Jack and Sharon are at the Club for dinner, when Mary Jane spies them. She hustles through the room and upstairs! Sharon tells Jack that he's making a huge sacrifice for her. He says he's grateful for this second chance. He then pulls out a ring and pops the question! She says it's a big step - it's all so overwhelming. He says he'll put the ring away - she might change her mind. Sharon heads home when Jack gets a business call.

Billy faces Chloe's disbelieving wrath in the Abbott living room as she reacts to the news that he slept with Sharon and she might be carrying his child! She wonders what Jack will think. Billy tells her he knows. Chloe remembers the argument she came in on - Jack looked like he was going to put him through a wall. Billy says he wishes he had. Chloe says this is poetic justice for her tricking Cane. Billy muses, "So much for the potential you thought I had." He tells her he's ready to be a husband and father now. Chloe caustically says he deserves a parade - a second baby is on the way and he finally decides to try being an adult! She asks what will happen if the baby is his - will they all live in the Abbott house like a commune of hippies?! He grabs her and pulls her to him - he wants this to work. She says if he wants them back she has some non-negotiable conditions! First, she wants him to find them a new home to start over in, until then, she and Delia will be at the Chancellor Estate. She then leaves.

Phyllis arrives at the tackhouse to find a note from Nick saying that he's gone to take up some business with his dad at the main house. Phyllis sighs.

Nick goes into the Ranch and encounters Adam, who tells him Victor's in town. They exchange a few barbs, and Adam tells Nick that Victor is giving him a chance - being with Ash and the baby has changed him! Adam sulks about Nick not cutting him any slack, but Nick replies that nothing will make up for him forging that diary! Nick admits he's sorry for him going blind, though. Adam says someday maybe he'll earn back his respect.

Victor approaches Nikki at the Club bar and offers congratulations on her engagement, saying that Paul is a very nice man whom he trusts. Nikki muses that they've come a long way. Victor admits he regrets some of the things he said to her after Sabrina died. She understands he was full of rage and grief. Victor acknowledges that this is one of those bittersweet moments. Nikki agrees, and admits that when she sent Ashley looking for him in Paris, she truly believed she'd be the one to get through to him. She's grateful now that Ashley and the baby have brought him back to life - if he hadn't come back and survived, it would have killed her! They share an embrace.

Adam returns to his room and switches on his laptop, watching as Ashley tells Olivia about the dream where Sabrina came to her and how she now feels peaceful. Liv points out it was just a dream. Ashley rolls her eyes and accuses Liv of wanting to have her committed. Ashley dismisses her friend and tells her not to bother checking on her later! Ashley decides to head out for a walk. Adam comes out and tells her to enjoy herself.

Nikki arrives at the tackhouse with a gift for Summer. Phyllis invites her in. Just then, Mary Jane knocks on the door and insists on going over some interviews with Phyllis. Nikki coyly asks if she can sit in. Phyllis says sure. They sit down, and Nikki tells Mary Jane she did a great job publicizing the last issue - what made her decide to come to GC anyway? Mary Jane politely takes exception to Nikki's probing, saying she thought she already had the job! The phone rings and Phyllis talks to Summer at Victoria's house. Nikki says she'd better go over there with Summer's gift. When she's gone, Mary Jane asks Phyllis if Nikki always drills people like that. Phyllis says not really! Mary Jane asks about Nick, and they bond over men being jerks. Mary Jane says Sharon ruined things between her and Jack. Phyllis advises Mary Jane to give up - Sharon's pregnant. Phyllis also warns that even though the baby may not be Jack's, he's determined to raise it! They bond over hating Sharon, and Mary Jane blurts out that she could kill her! Phyllis is taken aback, and advises Mary Jane to move on, telling her she's an amazing woman.

Outside at the Ranch, Ashley sits and tells the statue of Sabrina that she's so happy she had that dream about her - she feels that she is watching over her and the baby. Nikki is passing by and stops short, witnessing the scene.

Victor has arrived back at the Ranch and is meeting with Nick. Victor wants him to go to New York tonight, but Nick says it's not a good time - he and Phyllis are having problems and he needs to get home. Victor asks if it's about Sharon. Nick tells him the story, and that Sharon is pregnant and it could be his. Upstairs listening in, Adam explodes at the hypocrisy, since Nick had been lecturing him earlier about loyalty. Nick admits to Victor he's thinking he wants to reconcile with Sharon. Victor warns that trying to recapture the past doesn't guarantee happiness. Victor says he kind of hopes Nick will save his family.

Billy heads to the Club and nearly orders a drink, but spots Jack, and instead asks if they can talk. Jack allows it, and Billy makes another apology to him. He says he told Chloe the truth too. Jack is surprised he's not in a body cast! Billy says she wants them to get their own place. Jack says Billy is grasping at straws to try and right things - he hasn't really grown up. Jack says if he wants to prove himself, he needs to show up for a full day at work every day, and get a house ready for his family when they're ready to forgive him. Suddenly, Jack gets a call from Olivia.

Victor finds Ashley outside to tell her that he has to go away on business tonight. Thunder cracks and Victor says they'd better get her inside.

Nikki is surprised to encounter Nick in the Ranch. She says she was coming through the grounds from Vikki's house when she heard Ashley talking to a statue of Sabrina. Adam listens with interest as Nick asks if Nikki is going to tell Victor. Nikki hates to ruin their goodwill. Nick says he'll keep an eye on Ashley while Victor is out of town. Adam says to himself that he will too.

Sharon arrives home to find Chloe hauling a suitcase out of the house. She says Billy told her everything, that's why she's moving out. Sharon sighs. Chloe says she can understand Billy doing this, but not her. Sharon apologizes, admitting she could hardly look at Chloe on her wedding day, knowing that she'd been with Billy that morning. Chloe is devastated - he didn't tell her that. She doesn't care if Sharon is sorry - she just warns her to get her head on straight now!

Nick arrives home. Phyllis says there's no more avoiding her. Nick insists he wasn't. She asks if he has decided whether he wants to stay married to her?!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Ashley sees an angry Sabrina, who growls, "Victor's mine! Stay away!" Ashley screams!

Nick tells Sharon he wants her - he wants them - he wants it all back!

Phyllis and Jack get intimate!

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