At the Ranch, Victor meets with the psychiatrist downstairs as Adam listens from the laptop in his room. Vic tells the woman that he is worried Ashley's pregnancy might be in danger - he asks her to observe her on the premises. Adam gets up and goes in to Ashley's room. She tells him about the scrapbook - he feigns disbelief! He says he believes her that Estella's behind it. They bond over being under constant scrutiny at the Ranch!

Kevin is working busily behind the counter in the coffee house. Jana says he's bothered by the letters, that's why he is trying so hard to pretend he's fine. She says he needs to grasp that he's a victim!

In their apartment, Amber and Daniel work across the room from one another. He thinks back to Aucker's warning about Jana. The phone rings and it's him. He wants the painting by the next day at noon, and threatens Daniel's friends if he doesn't deliver!

In the Abbott living room, Jack reiterates to Phyllis that she has nothing to worry about - Sharon is no longer a threat! Phyllis says of course she is, because she acted like a doormat! As Phyllis leaves, she passes Olivia on her way in. Liv tells Jack that there was another scare with Ashley - she'll fill him in on the car ride to the Ranch!

At RS, Nick tells Sharon he finally woke up - he wants to be with her - it's the way it's supposed to be! Sharon says she won't let him leave Phyllis for her - they're in the past! Nick presses his point of view - it's fate! Sharon says she doesn't believe that anymore - she's thought this through and she's reconciling with Jack! Nick says she doesn't love him the same way she does him. He begs her to reconsider. Just then, Phyllis walks in. Nick says there will be some changes that affect all of them. Sharon interrupts him, saying she will be reconciling with Jack, permanently, and she and Nick have agreed to keep their distance. If the baby is Nick's, they'll share custody, but she and Jack will raise the child together. Sharon wishes the best for them and Summer, then leaves. Phyllis asks Nick if that's the whole story.

Amber and Daniel arrive at Crimson Lights. Amber and Kevin go off to a table to look for online supporters, and Jana asks Daniel what's wrong. She confronts him about the painting she saw him copying - it was stolen. Jana asks why he's forging a stolen masterpiece?! Daniel takes Jana into his confidence about the undercover plan. Jana says she's seeing red flags everywhere! Daniel asks her how much trouble he could be in - can the government make you work for them? Across the room, Kevin shows Amber websites saying horrible things about them. Amber decides to look for something positive, while telling Kevin to cut himself some slack. Suddenly she finds a site that says Kevin is a hero - it's a child abuse support site! Back at the counter, Jana promises Daniel that she'll keep mum, and Amber and Kevin come over to show them the printout from the supportive website. Amber and Daniel leave and Kevin looks closer at the printout. He leads Jana over to the laptop, where they discover that Amber made the website - it makes Kevin feel good. Jana kisses him.

Olivia and Jack arrive at the door to the Ranch as Victor is showing the psychiatrist out. As Liv tells Jack the woman leaving was a shrink, Ashley appears. They discuss her latest scare and Jack wants her to come home with him. Liv takes Ash upstairs when Victor gets agitated. He assures Jack that the house is calm and stress-free - unless he's in it! As Jack and Victor continue to bicker, Adam listens in and chuckles to himself upstairs. Olivia and Ashley have an exchange about the psychiatrist and Liv suggests that Ashley go out for a walk. She then heads downstairs to tell Jack and Victor to stop arguing. Victor throws Jack out.

Ashley heads outside and comes upon the statue of Sabrina. She asks her to let Victor go, and to let her be. Suddenly, in a gust of wind, Sabrina's ghost appears! Sabrina tells Ash that she's completely sane - she can relax now. Sabrina says she and her baby are at peace knowing that Victor is loved. Ashley wakes up - the walk was a dream - and smiles.

Amber and Daniel arrive home to find their apartment trashed! She thinks it's one of the people who hate her and Kevin, but Daniel secretly worries that Aucker's behind it!

As Adam listens, Victor goes into Ashley's room, where she beamingly tells him that she's been overreacting - she's not afraid anymore! Adam is ticked off - he'd had her on the edge! Victor is pleased at her change of heart.

Jack arrives home to find Sharon waiting with tears in her eyes. She embraces him tightly and tells him that he is so good to her - and she loves him so much!

At RS, Phyllis wonders if Nick had time to think while she was gone. He says he did. Phyllis says she knows what Sharon wants, but this is about them. As Nick says he's made a decision, Phyllis's phone rings - the sitter is sick. Phyllis leaves saying they'll talk at home later.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Paul tells Nikki he's investigating one of her business associates - Mary Jane Benson!

Mary Jane clutches Victor, crying, "I need you! I can't do this without you!"

Jeff, Jill, and Gloria toast to the downfall of Victor Newman!

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