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At Crimson Lights, Sharon greets Tessa and Mariah and fusses over Aria in her stroller. Mariah warns her mother that it’s her first time alone with her and she can be a handful. Sharon is ready for whatever the evening brings.

At Society, Christine asks Chance if he’s come up with any new evidence. If they’re going to win this case, she needs a rock-solid prosecution. Chance asks what’s with her new attitude. Christine complains that Michael’s new strategy is a doozy… the last thing she ever expected him to claim is that the deceased is still alive. Chance concedes he didn’t see it coming either. Chris worries that their evidence against Diane is compelling but mostly circumstantial. They don’t understand how Michael can believe in her innocence. Chance says it may be because their evidence goes to motive. They discuss there being no proof she received the poison or touched the vial. This could give a jury reasonable doubt. Chance wonders if he should look into an extreme setup. Chris is open to the fact that Diane had a co-conspirator. Chance gets a call and Chris studies her tablet.

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At the Abbott house, Tucker and Ashley watch Dom’s latest bongo video, taken when McCall went to watch in person. He relays that the teacher recognized him and played one of his old tunes for the kids. The next time, he’ll bring a playlist. “I loved it. I’m thinking of becoming a regular.” Ashley muses that the old Tucker never would have had the patience for toddlers, “What’s come over you?” Tucker tells her, “You. Wonderful you.” Ashley asks why he’s in such a good mood. Tucker says seeing Dom’s musical gifts really uplifted him… plus, she asked him to move into her room.
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Ashley plops her feet in his lap as Tucker asks her if he should move his things in slowly, a few pairs of skivvies at a time. Ashley thinks they can do better than just skivvies. Suddenly, Diane interrupts the “love birds” and Ashley needles her about her ankle monitor. Tucker suggests they head upstairs. Ash wants to leave the house entirely. Diane gushes that she’s picking out a bridal dress and tells Ashley, “Maybe you can help me.”

At the penthouse, Abby and Devon can’t believe how quickly Dom crashed. Abby’s sure his grandpa is probably exhausted too. They marvel at him staying the whole time and being riveted. At first, she thought it was all just part of a plan, but maybe he wants to be a real part of Dominic’s life, and Devon’s. Devon feels he seems more sincere and thinks maybe her mother has had a positive effect on him. Abby’s still worried it’s all part of some con to win her mom back and screw her over even worse this time. They agree they need to keep their guard up. Abby’s concerned about Tucker and her mother getting closer.

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At the hotel room that Jeremy and Phyllis were holed up in, Jack and Kyle enter. Jack says he doesn’t even know what they’re looking for, but when they’ll know when they see it. They don gloves and Jack tells Kyle that the manager confirmed he rented the room to a Spencer Jenkins. Kyle scoffs at him using his mom’s last name. Jack hands Kyle an evidence bag and reminds him they can’t overlook anything. They start searching as Kyle worries the staff has probably cleaned the place multiple times. Jack says all they need is something with Phyllis’ DNA to prove she’s still alive and Diane is innocent.
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At Crimson Lights, Tessa and Mariah enthuse over having their first date night since the baby came. Sharon thinks they seem nervous. Mariah says that’s crazy, but they continue to fuss and remind Sharon of things. Sharon assures them that one of GCPD’s finest checked out the car seat installation. Mariah knows they’re being overbearing. Sharon tells them to relax, taking care of a baby is like riding a bike, everything comes right back to you. Talk turns to Faith not calling in a few days, and Tessa tells Mariah that maybe they should stay in. They might miss something. Sharon won’t hear of this… date night is happening.
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At Society, Chance tells Christine they have a new development. He’s learned that the call he was sent to that delayed him getting to the gala the night Phyllis was poisoned came from the Athletic Club. Chris muses, “Someone wanted you far away from the event that night.” Chris thinks the call could have been made by Diane, but Chance said it was a male caller, which brings them back to Stark. He’s not so sure Diane acted alone anymore.

In the hotel room, Jack shows Kyle a bag full of long, red hairs. It’s something they can work with. “This is a DNA sample.” They can compare it to something of Summer’s. Jack thinks maybe they just caught a break.

At the Abbott house, Diane muses, “Mrs. Diane Abbott,” and tells Ashley she should ask her to be her maid of honor. Ashley screams that she can’t take any more of her as Tucker drags her out the door. Outside, Tucker kisses her and says they should go somewhere and celebrate being able to go somewhere to celebrate together. Ashley laughs, “Let’s go.”
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At the penthouse, Abby tells Devon about Tucker being a big hit at the music class. She wonders what package he’s waiting for since he’s distracted and teases him about having his own courier. Devon says it’s a very special package. Abby wonders if it’s a gift. “Devon you shouldn’t have,” she croons. Devon teases that he bought her a yacht. They canoodle and Abby alludes to them needing a house like the Chancellor mansion in the future. The doorbell rings and she jokes, “It’s your fancy courier.” Devon says, “Something I’ve been waiting for my whole life is here.” It turns out it’s a court document stating his name is officially Devon Hamilton Winters. Abby tells him it’s a beautiful gesture. They embrace. Devon thinks it’s cute when she gets sentimental. Abby thinks he should take her here and now… to the Neil Winters jazz lounge.
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At Crimson Lights, Sharon insists Tessa and Mariah go on their date night. They need to take time for themselves and to stay sane. Besides, it’s too early to become helicopter moms. Sharon tells Aria they’ll have so much fun bonding and getting to know each other. Tessa urges her to please call if she needs them and to take pictures of the cute stuff.

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At the Abbott house, Diane finds a card from Phyllis’ memorial service and rips it up. Frustrated, she looks at her ankle monitor, opens the door, and hollers, “Hey Phyllis! I know you’re out there somewhere and believe me, you will be found!”

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At Society, Mariah and Tessa try to rein themselves in from calling to check on the baby. Abby and Devon appear and guess it’s their first time away from the new baby. Abby assures them it’s not too soon. Devon invites them to join them in the jazz lounge. They say, “Ah… maybe later?” Abby says, “You know where we’ll be.” As they walk off, Tessa and Mariah pick up their phones and start sharing photos and videos of Aria.
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At Society, Chance tells Christine that their case has too many holes. He finds it more and more plausible that Phyllis and Stark were in on this together. They may have decided to turn the tables on Diane and frame her for murder, which is the exact same thing she did. Christine is frustrated that he’s getting sucked into Michael and Jack’s attempt to exonerate Diane. Chris knows Phyllis would do anything to punish her enemies, but she doesn’t believe she’d do it at the risk of hurting or losing her children.

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At the Abbott house, Jack and Kyle anticipate the results of the DNA testing soon. Jack asks how Summer handled the news about Phyllis. Kyle says she shut down. He wants to help her but there’s so much he doesn’t understand. He witnessed tension between her and Daniel and doesn’t know whether she’s afraid to have hope or what. Jack thinks the DNA test results will go a long way to turning Summer around. Kyle hopes so. He’s trying to have an open mind but he’s getting more and more pissed at Phyllis… how can she put her daughter through this?! Especially after upbraiding his mom for doing it to him? Diane appears and hopes they found something. Jack tells her they’re hoping to hear something soon.
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At the GCAC, Tessa and Mariah peruse their menus. Mariah puts hers down and they agree something feels strange. They realize they feel more grown up and can’t even order drinks in case Aria needs them. Tessa says, “Everything is about her because she deserves that.”

At Crimson Lights, Sharon tells Aria she’s had a surprise delivery. It’s champagne. She wonders who it’s from and pulls out the card, which says, “Memories are what life is made of.”
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In the jazz lounge, Devon tells Neil’s portrait that he feels closer to him than ever and promises to honor his name in a way that makes him proud. Ashley and Tucker appear and Abby and Devon invite them to join them for a drink. Abby tells Tucker he made a good impression at Dom’s music group. Tucker raves about the tot’s talent and then tells Abby that the women at the group told him what a wonderful and supportive mother she is, “So, you’ve made a good impression.” Abby’s flattered, “That’s really cool to hear.” Ashley asks if they’re celebrating. Devon says that as of today, he’s officially changed his name to Devon Hamilton Winters. Ashley muses, “Wow,” and Tucker smiles. Devon explains it means a lot to him. Tucker thinks it’s a fitting tribute and that Neil is looking down, prouder than ever. They toast to his new name.
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At the Abbott mansion, Diane worries whether a DNA match on the hair would be enough to get Christine to drop the case. Kyle says there’s no plausible way Phyllis’ hair could have gotten into that room after she died. Jack gets a call from the lab.

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At Society, Chance takes a call from Jack as Christine leaves. Jack assumes the cop has heard the latest. Chance says he has, and he hopes Jack isn’t filling Summer’s head with false hope. Jack insists this is as real as it gets… and he has the DNA evidence to prove it. “If I can do this all on my own, just think what an actual first-rate detective could accomplish.”

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon shows Aria the expensive bottle of champagne, “This is the good stuff. I wonder who sent this.” As she chats away to the baby, someone watches her through the door as sinister music plays.
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