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At Jabot, Kyle opens the door to the main office where Billy is behind the desk. Billy didn’t expect to see him today. Kyle says someone has to run Marchetti and complains that his marriage is holding on by a thread — he needs a distraction. Billy hands over a pile of papers and says, “Got one for ya. Do you want to tell me what’s going on with Marchetti’s operation budget from last quarter?”

Kyle informs him that the expenses rose due to the textile companies they acquired and begins, “If you had looked carefully…” Billy finds his nephew is being condescending. They bicker about the wisdom of taking on the textile companies. Billy wouldn’t put it past Victor to have pushed off his troubled properties on Jabot. Kyle informs him that getting those companies was his idea, not Victor’s. Billy still thinks… Kyle interrupts to inform him he doesn’t care what he thinks. He has complete autonomy over Marchetti. Billy is just trying to get the lay of the land. Kyle retorts, “The land is just fine.” Billy has an idea to bring Jabot and Marchetti together. “If you’re willing to listen.”
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At Society, Abby meets Mariah and Tessa at the door. They enthuse about going out for lunch and thank Abby for the invite. Abby gushes over Aria before leading them inside where Sharon, Noah, and others yell, “Surprise!” Mariah marvels that their baby shower is beautiful. Abby says it was all Sharon’s idea. Sharon holds Aria as Tessa and Mariah rock their sashes and tell Abby she can throw them a party any time she wants. She’s grateful they all came together in their honor. Sharon wanted to spread the joy. Abby calls a toast to the new mamas.
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At the jail, Jack exhales as he waits. Soon, Diane is led in by the guard. He recaps that she’s wrongly locked up and the press is having a field day. Diane assures him she can take care of herself. He wants to use his connections to get her more outdoor time, but she hollers, “Please, stop!” There’s only one thing she wants, “Don’t come back.” She’s not getting out of there anytime soon and it could be ages for her court date. Jack argues that he’ll be by her side however long it takes, and so will Kyle. Diane can only survive this if she forgets about life outside of the jail. Seeing his face is just a reminder of all she’s lost. “We need to do this my way.” She intones, “If you love me, then you have to stay away.”

Jack Diane Y&R

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At Crimson Lights, Chance tells Christine he doesn’t think Diane acted alone. She may have poisoned Phyllis but Stark was in on it with her. He points out he took the money from Phyllis’ accounts and vanished into thin air. “I guarantee you he’s up to something.” Chris needs more than his gut feeling. Chance wants to put some pressure on Diane. Christine argues that would require a deal for leniency, which is out of the question. Chance thinks Diane will know exactly where Jeremy is hiding. Michael appears and asks, “Did someone mention my client’s name?”

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Michael sits down and asks, “What did I miss?” Chance wonders if Diane’s been in contact with anyone on the outside. Michael would never violate attorney-client privilege and asserts that there shouldn’t even be a trial. Christine agrees — Diane could save them from that by pleading guilty. Is that something Michael and his client will consider? Michael says his client won’t plead guilty to a crime she didn’t commit. Christine suggests she cooperate with the authorities. Chance barks, “We want Stark.” Christine would consider recommending the judge impose a shorter sentence. Michael says, “Not interested.” Chris asks, “Really?” It could mean the difference between Diane spending the rest of her life in prison and never seeing her grandson again.

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At the jail, Jack argues with Diane about cutting everyone out of her life. Diane can only survive by shutting down and clearing her thoughts of her old life. He did this when she faked her death as well. She’s facing the very real possibility of spending her life behind bars and she knows what she has to do. “I love you too much to put you through what’s ahead. I don’t want you here. I don’t want Kyle here, and I certainly don’t want Harrison here.” She becomes emotional and then sobers, “This is what I need to do to survive.”
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At Jabot, Billy says, “We integrate Jabot and Marchetti’s ad campaigns.” Kyle retorts, “No.” Billy asks to be heard out and suggests they brand them both as a single fashion and beauty entity. Tessa can work for both brands. Kyle says it’s not going to happen. Marchetti is exclusively a luxury brand. Billy doesn’t see the problem. Kyle fumes that linking his company with Jabot could dilute the brand’s reputation. Billy tells him he’s missing the genius part — they tailor the ads to emphasize the connection between Jabot and Marchetti’s top-end products. It’s aspirational and brings more business to both brands, “What’s not to like about that?” Kyle replies, “Where to begin, Billy?” Billy points out corporate synergy was the reason Jabot acquired the fashion brand in the first place. Kyle marvels at Billy being there just a couple of hours and thinking he has the expertise to upend their entire advertising strategy.
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At the shower, Sharon makes a speech about Aria being her first grandchild. She’s profoundly moved that Mariah and Tessa bonded with Delphine and created their bond together. She tells the baby she better get used to big crowds because now, she’s got a lot of family and friends. Faith wanted to be there but had an exam. She knows the journey wasn’t easy, but she’s so thrilled to see their dreams come true with this little girl. Sharon is looking forward to late-night diaper changes. “I’m really honored to have the three of you in my life. To family.” Everyone raises their glasses, “To family.”
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Abby makes a speech next and shares parenting wisdom with Tessa and Mariah. The joy this will bring them will be like nothing else before. Noah says, “My turn.” He explains Allie got stuck in the lab, but hands over a gift from them — baby books. He declares that Aria has two of the coolest moms in the world.
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At Jabot, Kyle points out everyone has fired Billy. Billy argues that he’s learned from his mistakes and knows how to merge two brands from working on the Chancellor-Winters merger. Kyle thanks him for his input but says their strategy of keeping Jabot and Marchetti separate from the beginning has proven successful. He sees no reason to change course. Billy says, “Sometimes you have to think outside the box, Kyle.” He warns his nephew he can’t unilaterally veto this idea. Kyle counters that he can’t unilaterally implement it, “It’s my dad’s call.” Billy will talk to Jack. As he exits, Kyle turns back and says, “I know what you’re trying to do — distract me with stupid business ideas. Thanks.” Billy smirks, “You’re welcome.”
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At the jail, Diane tells Jack that there’s a very good chance she’ll be found guilty of murder and moved to another prison further away. It’s best they go their separate ways now. Jack fumes, “I can’t do this! You’re being selfish!” Diane is thinking about him and Kyle. Jack asks if she can really imagine putting Kyle through pain again. Diane thinks if he spends time with her now it will be harder when they move her away. “Kyle needs to get used to the idea that I’m not going to be around.” Jack wonders how Harrison will understand not hearing from his Dee Dee. Diane says she’s going back to her cell, calls the guard, and exits. Jack throws a chair across the room.

At Jabot, Chelsea stops in to see Billy with dumplings. Billy will make time for lunch as long as she joins him.

At Crimson Lights, Chance thinks there’s more to the story of Diane and Stark. Michael denies a connection between the two of them — Diane wishes the man had never come to town. He thinks it’s obvious he killed Phyllis and then framed Diane, who is just another one of his victims. He plans to persuade the jurors that Stark was out for revenge on his client. “Stop pushing Diane to confess to a murder she didn’t commit and investigate the damn crime.” Chance gets up, “Excuse me. I’m going to let you two duke this out.”

At Society, the baby shower continues, and Mariah thanks the group, saying they are so grateful for the love and support for Aria, which has been ongoing through their entire journey. “We didn’t tell you but there was a little bit of a scare in the delivery. Everything was okay it was totally fine but the nurse said that our daughter was really lucky to have us as mothers, but Tessa and I feel it’s the other way around. This magical little girl deserves everything in the entire world.” Noah says, “Spoken like a true mama bear.”
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Tessa speaks next. She never had much luck with her biological family except for Crystal, and now she has a Genoa City family. She can’t think of a better way to celebrate this than with their family. She feels on a cosmic level that their daughter chose them. Kyle arrives and Abby walks over. He didn’t realize there was a private event. Abby would have invited him but didn’t figure he’d be up for it with everything going on. Kyle says he will find another place to get lunch. Mariah hollers, “Hey you! You’re not getting out of here without talking to me.”

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At Jabot, Billy tells Chelsea that he’s already managed to get into an argument, but he kept his cool, so that’s progress. He’s enjoying the work and believes he can make a difference there. Chelsea is pleased for him. He asks how the video game is coming. She loves creating a world and a community. They’re in a bit of a holding pattern with Daniel grieving. She’s feeling a little impatient but realizes it’s just a bump in the road. He teases that she’s so mature and wise. He’s in awe of how strong she’s become. Chelsea enthuses that they did it — they’re finally getting their lives together.

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At the shower, Elena and Tessa chat. Tessa admits she’s still nervous and Elena tells her that’s normal. By the door, Mariah and Kyle hug and she says she’s so sorry about his mom. Kyle apologizes for not returning her messages. She understands he’s been going through hell. He can’t wait to meet the newest member of her family. Mariah marvels at the amount of baby clothes they’ve sent and then tells him she’s there for whatever he needs… for Summer too. “Thank God she has you.” Kyle looks sheepish.
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At Crimson Lights, Michael wonders whatever happened to the kind Christine who championed the underdog. Chris says she works for the people and that includes making sure wealthy, well-connected murderers don’t get off on plea deals. She accuses Michael of selling himself off to the highest bidder. Michael reminds her every person accused of a crime is entitled to a defense. It’s noble. Chris snarks, “Especially when you’re getting very well-paid for it.” As she leaves, she tells Michael her door is always open when Diane is ready to confess. Michael smirks, “See you in court.” Just then, Jack walks in and booms, “We need to get Diane another bail hearing! Now!”
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At the shower, Kyle tells Mariah that Summer is shutting down. He has to prove his mother is innocent or he doesn’t see how his marriage will survive. Mariah reminds him Summer is as tough as they come, and she loves him. “You’re going to get through this.” Mariah asks him to stay but he says he would only bring down the mood. He congratulates her on her beautiful baby girl, hugs her, and leaves. Mariah looks concerned.

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In the darkened jazz lounge, Chance looks around and thinks.
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At Crimson Lights, Christine tells Jack she’s sorry, but the judge determined Diane was too much of a flight risk to get bail. Michael says the judge made that decision based on her argument at the arraignment. Chris says they know Diane’s history. Jack says it’s ancient history and complains that Diane is not doing well. Chris notes that no one does well in jail. Jack fumes that she’s innocent; can’t they get to the judge and get her to change her mind? Michael will do his best but tells Jack the facts haven’t changed, so the judge’s decision isn’t likely to either. Jack demands he find the judge and tell her he’ll pay whatever amount she sets in bail. “Diane will wear an ankle monitor. They can post an officer to watch her 24/7 and I’ll pay the salary. Get something done now, Michael. Diane has to come home.”

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