A very skeptical Detective Gil Wallace is at Amber and Daniel's apartment. He questions that she waited until the day after the break-in to call the police. As Amber argues with Gil, Daniel comes in from visiting Summer. He takes Amber aside and says they agreed not to call the cops! Amber rants that there are people after her and Kevin! Gil tells them to put a new lock on the door and leaves. Amber is outraged - at both of them! A tense Daniel argues with Amber, who says she's going to tell Kevin! After she leaves, Daniel calls and leaves an angry message for Aucker.

Behind the counter at Crimson Lights, Jana thinks about what Daniel told her yesterday. Gloria and Jeff come in and tell her and Kevin that they've rented Phyllis's penthouse. Kevin offers his mother a job, but they say they have it under control. Kevin tells Jana how frightening it is that Glo has a plan, but she doesn't pay any attention to his rant. He asks what's going on with her - is she pregnant? Jana laughs, says no, but then shares her feeling that something bad is going to happen!

Nikki and Mary Jane meet up to exchange paperwork at the Club. Nikki invites her to join her and Paul, but Mary Jane declines and leaves. Nikki joins Paul, who tells her he is investigating one of her business associates - Mary Jane Benson! Nikki thinks she's harmless, but Paul feels he knows her - and she behaves very suspiciously. He confides that he's found nothing on her - it's like she doesn't exist! Nikki contacts the office - none of Mary Jane's references check out - Paul is right!

Victor is finishing a business call at the Ranch when Jill arrives, blaming him for the loss of her fortune. He doesn't care. She wants his help to get her money back - in return, he can get payback! He wonders what she's talking about - Jill says Kay made a fool of him by hiring Neil! Victor wants nothing to do with such nonsense. Jill resorts to asking for a job again - which Victor refuses to offer. She threatens to spill their secrets to Ashley. He warns that Ash was taken to the hospital, so she'd better not upset her! Just then, Gloria and Jeff burst in asking Victor for help as well. The trio stages an argument for Victor's benefit. He throws Jeff and Glo out, and once they're gone, warns Jill again - don't come back again! Victor answers his phone - it's Mary Jane. He agrees to meet her at the Club.

In her room, Mary Jane tells her kitty that Victor is coming and he'll know how to get rid of that mean, nasty Sharon - then Jack will come back!

Amber arrives at the coffee house and fills Kevin in on what happened at the apartment. She wants him to help find out who did it. Kevin balks, but Amber presses - it's because of them, it couldn't be someone after Daniel! They go through the emails looking for threats, when they hear a phone-in radio show. Amber wants to call in and say their piece! Reluctantly, Kevin gets on the phone along with Amber.

Jana arrives at the apartment as Daniel is leaving yet another message for Aucker. He tells Jana that the only thing missing was the forged print! He says that Amber thinks it's someone after her and Kevin who did the break-in. Jana wants to tell her the truth - otherwise she'll hatch a plan and take them all down! Daniel says it's not an option! Jana is extremely worried about Amber finding out he's hiding something - it could end very badly! A man Daniel has never seen before knocks on the door - he's Harold Aucker!

Victor gets to the Club, and stops by Nikki and Paul's table to exchange pleasantries before heading to Mary Jane's room. An employee stops him to ask about payment for Mary Jane's room - Victor tells him never to ask him questions in public again! At their table, Nikki whispers to Paul that Victor shouldn't have fired Estella. Paul wants to talk about the wedding, but gets a call and drags Nikki off to see a surprise!

Jill, Jeff, and Gloria meet up at the penthouse to gloat over throwing Victor off their alliance by arguing in front of him. Jeff says he has someone tailing Victor. Just then he gets a call. His man tells him Victor is at the Athletic Club - and they have their skeleton! After some bickering, they decide that Jill will head over and see what's going on.

Victor goes into Mary Jane's room and they argue as Victor tells her he doesn't want people to get hurt - she's done. She pleads for one month - that's all the time she'll need to get Jack away from the blonde witch! Victor warns her that the blonde is the mother of his grandson! They argue, and Mary Jane says she won't give up until she's ripped Jack into a million pieces. He tells her to get out of town and opens the door to leave. She throws herself into his arms in the hallway, crying, apologizing and begging him not to leave her! Jill sees them!

Paul and Nikki arrive at Crimson Lights where his brother, Father Todd is waiting! They sit on the patio at Crimson Lights - Todd is there on a priest convention until that night. They tell him they're engaged! Nikki jokes that Mary won't like the fact that she's a divorcee - Todd welcomes her to their crazy family! As Paul and Todd joke about how long it's been since they've all been together as a family, Mary Jane walks in and sees them - and rushes away having a panic attack!

Back at the penthouse, Jill tells Jeff and Gloria that Victor is paying cash for Ashley's publicist's room - and she was all over him - this is better than they could have imagined! She, Jeff, and Gloria toast to the downfall of Victor Newman!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Billy brings flowers to Mac at Jimmy's Bar!

Kevin and Amber wind up on a call-in show with Tommy Lasorda from the Dodgers!

Cane looks uncomfortable as Nina asks questions about how he came to Genoa City!

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