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At Crimson Lights, Nate flashes to having sex with Victoria and Elena confronting them in L.A. Sharon comes along with a refill and they chat about Neil’s celebration of life. She senses something’s off and asks, “What’s wrong?”

In her bedroom, Elena picks up a photo of Nate and flashes to telling him she would let go of her suspicions about his motives. He vowed to prove he was the man she fell in love with, and later declared that he had been working hard for their future together. She wipes away tears.

On the Abbott sofa, Diane wishes she and Jack could stay wrapped in each other’s arms forever. She feels bad about driving Summer from the house. Jack assures her they’ll find their way through this. Diane hopes that Kyle will find her and convince her they can all live under one roof. Just then, Tucker and Ashley walk in. Ashley gawps, “Oh my God! What are you doing here?!”

At Society, Kyle looks around and then pulls out his phone to call Summer. He’s leaving her a voicemail saying he’s worried when Mariah walks up. She asks him to join her for a drink while she awaits her takeout order. Kyle can’t stay. Mariah goes on about Neil’s memorial but then realizes something is going on with him.
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In the park, Summer tells Daniel that they can’t tell anyone their mother is alive — it would destroy her. They can’t risk announcing it to the world until they have a plan. Daniel declares that it’s the right thing to do. Summer scoffs, “Why, because you say so? Why do you get to decide?” Daniel fumes, “If you didn’t want me to have a say in this why did you tell me?” Summer says the secret was too big for her. She had to tell him for her own sanity and because he was grieving. She had to tell him that their mom was alive, but she won’t let him blow everything up.

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Daniel insists they need to tell the truth, but Summer won’t let him do that. Daniel argues she can’t really stop him. Summer warns him not to be so sure. She says they’ll tell the truth after they figure out how to keep Mom safe. Daniel can’t live with this secret, knowing how many people it’s hurting. Summer asks if he’s willing to jeopardize their mother’s entire future over his conscience. He answers, “Yes.” Summer, appalled, blasts him. “Oh my God! Get over yourself! This isn’t about you. This is about Mom and what she needs. What she needs is us.” She warns him not to do the condescending brother thing with her either — he blew up his own family. Daniel tells her he learned from it. Summer hollers, “Good for you!” Daniel says she sounds like Phyllis and asks how she can look Kyle in the eyes knowing she could take his pain away, and instead, keep lying to him?!
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At Society, Mariah pushes Kyle to spill. Kyle says there’s some good news — his mom got out on bail today. Mariah asks why he doesn’t seem happier. Kyle explains there was a confrontation with Summer at the house and she ran out. Mariah can understand it being difficult for her to be under the same roof as the person accused of killing her mom, “Not that I think Diane did it.” Kyle says his mom didn’t do it, but Summer cannot see it. Mariah reminds him that she’s grieving and angry and needs someone to blame — who better than the person all the evidence points to? Kyle doesn’t know how much longer he can go on with his wife believing he’s defending a murderer. “It hurts like hell.”

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley wonders how the hell Diane got out of jail and accuses Jack of engineering a jailbreak. Jack warns Harrison is upstairs with his nanny. Ashley thinks he should be more worried about who he’s exposing the boy to than her tone of voice. Talk turns to Tucker, and Ashley points out, “At least my guest hasn’t killed anyone.” Diane welcomes Tucker and congratulates him on redeeming himself with Ashley. It’s nice to know she has the same big, warm heart her brother has. Ashley fumes, “So how did you do it, Jack? How did you get this homicidal flight risk fiancée of yours out of jail?”

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Jack says Michael got them a judge who leaned toward fairness. Arguing ensues as Ashley tells Jack that when Diane takes off again, it will be him left holding the bag for a 7-figure bail payment. Jack hollers, “Enough,” and Ashley asks why Diane’s so quiet. Diane says they need to figure this out if they’re going to be under the same roof. Ashley suggests the two of them find their own place. Diane holds up her ankle monitor and Tucker grins in amusement as she announces she can’t leave the premises. Ashley tells Jack and Diane they’re disgusting for the damage they’re doing to Summer, forcing her to live with the woman charged with murdering her mother, “Have you no shame?!”
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At Society, Kyle tells Mariah he’s losing Summer a little more each day. He has to prove his mother is innocent. Mariah wishes she could help. Kyle says she already has by being a good friend. Mariah is Team Love and hopes he finds Summer and the proof he needs to clear his mom. Kyle downs his drink and says, “So do I.”

In the park, Summer and Daniel debate about her lying to Kyle. Daniel complains that his mom is rotting in a jail cell for something she didn’t do. Summer says, “Diane’s out.” She explains Michael did some kind of lawyer move. “Diane’s okay.” Daniel argues she’s still charged with murder. Summer says it’s only until they devise a plan to help their mother. If Daniel tells the truth now, Phyllis will go to jail. Daniel grimaces. Summer hates lying to the people she loves as much as he does, but this is the only thing standing between their mom and a prison sentence. Daniel asks if she’s willing to sacrifice her marriage. Summer knows if they have some time, they’ll find a way. Daniel says, “No, Summer. Kyle deserves to know the truth. Mom is alive and Diane is innocent.”

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon talks to Nate about seeing him speaking to Devon and Lily earlier. Nate says he felt like they had a shot at reconciling, but the tension was still there. He muses that success comes at a cost, but he didn’t realize how much he’d have to give up, especially recently. Nate admits he hasn’t managed his priorities and has made mistakes… now his personal life is suffering as a result. Sharon noticed he came alone tonight and asks if everything is alright with Elena.
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At Society, Mariah notices when Elena walks in and orders a whiskey neat. Mariah asks why she didn’t come to the party and realizes Elena didn’t even know about it. Elena’s interested to hear that Nate showed up. She confides in Mariah that she and Nate aren’t on speaking terms right now — she got played. She wanted to believe that Nate was still the man she loved. He manipulated her and she’s done being quiet. Elena muses that all Nate cares about now is power and success. It kills her that she believed him when he said he wanted to change. Mariah offers, “Maybe this is just a phase.” Elena thinks it’s who he is, and she has to accept it. There’s no coming back from this, “Nate made a decision and now I have to make mine.”
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Kyle finds Summer in the park, and she asks, “Did you talk to Daniel?” Kyle hasn’t heard from him and wonders if that was the text she got when she ran out of the house. He’s looked for her all over town. He tells her he’s crazy in love with her and can’t help but worry when she takes off. Summer exhales. “I had to get out of that house.” Kyle says the way she keeps running away scares him. Summer embraces him, “I love you.” Kyle assures her there is nothing she can’t tell him. He’s tried to give her space to grieve but all he wants to do is hold her and tell her everything will be okay. “Talk to me, Summer. Whatever it is, we’ve got this.” Summer says seeing Diane out on bail was the last thing she expected. “I saw how happy you were that she’s free. I’m happy for you, but I can’t…” Kyle understands. He swears they will find a way through it. Summer asks, “What if that isn’t possible?”

At Crimson Lights, Sharon’s sorry that Nate’s going through a rough patch. He says it’s more than that, and it’s all on him. “I’ve changed a lot.” Sharon guesses losing his ability to perform surgery played a role in that. Nate’s found a passion for business and it’s created problems for him and Elena. “We’ve been moving in different directions ever since.” Sharon asks if he likes the man he sees in the mirror. He replies, “Not tonight.” Sharon asks, “In general.” Nate says he does. In the past, he could share his excitement with Elena, but now it’s… He loves her but he hurt her very deeply. “I feel terrible about it.”

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In the park, Kyle tells Summer they don’t have to stay at the house; they can go on a trip so she can feel safe and heal. Summer can’t. She knows how important it is for him to be there with his mom. He insists Summer is his priority. Summer thinks they should explain to Harrison that Dee Dee is back. Kyle says he’ll be thrilled, but he’s not looking forward to telling him Phyllis is gone. Summer shakes her head, “We can’t do that. It’s too soon.” Kyle reminds her they told him about Ashland. “I think he’s ready.” Summer blurts, “Well, maybe I’m not ready.” Kyle will do whatever she wants as long as she agrees to come back home with him.
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Daniel enters his suite looking peeved, undoes his tie and shirt and pours a drink. His phone rings — it’s an unknown number. He says, “Hello,” a couple of times to no response. Suddenly, realization dawns and he asks, “Mom, is that you?”

At the Abbott mansion, Diane informs Ashley that she cares a great deal about Summer. Ashley retorts, “And yet, you’re still here.” Diane will do everything she can to make her comfortable. Ashley urges them to call the judge and do a change of residence. Kyle and Summer come in as Ashley and Jack get into it about her and Phyllis’s common goal of destroying Diane. Ashley says since she’s standing there wearing his ring, they failed miserably. Jack says that’s love, not that she’d know anything about it. Tucker mutters, “That’s a matter of perspective,” and Jack booms, “You stay out of this!” Ashley says Diane will slip up, she’ll call the D.A., and she’ll be back in jail before Jack knows it. Kyle hollers, “That’s enough. If any of you give a damn about Summer you’ll leave her out of your feud!” Diane raises an eyebrow smugly at Ashley.
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In his suite, Daniel tells his mother, on the phone, not to be mad at Summer for telling him, “I’m glad she did. It means you’re alive, right? The thought of getting to see you again, getting to talk to you… actually talk to you… Summer told me why you left. You can’t just disappear, Mom. You can’t.” He tells her she can’t put Summer in that position, it’s cruel. “I know that you love us too much to keep hurting us so just come back.” They can figure it out. “Come back and we can be a family again.” The line disconnects. Daniel finishes his drink and heads out the door.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon tells Nate that hurting your partner may be inevitable but that doesn’t mean it’s not fixable. Nate launches into a speech about how intoxicating power is… it made him reckless. Sharon urges him to talk to Elena and apologize. Perhaps he can repair the damage.

Back in her bedroom, Elena flashes to dumping Nate in Los Angeles and telling him he’s changed… and not for the good. She picks up a framed photo of the two of them and smashes it.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack tells Summer he’s sorry she had to overhear that. Diane asks if she’s alright. Kyle snaps, “No, she’s not!” and then takes Ashley to task for involving his wife in her issues with his dad. Ashley apologizes to Summer and Jack says he was out of line too. Kyle fumes, “This has to stop!” Diane is sorry too. She knows that until she’s proven innocent, it will be difficult for her to be in the same room as hers. Summer tells Kyle she can’t take this anymore. Kyle announces he and Summer will be moving into the pool house with Harrison. Ashley thinks that’s a smart idea.

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At Crimson Lights, Nate tells Sharon he screwed up before, so whatever forgiveness Elena had in the past, it’s not happening now. He’s now at the point of no return with no one to blame but himself.

At home, Elena cries as she packs her suitcase. Hoisting it off the bed, she wipes her eyes, and picks up the smashed photo, placing it back on the dresser. She takes a last look around and then walks out tearfully.

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At the Abbott house, Summer tells Kyle that living 100 feet away isn’t likely to solve anything but she loves him for trying to protect her. They agree that Harrison will like the idea. As they talk inside, Daniel arrives at the door outside. Summer tells Kyle that they need to tell Harrison about Dee Dee. Daniel watches as they embrace and turns away when Summer heads upstairs. As Kyle stands alone in the living room, Daniel takes off.

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