At the Ranch, Jack and Adam have words downstairs. Adam tells Jack that Ashley's sleeping and he shouldn't disturb her. As the thunderstorm outside worsens, Ashley dreams that Sabrina's voice is calling her. She ventures out into the hall where a veiled Sabrina growls, "Victor's mine! Stay away!" Ashley screams and Jack goes running as Adam smirks! Jack reaches Ashley, who tells him that she had a nightmare - before she was peaceful after seeing Sabrina, but this time she wanted to kill her! As Adam listens in, Ash tells Jack that she was wearing a veil. Jack reassures her that it was just a dream! Ashley clues in that Olivia sent him and is angry. Jack tells her they just care about her - he wants her to come home with him, just for a couple of days until Victor's back. Adam comes into the room and says he can't do that - the storm is too bad to be driving around with a pregnant woman!

Gloria and Jeff, at their penthouse, continue to plot against Victor. Gloria is somewhat worried about taking on the big man, but then Jeff gets a phone call saying that Victor's jet left town, and Mary Jane's at the Club. Gloria smiles, asking, "What are we waiting for?"

At the Club bar, Sharon is taken off guard when Mary Jane approaches her saying there wouldn't be a problem if she'd back off and leave Jack alone! Mary Jane tells Sharon she's selfish - she doesn't appreciate Jack! When Sharon goes to leave, Mary Jane grabs her. Paul and Nikki intervene, but Mary Jane asks how Sharon can let Jack raise a baby that may not even be his! She tells her to do the right thing for once and let him go! Mary Jane then stalks out. Nikki takes Sharon aside and asks about Jack not being the only possible father of her baby. Sharon brushes off her concern. Gloria comes in and plunks down beside Nikki. She mentions that Ashley is all alone out at the Ranch while Victor's away. She asks Nikki how Ashley and Victor are getting along these days anyway?! Over at the bar, Jeffrey chats up Mary Jane, who gives him the brush-off. Nikki points over to the bar and asks Gloria what Jeff is doing. Gloria says she should keep a leash on him! Nikki thinks they're after some sort of revenge. Glo denies it.

Nick tells Phyllis, in the tackhouse, that there is no easy way to say what he's decided. She realizes he wants to be with Sharon. He urges her not to shut down - to cry, yell, throw something - let it out! She says even if she wanted to do that - she wouldn't waste the energy on him! Phyllis asks him if it's not for Sharon, then why is he leaving - she doesn't understand! Nick says Sharon is with Jack. Phyllis realizes that he wants to make himself available - she begs him not to deny the truth. He tells her she's right - it is about Sharon, whether he wants to admit it or not. He thought his feelings for Sharon would fade, but he was wrong. Phyllis cries, and says she guesses she bought into the fantasy too. Nick would do anything to spare her this pain, and remembers how much it meant to him finding her after Cassie died. She wonders if she was a shrink with benefits. He says he loves her, her passion and drive. He has history with Sharon, though, and a family. Phyllis becomes briefly enraged, yelling, "I didn't ask for this! Your daughter didn't ask for this!" She calms herself quickly and wonders what to tell Summer. Nick says they'll tell her together, but Phyllis tells him to just get out and go to Sharon. Nick says he'll get a room at the Club. Phyllis tells him he can see his daughter whenever he wants, but she won't be there.

Still in Ashley's room, Jack gets a call from Phyllis and tells Ash he has an emergency. He leaves, agreeing to leave Ash there for now. Adam tells Ash to get some sleep, and then leaves her room. Jack grabs him by the collar in the hall and tells him if anything happens to Ashley after he leaves he'll hold him responsible! Jack leaves, and Adam dismisses the maid.

Paul goes to Mary Jane's room, checking to see if she's okay after her outburst downstairs. She says she's just tired of women like Sharon stringing men along without a thought to who they're hurting. He thinks she's been burned before. Mary Jane says she's really tired. As Paul is leaving, he turns and says something inside him tells him he should care about her. Skulking outside her door, Jeffrey giggles, "Mary Jane and Paul Williams? This gets better and better!"

Jack has arrived at the tackhouse, where Phyllis tells him Nick has left for good - for Sharon. Jack says it's not going to happen - she's committed to raising the child with him. Phyllis softly says Sharon will go to Nick as soon as she finds out he is divorcing her - it's over, and the quicker they accept that, the easier it will be for both of them. Jack says he proposed to Sharon earlier - she had reasons why she wasn't ready. Phyllis says she's waiting around for Nick - that's why! They bond over how in denial they've been. Suddenly, Jack lunges across the couch and kisses her! As they make love, Mary Jane watches from outside the window with tears in her eyes!

Sharon encounters Nick going into his room at the Club. He tells her it's over - he left Phyllis. She says she still has her room there, that's why she's there. Nick invites her in. Out in the hall, Mary Jane watches and says, "Poor Jack!" Inside the room, Nick says he left Phyllis because he's still in love with her. Sharon wonders if he still loves Phyllis. A part of him always will love her. Sharon says she needs to go. Nick tells her he wants her, he wants them - he wants it all back. He won't deny his feelings for Phyllis, but he can't be devoted to her and only her. Sharon can't let herself believe that this is real, that her dream has come true! Nick says, "Believe it." They kiss, which leads to them making love.

Nikki and Paul are back downstairs at the Club. She says that Victoria called her and is concerned about Ashley at the Ranch with Victor away. She says she'll head over there and meet him at home later.

Jeff and Gloria are back at the penthouse comparing notes. Gloria says she didn't get anything out of Nikki. Jeff says he hit pay dirt - Mary Jane's sleeping with Nikki's fiancé too! Gloria and Jeff laugh out loud!

Ashley is roused from her bed in the dark as she hears Sabrina's voice again. She grabs a flashlight and starts looking around. She reaches the staircase when she hears someone call her name behind her. She turns to see what appears to be Sabrina in a veil. She snatches the veil and sees Adam in a long, black wig. Startled, she falls down the stairs! Adam rushes downstairs and pleads with her to wake up as Nikki arrives and begins knocking on the door!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Jack is blindfolded and Mary Jane is coming at him with scissors!

Ashley tells Adam tearfully that it wasn't a dream - it was real, asking him, "What have you done to me?"

Sharon tells Nick she has never loved anyone the way that she loves him. He replies, "I love you too!"

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