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At the Abbott house, Kyle paces and tells Jack this is a nightmare. “How can they even think mom killed Phyllis.” Jack worries she won’t get bail. Kyle fumes that they can’t leave her sitting in a cell. Jack says they’ll have to prove her innocence and don’t have a lot of support. He’s sure Summer’s mistaken about Diane. Kyle says they have to clear his mother’s name otherwise his marriage won’t survive.

In the jazz lounge, Summer finds Chance sitting there alone. She can’t stop thinking about that night. Something keeps nagging at her and she can’t let it go. Chance has the same feeling but suggests she go home. Summer can’t — she can’t stay away.

In the hotel, Jeremy shakes Phyllis and warns if she thinks she’s going back on their deal he’ll make her death a reality. Phyllis tells him he doesn’t scare her — he’s not a killer. Jeremy reminds her she has no idea what he’s capable of. She points out he got what he wanted since Diane is behind bars. He counters that she won’t be for long if Phyllis is stupid enough to show her face in public. If her fake death is revealed, he’s going back to prison. “That’s not going to happen. If I have a choice between going back to prison and killing you… that’s not a choice at all.”
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At Crimson Lights, Adam reminds Sally that after the ultrasound tomorrow they’ll know their baby’s sex and she can start designing some baby gear. Sally hadn’t thought of that but supposes their child can’t wear clothes off the rack. They’re laughing together when both Victor and Nick arrive and take in the scene. Adam snarks that it’s a Newman family reunion. Nick isn’t there to see him and kisses Sally’s cheek. Adam guesses Victor’s there to dangle something in front of him again and then yank it away. Victor grouches, “I’m surprised to see you here, son. Especially with that lady.” Sally says she and Adam just ran into each other. Adam tells Nick, “She’s all yours.”

At the Abbott house, Jack and Kyle establish that they have to be respectful of Summer’s feelings. She’s looking for someone to blame. In the end she’ll see Diane is innocent just as they do. Kyle grumbles that no one believes in his mother — they have to convince the world. They decide the evidence the police found in the house was planted but can’t figure out how Stark pulled it off. Jack guesses this is payback for framing him for the jewelry heist. “Diane would not be in this position if not for me.”
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At the jazz lounge, Summer tells Chance that coming there is part of her penance. Chance tells her she doesn’t have to do penance for anything. Summer argues that she treated her mother terribly in the end and owes her an enormous debt. She should have believed her. Chance thinks she’s being too hard on herself. Summer says coming there isn’t just penance, it also brings her some comfort. This will always be the last place she saw her mom alive.

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In the hotel room, Phyllis tells Jeremy she’ll tell everyone the scheme was all her and leave him out of it completely. Stark fumes that it won’t work. There’s no way he wouldn’t be implicated. “We are moving on with our plan whether you like it or not.” Phyllis tells him again that he’s not scaring her. He’s nothing compared to the thought of her children needing her and not being there for them. “My strength as a mother is fiercer than anything you’ve got.”
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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle refuses to let his father take any of the blame — Stark was out for revenge from the moment he hit town. Jack laments that he’s been one step ahead of him and now Phyllis has paid with her life for mistakes he made. Kyle defends his dad again but Jack insists he deserves the guilt he’s carrying. He worries that with Jeremy having so little regard for life, he could kill again.

In the hotel, Phyllis explains that her children are suffering and tortured. “I was wrong to do this.” Jeremy rolls his eyes and tells her to deal with it. Phyllis pleads with him to listen. “I want you to see this from my angle.” He doesn’t care where she’s coming from, only where she’s going. Phyllis hollers and they argue as he reminds her she wanted a part in taking Diane down. “Justice served!” Phyllis laments, “At what cost?” Jeremy tells her she’ll get over her regret but she says she won’t. Diane did this and let her son suffer for years and years… she cannot do that. Jeremy barks at her to shut up and think. The only reason her kids softened toward her is because they think she is dead. Once they realize what she did it won’t be sunshine and rainbows. He taunts that Phyllis will face charges and end up behind bars instead of Diane. “Are you going to let her win?!’

At Crimson Lights, Nick and Sally leave. Adam tells her simply, “Thanks.” Victor joins his son and remarks, “That was quite a display, son.” He grumbles about Adam and Nick both fawning over that woman. Adam tries to walk out on him, but Victor stops him.
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At the Abbott house, Kyle tells Jack he’s right; they have to be on high alert where Stark is concerned but they also have to prove he’s behind what happened to Phyllis. Jack says they’ll have to be careful. Kyle will go see Diane and Jack asks him to give her his love. He’s determined to find her the right lawyer.

At the lounge, Chance tells Summer he likes to take in the crime scene while he thinks. Summer wonders if he’s come up with anything. He hasn’t. Summer offers to re-enact if for him. Chance wants to call somebody for her. Summer says there’s no need — there’s only one thing that will make her feel better… knowing that her mom’s true killer is punished.
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At the hotel, Jeremy tells Phyllis there’s no way back. She made her bed and now she has to live with it. Phyllis shakes her head and grimaces as she says he’s right; she has to stick with the plan or she’ll lose everything. He reminds her of the alternative before suggesting she picture a secluded beach where they can sip their tropical drinks while watching the sunset. She asks, “Sipping our tropical drinks?” Jeremy informs her there’s been a change of plans: “I’m coming with you.”

Phyllis asks why he’d want to do that — he’s free to do whatever he wants. Jeremy needs to be right by her side to ensure she doesn’t run home. He gets a text and says he’s arranged to send half of her money to an offshore account on the island. Phyllis warns he’s implicating himself. “Diane hasn’t even been found guilty.” If he disappears, he looks culpable. Jeremy decides she’s right. He’ll stay in Genoa City until Diane’s convicted and then he’ll join her. He pulls her close as he says they make a great team and the possibilities are endless.
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At Crimson Lights, Adam tells Victor he isn’t sure a conversation is necessary. Victor advises him he’s making a terrible mistake. “I’m talking about Sally Spectra.” He points out she’s involved with his brother. “You need to come to terms with that and move on.” Adam shakes his head.

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Nick and Sally arrive at her suite and she’s gushing about Aria, who is such a little cutie. Nick wants to hear about her but maybe not right now. Sally asks if he’s okay. Nick says it’s been a brutal day and he’s wiped out. She hugs him.
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In the hotel, Phyllis dodges Jeremy’s amorous moves and wants to focus on taking Diane down. Stark reminds her they’re husband and wife now. “You belong to me.” She pushes him away and lunges toward the door, but he gets between it and her. “Where do you think you’re going?!”

At Crimson Lights, Victor tells Adam he’s wasting his time pining over the woman who is with his brother. McCall Unlimited is waiting for him. Adam fumes that he doesn’t need him to tell him about better opportunities and says he and Sally are bonded for life. Victor complains that he sounds like a lovestruck teenager. Realization hits Adam, who replies, “You really don’t know, do you? Sounds like you’ve been left out of the loop, Dad. Sally’s having my baby… and I’m still in love with her.” Victor’s speechless.
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In Sally’s suite, she commiserates with Nick about the heartbreaking memorial service. Nick says that Summer’s mother-in-law was also arrested and his sister is setting herself up for a boatload of trouble. He can see it coming. Sally feels this is a lot to carry around. He always looks after her now it’s her turn to look after him for a while. Nick tells her being with her is exactly what he needs.

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Jack corners Christine in Society and tells her he just wants some advice. He was hoping she could recommend a good defense attorney for Diane. Chris wants to help but her hands are tied. She wishes him luck.

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At the lounge, Summer knows Chance is doing everything he can, but she doesn’t want him to get distracted by looking for evidence to implicate Stark — Diane is the reason her mother is dead. Chance warns her against doing anything else to hamper the case. Summer can’t think about anything else. Chance wants to drive her home but Kyle appears and says, “I think you’ve done enough for now!”
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At the hotel, Phyllis asks Jeremy, “You’re going to keep me here?” He accuses her of putting on an act so she could get away and go back to town to her kids. Phyllis informs him, “You can’t stop me from doing that.” Jeremy thinks he can. “I will put you in a shallow grave if I have to.” Phyllis says, “You’re bluffing. You’re not going back to prison.” He reminds her she’s already dead. “Killing you is a victimless crime!” He picks up the scissors off the desk and she pleads, “Please, Jeremy, no!” She ducks into the washroom, and he follows as she screams.

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In Sally’s suite, Nick wants to talk about things that are more fun. “I cannot wait to go to your doctor’s appointment with you.” Sally hedges, “I have some news to break. I’m not sure if you’re going to like it… I invited Adam to join us.”
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At Crimson Lights, Victor intones, “This is unexpected.” He asks if Adam is sure Sally is telling the truth. Adam assures him it’s legit. Victor wonders, “Why hasn’t she told your brother?” Adam says he has told Nicholas about this. Victor wonders what the hell the two of them are doing. “I don’t get any of this.” Adam explains there was a paternity test. “I’m sure Nick wishes he was the father but I won out.” Victor marvels, “You think this is a victory?!” Adam warns he should start speaking more kindly about his next grandchild. Victor leans across the table and says, “You are involved with a woman who is now involved with your brother. This pisses me off!” Adam doesn’t know why. Victor asks what has gotten into him. He should be working and have a purpose in this life rather than pining for a woman that is with his brother. Adam shakes his head, “You don’t get it, do you? Connor and my new son or daughter, your grandchild, that is my purpose. That is my sense of direction.” With that, he gets up and walks out. Victor exhales.
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At the lounge, Kyle tells Summer he is worried about her. Chance thinks he should get her home. Kyle complains to Chance that his mother is in a cell alone because of him falsely accusing her of a crime she didn’t commit. The most obvious suspect, Jeremy Stark, is still out there as free as a bird. Chance says the evidence says otherwise. Kyle warns Chance against filling Summer’s head with his baseless theories and planted evidence. Summer tells her husband to stop. Kyle agrees to go home but warns Chance to stay away from his wife or he’ll find a way to make him pay.
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At Society, Jack pleads that he isn’t asking much of Christine. He just needs to know what they’re dealing with. Christine tells him goodnight and good luck. Jack pulls out his phone and calls someone to tell them they are Diane’s last chance. “She needs you. My family needs you, Michael.”

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In the hotel where Phyllis and Jeremy were staying a body is wrapped in a white sheet alongside a pair of bloody scissors. A hand reaches for them — it’s Phyllis, who is in a dark tracksuit and covered in blood. Skittish, she bags up the evidence, looks out the door both ways, and then begins dragging the body outside.
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