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Kyle arrives at home and calls, “Mom?! Mom!” Diane appears and Jack grins as mother and son embrace, “I’m so glad you’re home.” Jack and Kyle tell Diane they won’t give up until they prove her innocence. She worries about how Summer will take her being back. Kyle will make her understand it’s her home too. Diane next learns that someone else has moved in. Jack says, “Brace yourself… Tucker.” Diane gawps, “Tucker McCall is living here?”
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At the jazz lounge, Devon’s mom, Harmony, embraces him and tells him that he’s as handsome as ever. Devon asks how she came to be there. Harmony explains that she was at a conference in Chicago and Tucker reached out to her to tell her about the event. “He even sent a fancy car to bring me here.” Devon asks, “Tucker did that?” She says, “Yep.” Devon looks at Tucker, who is smiling hopefully.
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Tucker tells Devon he thought it was nice for his mom to be here. Devon says it was an incredible gesture and shakes his hand. Tucker beams, “I’m just glad it worked out.”
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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle and Jack update Diane that Ashley seems to have fallen for Tucker again; he’s using a guestroom and has been staying out of their way so far. Just then, Summer comes in and asks, “Diane… what are you doing here?”

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At the jazz lounge, Devon tells his mom he can’t even believe he’s looking at her. She’s long overdue for some one-on-one time with her little grandbaby. Devon is keen to make that happen and says Dom would love to meet his amazing grandma. He’s proud of her for being clean for almost two decades. She’s proud of herself too. They discuss her job, which involves helping people in need. Harmony’s heart wants to burst over him and Abby, and Devon and Lily resolving their issues. Talk turns to Tucker, and Devon says he is trying hard to make up for lost time. “Making this happen is a great start.”

At the bar, Victor tells McCall he has big plans for his company. Tucker should hope so. Victor then tells him that it was very touching what he did… bringing Harmony to see Devon. Tucker says, “Anything for your son, right?” Victor nods, “Right.” Across the room, Nikki tells Abby what a wonderful job she did planning the event. Abby hopes tonight has a better ending than Nikki’s lovely gala. Nate appears and comes over to greet Abby and Nikki, who didn’t know that he and Victoria were back. Abby asks, “Where’s Elena?” Nate says she couldn’t make it, and then notices Harmony. Nikki says she was Tucker’s surprise.
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Victor calls for everyone’s attention and makes a speech about Neil, one of the few people he ever trusted. Among his accomplishments, the one that stands out is how he raised Devon and Lily. The fact that they are both there tonight honoring his memory says everything about his friend, and about family. He toasts to Neil and his memory.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle tells Summer that Michael was able to get his mom out on bail. Summer asks if the cops found out more information. Jack tells her that he knows this will be difficult for her, but Diane is innocent and it’s only a matter of time until they find evidence to prove that.

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At the jazz lounge, Devon and Lily thank Victor for what he said about their dad. Abby hugs her dad and says his speech brought her to tears. Lily goes off and Victor tells Devon how proud he is that he’s now becoming a part of his family, “I know you make my daughter very happy.” They “cheers” and Abby kisses Devon.

Across the room, Nikki tells Daniel how brave it was for him to come to this room tonight, where he last saw his mother. It must be terrible for him and Summer. Sharon warns that in some ways the pain will never go away, and offers her support for whatever he needs. Daniel thanks them both and excuses himself.
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At the bar, Devon spots Nate looking up at Neil’s portrait and sighs. He walks over and Nate says, “Four years… it’s hard to believe.” Devon is happy he showed up. Nate’s glad he got an invite. Devon says it’s what Neil would have wanted. He asks if Elena couldn’t get off work. Nate came straight from the airport and is pretty sure that Elena’s already crashed out at home. He walks off to speak to Lily.
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Sharon and Mariah sit down together and the redhead asks her mother why Ashley is staring daggers at Harmony whenever she thinks no one is watching. Sharon explains that when Ashley and Tucker were married, he and Harmony had a “moment”. Mariah gets it — Harmony isn’t Ashley’s favorite person. “That makes things interesting.”
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By the piano, Harmony and Tucker talk about how amazing Devon turned out with little to no help from them. Harmony is glad that McCall and Ashley got back together. She regrets what happened and hopes he doesn’t mess it up this time. At the bar, Abby approaches her mom and guesses she wishes Tucker had found another way to reconnect with Devon. Ashley downs her drink and says, “I think it’s time I say hello.”
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At the Abbott house, Diane tells Summer she knows her being there comes as a shock to her, but she’s innocent. “I would never, ever have taken your mother away from you.” Summer fumes, “You are responsible, Diane. Since the minute you lured Jack to L.A., you set off this whole chain of events that has put us where we are now. And after everything you’ve done, after all the lies you’ve told, it’s not fair… it’s not fair that you get to be here with the people you love while my family is ripped apart!” She tells Kyle she’s sorry, but she won’t be celebrating this return. Kyle wants to take her out for air, but Diane has something to explain to her.

At the jazz lounge, Ashley tells Harmony how nice it was that she was able to come and be here for Devon. Harmony says it means so much given she wasn’t able to attend Neil’s original service. Tucker pipes up, “Yeah. I wasn’t either.” Harmony says it’s strange being back there after so many years. A lot has changed but much has stayed the same. “The connection between the two of you, for one.” She’s glad they found their way back to each other. Tucker grins as Ashley tells her it’s a lovely thing to say.

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At the bar, Nate tells Lily that she and Devon have outdone themselves. She thanks him for coming on such short notice. Nate says he was ready to leave L.A. Across the room, Sharon and Mariah chat with Nikki and Victor about Aria. Victor encourages them to take full advantage of the grounds. In a corner, Daniel stews and flashes to Summer’s revelation in the park that Phyllis killed Stark and is alive. Lily approaches and asks if he’s okay. He says, “Yeah, you?” Lily can see he’s upset. Daniel insists he’s just thinking. “It’s not important.” Lily knows he’s holding back and it’s about his mom.

Sharon and Mariah say their goodbyes to Abby and Devon. Nikki and Victor are next to leave. Devon thanks them for being there. Nikki tells Harmony to enjoy the rest of her visit. Nikki notices Lily and Daniel in deep conversation and asks Devon to say goodbye to Lily for them. In the corner, Lily asks Daniel why he’s upset. He confesses his conscience is bothering him. He can’t tell her why, but he doesn’t know what to do. Lily assumes it’s part of his grief and tells him it’s all about what decisions he can live with, and those he can’t.

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Tucker and Ashley say goodnight to Devon, who thanks his father for the special surprise. Tucker is happy to see them reunited. Across the room, Daniel thanks Lily for the good advice. She assures him he’ll get through this. He says, “I will.” He has to take off. Lily assures him she’ll be thinking about him on her trip to New York to see Charlie. Lily adds that whatever he decides will be the right thing, “I know you.” They embrace and he leaves.
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At the Abbott mansion, Diane tells Summer she will do her best to stay out of her way, although it will be tricky under the circumstances. Summer learns she’s wearing an ankle monitor and scoffs, “So you’re going to be here 24/7, where I live. I can’t avoid you?” Kyle says they’ll make it work for Harrison. Summer gets a text from Daniel asking to see her and storms out, “I can’t be here now!”

At the jazz lounge, Lily, Devon, Abby, Nate, and Harmony are hanging out talking about Neil when Malcolm walks in and says, “For my brother, family was everything.” Lily and Devon embrace him. Malcolm tells them he wouldn’t have missed all of them in one place paying tribute to the man himself. He walks over to the portrait and says, “When it comes to the great Neil Winters, I show up, no matter what it takes.”
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Mal is reintroduced to Harmony and tells her she should be proud of Devon. Nate greets Malcolm, who admires the lounge. They talk about Neil being an inspiration. Malcolm tells Nate that Neil would have encouraged him to do what he’s doing now if he’s following his heart. Harmony says Neil learned from his mistakes and gave forgiveness and hope when one didn’t think it was possible. She cries, “Devon and I owe so much of who we are today to Neil.” Devon zones out and then announces he just made a decision about something he needs to do for himself… and for Neil.

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At the Abbott house, Kyle worries he shouldn’t have let Summer go. Jack thinks he handled it the best he could. Kyle wonders where she keeps taking off to, and gripes about her pushing him away. “I need to find her.” He grabs his keys and heads out. Jack and Diane embrace.

In the park, Daniel waits for Summer, who eventually shows up. She doesn’t want to keep meeting there. Daniel doesn’t care. “This is going to be about what I have to say.”
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At the jazz lounge, Devon reflects that he only has what he does right now because Neil welcomed him into his family, and he and Lily are running a company that only exists because he was willing to create it with him. “I want to take Neil’s last name and legally go by Devon Winters.” He asks Harmony if she would be okay with it. Harmony thinks that’s as it should be. Devon asks Malcolm how he feels. Malcolm says Neil would love this. “You’re doing the right thing, look at you. My boy is finally part of the family. You’re a Winters now and you’re my brother.” Devon thanks Mal as they embrace. Devon asks Lily if she approves. She loves this; it’s a beautiful way to honor their dad and he’s already her brother in every way. They hug. Devon moves to hug Harmony and Malcolm kisses Lily’s head.
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At the Abbott house, Jack holds Diane in his arms as they sit on the sofa. She asks if he’s okay with this constant turmoil. Jack assures her he’ll be okay. He’s sure when they find out what really happened to Phyllis things will get better. He hopes Summer will then be able to start to heal… that they all can.

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At the park, Daniel tells Summer he went to the jazz lounge tonight. “You know, the same place where our mother died… where we had her memorial.” Every time he turned around people were offering him their condolences. He sat there with a big, fat lie hanging over his head, “I can’t keep doing it, Summer. I can’t keep deceiving the people that care about me. I can’t think about Diane being tried and convicted for something that she didn’t do. I’m not going to do it anymore.” Summer asks what that means. Daniel says they’re going to go and tell everyone the truth, that their mom is alive, and then they’re going to go find her and bring her home.
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At the jazz lounge, Abby declares the party over. Harmony and Devon make plans to touch base in the morning. Malcolm has to go, but will stay longer next time. Nate announces that he’ll get a room there too, since Elena has an early shift, and he doesn’t want to disturb her. He walks Harmony out of the lounge. Abby hugs Malcolm and exits. Devon and Lily hug and tease Malcolm about always showing up in the nick of time. Malcolm knows if things were reversed, Neil would show up for him. The trio stands looking at the portrait of Neil. Devon says, “I love you, Dad.” Lily tells him she misses him. Malcolm says, “Keep shining, bro. Keep shining.”
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Next on The Young and the Restless: Jack defends his actions to Ashley, Elena makes a bold move, and Victor and Summer stands her ground.

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