phyllis decide, at the tackhouse, that they have no regrets about making love. Jack tells Phyllis that things look bleak, but there is still hope that everything will work out! Phyllis thanks Jack for being there for her. Jack says he hopes Nick comes to his senses and realizes how great she is. He says he plans to fight for Sharon, then leaves, telling Phyllis to call him if she needs him. Alone, Phyllis looks at her wedding ring and remembers taking her vows with Nick.

In her room, Mary Jane has a cut-out photo of Phyllis in her hand. She glues it onto a piece of black paper which already has a photo of Sharon and Victor on it. The title reads, 'My Enemies'. Mary Jane tells the little picture of Phyllis that it seems she wants Jack now too, but she has no idea who she's dealing with!

Jack sits at the Club bar and Mary Jane comes downstairs and joins him. She tells Jack she's thinking about heading home. He says it would be a loss for Jabot, but seems distracted. She asks if everything is okay. He says he's had a rough day. She invites him to her room - he says, "Lead the way." As they go up the stairs, Nikki comes in - stopping, and frowning when she sees Jack!

Daniel arrives at the tackhouse and finds Phyllis crying. She admits that Nick left her and went back to Sharon. Daniel says he's sorry. She says it's fine, but then says, "My marriage is over. I don't want it to be over." He moves closer and asks her what she would say to him if Amber left him for another guy? He says she'd tell him to fight - and that's what she should do. Phyllis says he's right.

In Mary Jane's room, she announces she wants to play a game with Jack. He says he's in, and she pushes him down on the bed and blindfolds him. She then pulls a pair of scissors out from behind a pillow and places the metal on his face. He panics. She tells him not to move, then cuts the blindfold off. Saying he won, Mary Jane removes her clothes to give him his prize! After, Jack tells her this was fun, but his life is complicated. She says it was more than just fun and pleads with him to stay. He won't.

Adam is downstairs again when Ashley appears. She says it wasn't a dream - it was real - and he was there! As Adam plays dumb, she asks, "What have you done to me?" Ashley insists that she had a different nightgown on before. He tells her it was all just a very realistic dream - complete with seemingly real physical pain! She is doubtful, but goes back to her room.

Harold Aucker (the real one) has arrived at Victoria's house and tells her the painting is a forgery. He asks her to wear a wire when he meets Balfour to acquire the painting the next day.

Jana is at Daniel's apartment, telling him what went down at Vikki's. She says Victoria has no idea that it's a forgery or that he's the painter! Daniel plans to show up before the meeting tomorrow and confront the man who posed as Aucker and stole the painting! Jana is worried.

As Jack comes down the stairs into the Club lobby, Nikki approaches and asks if he took Ashley home already. Jack says he left Ashley at the Ranch to sleep. Nikki runs out. Phyllis comes in and tells Jack that she intends to fight for Nick. Jack tells her not tonight, and says he'll take her home. As they leave, Mary Jane comes down the stairs from her room and watches them go.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Adam blackmails the doctor - asking him what the AMA does to doctors who sexually assault their patients?!

JT comes home while Victoria has Agent Aucker there!

Mary Jane watches as Jack arrives at Phyllis's door and they hug!

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