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In the park, Daniel gawps, “Mom’s alive.” Summer tells him how their mother described being attacked by Stark and having to stab him with the scissors. Daniel exclaims, “Scissors! What scissors?! What are you talking about?!” Summer warns him not to tell Chance, but the police must know about it. “How would I know if I hadn’t talked to our very alive mother.” Daniel groans, “Oh my God.” Summer knows she sounded crazy but she saw mom. She asks if he can’t imagine their mom faking her death to get revenge on Diane. “She explained everything to me.” Daniel asks, “Here? She was actually here.” Summer reminds him the good part in all of this is that their mom is alive. Daniel asks, “Where is she now?”

At the jail, Diane complains to Michael that Jack keeps coming to visit. She admits she’s kind of glad that he’s ignoring her wishes. She feels the stress is weighing on both him and Kyle. Michael hopes to alleviate that somewhat and says, “I have good news. By the end of the day I hope to have you out of here.”
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At the Abbott mansion, Ashley comes downstairs as Jack tells someone on the phone he needs to liquidate some capital and needs a cashier’s check today. She asks what that was all about and reminds him it’s a common room where anyone can overhear. Jack complains about her latest stunt of throwing Tucker in all of their faces, “This is a new low even for you.”

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At Chancellor-Winters, Tucker wants to buy Devon a cup of coffee. Devon wonders what his agenda is for wanting to do that. Tucker recalls that there was tension between them after he rejected his offer to buy McCall. He offers to wait if Devon is busy. Devon just doesn’t want to take a break and get coffee. Tucker updates his son that he sold McCall to Victor Newman. Devon asks if he’ll leave town now. Tucker says he’s staying… and Devon and Dom are the reasons why.

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In Los Angeles, Victoria and Nate work over a meal. She tells him how impressive he is, and he admits he feels positive about the meeting. “We do make a good team, but there’s something I need to say.” As he’s talking, Elena appears in the background and crosses her arms.
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Elena listens as Nate tells Victoria he wants to confirm they’re setting aside the personal for now until he can figure out where his head is at. Victoria takes his hand and assures him she’s on board. “We’ll focus strictly on work for now. I can only imagine how conflicted you must be.” Elena steps out of the shadows and says to her boyfriend, “So… this is what taking a business trip alone looks like?”

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At Chancellor-Winters, Tucker hopes to create a new bond with Devon and has a proposal for him. He understands that he’s hosting an event for Neil tonight… he owes him so much and would like to announce at the event that he’s producing the Neil Winters International Jazz Festival as a tribute to him.

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At the jail, Michael tells Diane he appealed her no-bail order. They were granted a second arraignment and he’s sure the new judge will be more understanding. He brought her something to wear, carefully curated from her closet by Jack. Diane can’t believe this. Michael says it won’t come cheap but Jack’s arranging financing as they speak. “This is happening, okay?” He teases, “Try not to look like a flight risk.”

In the park, Summer tells Daniel she doesn’t know where to find their mother. She could be long gone by now. Daniel can’t believe she’s just been letting them suffer like this. “You’re okay with this?” Summer feels every single thing he’s feeling right now but she’s just trying to focus on the fact that they have a chance to have their mom back. Daniel says she may be able to gloss over this, but he’ll need a moment. Summer protests that Jeremy forced Phyllis into going along with the plan, but Daniel isn’t convinced. He fumes, “He forced her, Summer?! She didn’t have to go along with it.” Summer says she felt that everyone had abandoned her and in a moment of weakness she gave in… then it all went wrong. She regretted it immediately and tried to come back but Stark attacked her. She had to defend herself and killed him. Now she’s on the run. Daniel wonders how she’ll survive. Summer guesses she has everything she needs to start a new life; Stark would have taken care of that. Daniel exclaims, “And you’re okay with this?! You’re okay with her just disappearing just like that? No consequences! You’re fine with this!”
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Sitting down, Summer tells Daniel she’s not happy about what Mom did. She asked her to keep the secret but she couldn’t keep it from him. If she’s found alive and everything comes out, she could go to prison for the rest of her life. They’ll lose her all over again. “Daniel, we can’t let that happen.”

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At the Abbott house, Ashley tells Jack that where Tucker’s concerned she’s in control of her feelings and actions… unlike him. She can’t see how having him there affects Jack. Her brother complains, “He’s under my roof!” Ashley snarks that she forgot this was his house and they are all just visitors. She points out the tension in the house is because of his fiancée who has been charged with murdering Summer’s mother. Jack protests that she’s family whereas Tucker is a veritable stranger. He wonders how she’ll present him to Harrison. Ashley says, “Aunt Ashley’s friend.” Jack warns Diane could be home as soon as today.

At Chancellor-Winters, Devon tells Tucker he won’t make a decision about something as big as the festival this close to the party. Even if there were an announcement, it wouldn’t be his to make.

In Los Angeles, Victoria tells Elena it’s nice to see her and asks if she’d like to join them. Elena tells her to shut up — she doesn’t want to hear any more lies or excuses. “This is between Nate and me.” She turns her attention to her boyfriend, “Unless you’re relying on Victoria to fight your battles for you.” Victoria excuses herself to give them space. Nate asks Elena what she’s doing there. She warns him that the next words out of his mouth better not be something that makes her respect him even less. “I want you to look me in the eyes and tell me the truth. What is going on between you two?!” Nate confesses, “Victoria and I slept together.” Elena picks up a glass of water and douses him.
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Elena sits across from Nate and tells him she believed in him and trusted him, “And this is how you repay me? You’re pathetic!” Nate didn’t come there with the intention of sleeping with Victoria. Elena reminds him he lied that he was taking the trip alone and advises him not to act like this was out of the blue, “I suspected this all along.” She remembers him calling her “paranoid” and asks if he really thinks so little of her. Elena can’t believe she actually hung onto hope that there was some type of misunderstanding. “But no. My instincts were right all along.” Nate never meant to hurt her. Elena says it only matters what he did and calls him out for still trying to gaslight her into thinking she’s overreacting. She wonders if the romantic afternoons and offers of a dream trip were to compensate for his guilt. “Come on, Nate! Be honest. I want to know how long this has been going on because I finally want to know how much of a liar and a cheater you are.”
Elena confront Nate Y&R

At Chancellor-Winters, Tucker apologizes to Devon for being over-eager. Devon tells him there’s no need to be sorry. Tucker reveals he’s starting to put down roots there and that Ashley asked him to move in with her.

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At the Abbott mansion, Ashley argues that Diane is a flight risk, but Jack thinks justice will prevail and Diane will be brought home where she belongs. Ashley tells him, “This isn’t her home, and she doesn’t belong here. Period.”

In the park, Daniel wonders why Phyllis put this all on Summer instead of coming to the both of them. Summer begs him not to say anything about this to anyone. Daniel chuckles, “Who would believe me anyway.” Summer tried to get something out of Chance to see if there was a way to get their mom out of this, but he was seeming suspicious so she backed off. Daniel wonders what if they can’t help her. Summer thinks maybe they should just let her disappear and start a life without them. She would hate it, but she would do anything to keep her safe. “Wouldn’t you?” Daniel asks if she can sit back and watch Diane get tried and convicted for a murder she didn’t commit. “You can live with that?!”
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In L.A., Nate tells Elena he had no intention of this happening and that nothing he did was out of guilt, “I love you. I honestly tried to fight this.” Elena scoffs at him being so mesmerized by the charms of Victoria Newman to stop himself. She reminds him that his family called him ruthless and selfish and she defended him. She thought the man she fell in love with still existed. Nate insists he’s still that man. Elena says he can’t possibly believe that… unless this is who he’s always been. “You can go straight to hell or you can go back upstairs to your hotel room with your boss. It’s over.”
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At Chancellor-Winters, Devon asks Tucker if Abby knows about Ashley moving him in. Tucker doesn’t know. He confides that Ashley has him on double-secret probation. He just thought with her giving him another shot, Devon might be inclined to do the same. Devon isn’t automatically going to trust him because she does. Tucker wishes he could be at the party tonight and raise a glass to Neil. Devon understands that his offer of the festival is his way of trying to build a bridge between them… if he wants to be there tonight he’s welcome. Tucker would love it. They shake hands.
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At the Abbott house, Jack is on the phone with Kyle telling him he hasn’t heard anything about his mother yet when the doorbell rings. It’s Michael. Jack guesses the judge denied bail. Michael steps aside and Diane rushes into Jack’s arms.
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In the park, Summer tells Daniel that Diane is far from innocent. She abandoned Kyle as a kid and when she came back it’s been one lie after another. She brought Stark there and brought all of this on herself. Daniel says she may be guilty in general but she didn’t murder their mom. Summer thinks it’s karmic justice. Daniel tells her she sounds like mom, and reminds her that Diane is her husband’s mother. “Our mother faked her death just like Diane. Is she really any better than her?!”

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At the Abbott mansion, Jack and Diane happily embrace and kiss. Michael teases that all of this time is billable. Jack is beyond grateful. Michael recalls that he ordered him to make it happen. Diane boasts that Michael was so impassioned that the judge couldn’t help but release him. Jack commends Michael, who mentions there are terms. Diane’s under house arrest and had to hand over her passport. Jack is relieved and they start kissing again.

In L.A., Victoria rejoins a despondent Nate. She asks what happened. He says, “Nothing good.” She guesses he didn’t tell Elena she’d be joining him in Los Angeles. Nate didn’t want to cause more complications. Victoria thinks it’s may have been because she wasn’t the only one hoping something might happen between them. Nate denies coming on this trip with that intention. Victoria suggests that subconsciously he was hoping to get caught. Nate wouldn’t want her to find out like that. Victoria says his actions show he wasn’t as happy in that relationship as he tried to tell himself and everyone else.
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At Society, Ashley gripes to Tucker that Jack’s trying to get Diane out on bail. Tucker thinks it might be fun to bump into her over morning coffee. Ashley thinks that’s the stuff of nightmares. Tucker warns her he let it slip to Devon that he moved in with her. She groans; she wanted to tell Abby herself. Tucker points out it’s all part of the “glorious complicated us”.

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In L.A., Victoria asks if Nate can still compartmentalize business and personal. Given his personal life just exploded, he’s not sure he can. Victoria’s sorry about what happened today… she didn’t mean to upset or deceive Elena either. Nate needs to take some time to process and walks off.

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At Society, Ashley texts Abby that they need to talk. Tucker tells her about his plan for a Neil Winters’ Jazz Festival but Devon shot it down. He still invited him to the event tonight. Ashley agrees to go with him. Tucker has to come up with something to show Devon his intentions and he feels he doesn’t have much time.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack has texted Kyle. Diane’s sure Summer won’t be happy about her getting out and worries she should stay someplace else. Jack tells her this is her home and he’s more determined than ever to marry her soon. He never wants to lose her. They kiss.
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In the park, Summer tells Daniel they need to clear their mom before they clear Diane. Daniel wants to go to Chance and explain everything. “Honesty is the only thing that will fix this situation.” He’s sure Phyllis will be dealt with fairly. “I’m going to the police.” Summer protests, “No!” She promised their mother she wouldn’t tell anyone about this. “I needed an ally I could trust. Don’t tell me that I made a mistake. Please tell me that you are that person.” Daniel starts walking away. Summer screams, “Daniel! Are you that person?! Are you?” Daniel doesn’t know.
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