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Summer is drinking in the jazz lounge and staring at her phone when Billy walks up and tells her she can’t will that thing to ring. He asks how she’s doing. She’s trying to find some peace and quiet and doesn’t need Billy checking in or giving her his condolences… they both know how he felt about her mom after their relationship ended.
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Billy sits and admits he didn’t handle the breakup with Phyllis very well at all. He respected Phyllis, though. She was pure energy. Summer muses that her mother’s love could be overwhelming. Billy recalls that it wasn’t always easy for the ones who cared for her. “You two had your fair shares of ups and downs.” Summer remembers how impulsive and reckless she could be. She’d hurt those she loved and herself in the process. “It didn’t have to be like that, she was never alone, not really. I was always on her side.” Summer doesn’t know why she couldn’t see that.

Billy isn’t an expert on grief but thinks Summer should consider, “What would your mom want you to do?” He says she loved her and Daniel with her heart and soul and would want her to find happiness again. They go over Phyllis not being a quitter and being someone who would go to the wall to protect someone. Billy tells Summer she’s smart and strong and over time this will get a little easier. The good part of her mother will stay alive for her. Billy realizes he’s yammering on, and she asked for peace and quiet. Summer says she’s sorry for being rude earlier. Billy asks, “Why are you sitting here alone?” He tells her she can’t handle this on her own and counsels her not to push away those who love her… especially Kyle. Summer doesn’t think that Kyle or anyone knows what’s going through her head right now.

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At Crimson Lights, Chelsea is sipping a coffee when Daniel walks in. She calls to him and asks what’s going on. He says, “Oh, you know, just waiting for some bombs to explode.” He sits and muses about wanting to protect someone and making matters worse. Chelsea can relate and opens up about Connor’s difficulties of late. She tells Daniel she came up with an idea and hands over her tablet… “An Omega Sphere world for kids,” where they can feel safe feeling their feelings. Daniel thinks he could have used something like this when he was a kid. He offers to update her on the gaming platform… it’s exactly what he needs right now.

At Society, Jack tells Victor, “Don’t let me keep you.” Victor senses he’s waiting for someone and is kind of nervous. He needles that Adam is back with him and Jack says, “I couldn’t be happier for you.” Victor knows something is bothering him and asks what’s going on. Jack tells the Mustache, “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” Victor says, “Try me.” Jack tells his former rival that trust only goes so far, “Let it go, please.” Victor needles about Diane wearing an ankle bracelet courtesy of the authorities. Jack states that Diane didn’t kill Phyllis. Victor says if she did, she belongs behind bars. Jack fumes, “If anyone belongs behind bars it’s…” He stops himself.
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Christine appears and Victor leaves them to it. Chris warns Jack she shouldn’t be there. Jack says if she’ll only listen for a minute, there may not be a need for a trial. Chris wonders what could possibly be so earth-shattering it would change the case against Diane? Jack says, “Phyllis is alive.”

At the Abbott mansion, Diane asks Kyle, “Is everything alright?” Kyle thinks she might want to sit down for this. She asks, “Is this about my case?” and pleads with him to tell her, “How bad is it?” Kyle sighs, “It’s potentially good, Mom. Very good.” He says there’s a real possibility the murder charges against her could be dropped. Diane wonders how that could be and worries that Kyle is planning to do something illegal to protect her. Kyle says the only one who has done something illegal is Phyllis. Confused, Diane says she doesn’t understand. Phyllis is dead. She asks, “Is this connected to Jeremy? Did they find proof that he killed her.” Kyle says, “No one killed Phyllis, Mom. It was all staged. She’s alive, she set up the entire thing to frame you.” Diane reacts as though she was punched in the gut.
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Kyle explains how the ambulance explosion was orchestrated to stage Phyllis’ death. He tells his mother that Phyllis wanted revenge on her that badly. “She’s scared and on the run.” Diane marvels, “She’s alive.” Diane always knew she was psychotic and vindictive, but, “This… This is pure evil.”

At Society, Jack tells Christine about the frame job Phyllis and Jeremy did on Diane. He explains that Phyllis has come to regret her decision and secretly reached out to Daniel. Jack insists it’s all true. Christine calls it fiction and desperation. Jack asks why Daniel of all people would invent something to help Diane’s case?!

At Crimson Lights, Daniel tells Chelsea they are almost ready to test the prototype. She’s excited. He explains they’ll figure out what works and what doesn’t and then go from there. Chelsea sees more and more possibilities and has been meeting with experts. Billy arrives and Chelsea thanks Daniel. She knows he’s been through something agonizing, but from where she stands she has a lot to be proud of. Daniel’s not sure others would see it the same way.

In the jazz lounge, Summer leaves Daniel a voicemail saying they have to figure out what’s next and they have to find their mother no matter what it takes. She has some ideas and needs him to call her whenever he gets the message.

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At the Abbott mansion, Diane rants, “How could she be so hateful, so selfish?! I have half a mind to hunt her down and drag her back here by her hair!” Kyle tells his mother she needs to calm down and says this was what Michael was afraid of… she’d get so upset she’d break her house arrest.
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Diane paces and wonders where the police are in all of this? And if Phyllis misses her kids so much, why hasn’t she come back. Kyle warns she’s probably facing legal consequences. Diane rails, “You mean like life in prison for murder, which was my future thanks to her?” She asks, “What’s the plan?” When will I be free again?” Kyle says it’s a process… they don’t have proof that Phyllis is alive. He explains Jack is with Christine right now trying to get her to put the GCPD on it. Diane can’t believe that Jack wanted to keep this from her. Kyle says he didn’t want her to get her hopes up. Diane sighs, “I’m going to be free. Thank you for telling me.” She hugs her son. Diane can get though whatever is ahead knowing her freedom is on the other side. She asks, “Does Summer know?” Kyle says Daniel begged him not to. Diane rants, “How heartless can Phyllis be?” She realizes she has no room to talk after what she put Kyle through. Diane implores her son to tell Summer. The sooner she knows, the sooner she can heal, and their relationship can heal. “The toll a secret this big can take? I don’t know if a marriage can survive that.”

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At Society, Christine questions why Phyllis hasn’t come home. Jack says she’s afraid of prosecution given the D.A. isn’t a fan of hers. He says Daniel’s willing to sign an affidavit but Christine scoffs at this idea. Jack admits that there is another charge Phyllis might be afraid of… murder. “Phyllis killed Jeremy Stark.” Chris says, “This is ridiculous.” Jack wonders if this is enough to get the GCPD involved. Christine huffs that he’s given her a crazy story that is light on facts, “We’re done here.” Jack stops her with, “I’ll give you another fact. Phyllis killed Jeremy Stark with a pair of scissors.” Chris informs Jack she won’t be goaded into action and complains about him wanting the busy police force to use precious resources. Jack doesn’t understand her hesitation to act on this… she has her own history with Phyllis. Chris knows she would never abandon her kids like this. Jack says, “Well, she did.” Christine tells Jack he’ll have to bring her some concrete proof and stalks out.
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At Crimson Lights, Chelsea tells Billy they’re celebrating since the prototype is almost ready. Billy enthuses about Omega Sphere and her idea for a kids’ platform. Talk turns to Connor, who has become so withdrawn. Billy thinks he’s just trying to figure out his feelings. Chelsea worries it’s her fault. Maybe he feels he can’t lean on her or has stuffed down feelings that have finally come to the service. Billy thinks she’s being too hard on herself. She’s doing all the right things. Chelsea knows she and Adam aren’t great examples. Billy can relate as his children may have his self-destructive genes. They lighten the conversation with some joking.

Billy tells Chelsea about his run-in with Summer and muses that she has a lot of people who care about her. Chelsea credits him for trying to help her feel better, “You’re a really good man, you know that?” Billy caresses her face, and she gets shivers. The good kind. Billy did too. He tells her she lights up the room and brings that same energy to everything she does. “I just appreciate this slow dance that we’re doing.” Chelsea’s expression falls and she says, “It’s nothing.” Billy implores, “Chels, you can talk to me.”

Summer arrives at the Abbott house and Kyle asks, “How are you?” She notices his weird smile and he admits he has good news. Summer urges him to tell her, she’s tired and wants to go to bed. Kyle will just say it, “It’s your mom. She’s alive.”
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At the jazz lounge, Christine thanks Chance for meeting her; she has some crazy news for him.

At the Abbott house, Summer says to Kyle, “So, Daniel said that she contacted him? When? How?” Kyle describes how she appeared to him in the park. Summer asks why he’d tell Kyle and not her. Kyle says he didn’t want her to be hurt. He wanted to wait until they had real proof or could track Phyllis down. He’s sorry she didn’t reach out to her. Summer guesses she had her reasons. Kyle says, “With any luck, you’ll be able to see her soon.” Summer’s appalled when Kyle says Daniel revealed that Phyllis killed Stark with a pair of scissors and asks, “Who else knows about this?” Kyle says, “My dad and Michael.” Summer panics. They’ll go to the police! Kyle admits that his dad went to see Christine. He vows they’ll try to protect Phyllis, and then comes clean about telling Diane. “I thought she had a right to know.” Kyle urges Summer not to shut down and to talk to him.

Out on the terrace, Jack walks up to find Diane sitting in the dark. He asks if something happened. She says Kyle told her. “It should have been you, Jack.”
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At Crimson Lights, Chelsea tells Billy she tries to check in on herself everyday, “Am I okay? Am I not okay?” Lately, she’s been okay. Like when he looks at her the way he’s looking at her right now, but she asks herself is she deserves the happiness or if she’s going to screw it up. She then realizes, “I almost wasn’t here for this. I almost wasn’t here for anything. For my son.” Chelsea says it takes her back to the roof and she can feel how cold it was and how easy it would be… Billy tells her, “You are here.” She’s happy being there with him. He holds her hand, “You okay?” He suggests they take a walk. Chelsea would like that.
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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle asks what Summer is thinking. She doesn’t know what to think, “I guess I’m scared to hope that my mom is really out there.” Kyle insists she’s out there; why would Daniel tell him something that wasn’t true. She huffs, “Yeah. Why would he tell you?”

At the jazz lounge, Daniel listens to Summer’s phone message and then catches sight of Christine and Chance. He runs back up the stairs.

Across the room, Chance confirms to Christine that Stark was killed with scissors. She says there’s obviously a leak in the department and Michael took advantage of it. “I’m just letting you know in case Jack approaches you, which I have no doubt he will.” Chance muses about desperate people doing desperate things.
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On the terrace, Jack apologizes to Diane for not telling her. He didn’t want to give her hope without having the evidence to show the world she is innocent. Diane knows he did it to protect her, and his intentions were in the right place. “How can I be angry at a man I love so much.” They embrace. Jack promises they’re close to ending this nightmare. Soon, she will be free and they’ll get married as they planned. “Phyllis put you in this mess. Come hell or high water, by God, she’s going to get you out.”
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