Cane and Lily come into Crimson Lights, they discuss how they should be in Australia right now. Cane asks Lily to understand there are just some things he wants left in the past.

Billy arrives at Jimmy's Bar and presents Mac with a bouquet of flowers. The card on the flowers congratulates Mac and Raul on their engagement. She urges him to reconcile with Chloe and not be alone. Lily and Cane come in as Billy is leaving. Mac seems thoughtful as he goes out the door. Neil arrives and jokes with Cane about not sharing the same clientèle. When Cane gets drinks, Lily and Neil share a moment. Suddenly, JT walks in. Mac rushes over to give him a big hug, saying, "Two months and you finally come to see me?!"

Amber and Kevin are in the coffee house waiting to get through on Loveline. Unfortunately, Dr. Drew won't talk to Amber - she's beyond help! Amber is determined to get on some radio show - she keeps trying until she gets through to a host named Tommy - they are confused until they realize it's Tommy Lasorda from the L.A. Dodgers! Amber giggles, and apologizes, but before she can hang up, Tommy asks what they wanted to say. He is bowled over to find out they are the Silver Chipmunk bandits - he doesn't agree with the Governor's decision - this could be a no-hitter! As they discuss Kevin's past abuse, Tommy begins to get on board with their cause. Kevin then tells Tommy he's insane!

At Daniel's front door, Agent Aucker, the real one, is demanding to know why Daniel loaded up his voicemail with messages! Jana and Daniel realize that the man who asked Daniel to copy the painting was an impostor! They explain to the agent what happened - he asks Daniel to sketch the guy and fax details about him to the number he provides. Daniel gets down on himself, but Jana takes control, saying they almost lost Amber and Kevin - they can't risk something happening to him too! They argue about whether or not she can tell Kevin. She agrees to keep the secret as long as he stays out of this from now on! Noah calls and tells Daniel that Amber and Kevin are on the radio!

Billy arrives at the Abbott house to find Chloe waiting for him. They exchange some tense words. Billy says he's a self-indulgent screw-up who doesn't deserve her, or Mac, or Delia! Chloe says, "What a crock!" Chloe tries to remind him what they have in common, and tells him to grow up instead of hiding behind, "This is who I am." She compares him to Cane, who went after what he wanted, which sends Billy into a tailspin. Chloe ends up telling Billy that she loves him - if he can just let Mac go, they might be able to make a go of it. Billy sighs, and says if they're going to do this, he needs to come clean - Sharon is pregnant, and it could be his! Chloe's hand flies to her mouth in shock!

Still at Jimmy's, JT shows Mac pictures of Reed, and congratulates her on her engagement to Raul. They discuss Billy, and Mac says he just needs to let himself be a good guy again. They visit for a while, and then JT leaves.

At their table in Jimmy's, Lily gives Cane a datebook with 'baby-making' days marked. Devon and Roxanne have arrived and grin as the pair share a kiss. Just then, Nina comes in. Neil tells Lily that Drucilla would have been so thrilled to see her life right now. Neil then pulls up a chair for Nina, who wonders if she can ask Cane some questions - Amber was pretty quiet about how Cane came to be in Genoa City. Devon says Amber did some crazy stuff to get him there. Nina reminds them that she has Katherine's blessing to delve into this stuff, and asks Cane to tell her more! Cane deflects her questions, saying Lily has birthday presents to unwrap! Before Nina leaves, Lily warns her that it's a difficult subject for Cane.

As Daniel and Jana listen in the apartment, Kevin tells his side of the story to Tommy Lasorda on the radio. Soon, other callers phone-in to say Kevin has their support. Amber and Kevin thank Tommy and hang up. Daniel and Jana have made their way down to the coffee house, and meet Amber and Kevin on the patio. Jana is proud of Kevin, and Daniel says Amber's idea was brilliant. Kevin then asks what Jana and Daniel have been up to - they fib, then change the subject back to the radio show. Amber and Kevin say this might be the end of the bad times for the fab four! Daniel looks ill.

Looking at the painting Daniel forged, the Harold Aucker impostor gloats that 'this Daniel Romalotti kid' doesn't know what he's gotten himself into!

Cane goes to make a phone call away from everyone else in the bar - to Uncle Langley. He tells him they've got a problem!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Ashley angrily asks Olivia if now she thinks she's crazy because she had a dream that gave her a little perspective on things? Maybe she should be committed?!

Sharon tells Chloe that she slept with Billy the morning of their wedding day!

Nikki tells Victor she would like to say something about him and Ashley!

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