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At the memorial, Daniel tells Lucy he’s proud of her and that her grandmother would be too. Phyllis, in disguise, silently blows her granddaughter a kiss and whispers, “Sorry.” Summer tells Lucy her speech was beautiful and thanks her. Nearby, Chance learns that Diane purchased the poison and asks the GCPD to send him a search warrant. At the front, Summer wants this to be a celebration of her mom’s life but they need to know what happened that night. “Someone knows the truth, that’s all that I want.” If they get answers then maybe they can sleep at night. Kyle suggests they wrap it up, but Summer says they haven’t heard from everyone. “Diane, is there anything you would like to say about my mom?”
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At Devon’s place, Abby rolls her luggage through the door ranting about all of the stuff she has and complaining they need more storage. Devon hushes her and shows her the flowers he bought her. “Welcome to your new home.” They kiss. Abby marvels, “We’re actually doing this!” Devon tells her she’s exactly where she needs to be and gifts her with her own set of keys. They smooch some more. She loves him for wanting her and Dom there and for making this real.
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At Newman, Victoria sits at her desk remembering her kiss with Nate. Audra knocks and asks, “Where was your head just now?”

At the memorial, Diane tries to get out of speaking but Summer wants her to say what’s in her heart. Jack doesn’t think it’s appropriate. Diane suggests Victor should say something, but he says he’ll share his thoughts with his granddaughter in private. Diane would like to do the same. Summer goads Diane and points out she had no trouble sharing her thoughts with her mother the last time she saw her. “Think of this as a chance to help my family grieve.” Diane looks stunned but agrees, “Sure.” She stands up and says that she and Phyllis weren’t exactly friends. Phyllis smirks. Diane knows she loved her kids. Daniel decides that’s his cue to speak.
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Daniel walks to the front of the gathering and says a friend once described his mother as fierce. That’s an understatement. He gestures to the painting of Phyllis and says she was an adventure; she was dazzling and unpredictable. Underneath it all was an intense love that touched everything she did. Sometimes it was hard to watch her waste her brilliance on the wrong things. She was amazing and shouldn’t be gone, he says. Daniel feels like she’s still trying to teach him how to love better, and to fight harder for your family, for the truth. He feels she’s trying to teach him to protect the ones you love with everything you’ve got. Daniel wishes he’d learned that when she was alive. He tells her portrait that he’s sorry he won’t get anymore time with her. “I love you, Mom. I always will.”
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At Newman, Victoria says her mind was on an adventure. Audra asks if she can do anything to help. Victoria says, “No, thank you.” They go over an analysis Audra did, and Victoria compliments her on being one step ahead. “You’re providing superb backup for Nate.” Audra says that’s the plan — to give Nate everything he needs. Victoria looks up at her. Audra points out that Nate is doing so well he’ll probably move up the ladder soon, “Here or somewhere else.” She points out she is familiar with most of the projects that matter most to him. Victoria is hearing that if Nate were promoted or poached she would want to take his place.
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At the memorial, Summer and Daniel embrace as they share their pain. Phyllis, in disguise, watches them.
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Danny stands up and says when he looks at his son, he sees Phyllis’s heart. He knows her capacity for love and generosity of spirit will live on in her children and Lucy. Danny would like to honor Phyllis with a song. Everyone applauds as he takes a seat at the piano and plays There’ll Never Be Another You. Summer cries as he sings and Phyllis looks pained. Chance eyeballs Diane.
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At the Abbott house, a search warrant is served by police and an employee lets them in.

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At Newman, Victoria reminds Audra that Nate just started as CEO of Newman Media and she’s an even newer hire. Audra is well aware of that and says she has a lot to learn and a lot to offer. She’ll continue to prove herself until the day comes that Victoria does need a new CEO. With that, she walks out.

At Devon’s, Abby admits she’s nervous… but in a good way. She’s excited for what’s ahead for them in the future. Devon knows exactly what she means. He finally feels he’s getting back to the life he wants. “You got me here. I’ve never been more excited about my future.” They kiss and start undressing to make love on the sofa.
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At the memorial, Chance checks his phone and Daniel thanks everyone. He encourages them to keep the celebration going a little longer. Diane gets emotional and asks Jack, “Why did Summer make me get up and say something about Phyllis?” Jack thinks Summer is taking her mother’s death hard. Nearby, Nikki and Victor exchange some heartfelt words with Summer and hug her. Michael and Lauren tell Danny it was a beautiful song and tribute… Phyllis would have been so moved. Michael and Danny embrace. Lily tells Daniel his mother’s spirit will always be with him. Danny suggests they all grab a bite to eat and invites Lily to join them. She accepts. Daniel steps away to say goodbye to Summer. He tells her the event was wonderful and their mom would have loved it. She’s glad he spoke. He is too. They express their love and embrace as Phyllis watches. She thinks to herself that she will do anything to protect her family. She will expose Diane for the lying, cheating psychopath she really is. Her marriage will never happen as long as she’s alive.
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At the Abbott estate, a police officer bags up a document as evidence.

At Newman, Nate apologizes to Victoria for being late. She tells him about Audra’s analysis. He muses, “Above and beyond as usual.” Victoria has a feeling that his COO has her eyes on his job. Nate chuckles. He’d be a little disappointed if she weren’t angling for his position. “I see a little of myself in her.” Victoria hopes he won’t move on. Nate loves his job and tells her she’s stuck with him. She’s very glad to hear that.
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At Society, Lily thanks Danny for including her. He thinks it’s good to decompress and spend time with loved ones. Danny tells Lucy about the time her father was a banana and Lily was a strawberry. Lucy marvels at the story about them running away and taking jobs pretending to be fruit. Daniel and Lily exchange a smile. Danny is so proud of his son and so was his mom. Lily takes his hand.
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At the memorial, Diane complains to Jack that Chance keeps staring at her. “Why’s he even here?” Jack is grateful he’s keeping Stark away. Nearby, Kyle asks Summer how she’s holding up. She can’t believe her mother is gone. Kyle thinks she would have loved this event, especially her putting his mother on the spot. He asks why she did that. Summer says she was channeling her mom.
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She watches Chance, who walks over and asks to speak to Diane outside. Jack and Kyle try to intervene so Chance is left with no choice. “Diane Jenkins, you are under arrest for the murder of Phyllis Summers.” Diane gasps and, in the shadows, Phyllis smiles triumphantly.
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At Newman, Victoria and Nate exclaim over the great numbers in their reports. She thinks they can take Langston to the next level and will make the offer tomorrow. Nate tells her that her instinct to jettison the McCall deal were spot on. Victoria wants to have a drink to celebrate and pours two glasses of her new bourbon. Nate grins, “You do know what I like.”

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At Society, Daniel and Lily tease one another until Lucy yawns. Danny thinks his granddaughter needs some rest and offers to take her back to the hotel. Daniel agrees and they say their goodbyes with hugs. Daniel tells Lily, “I’m pretty sure the two of them were trying to set us up.” They walk out of Society and Daniel offers to walk Lily to her car. She says it’s okay. He thanks her for being there for him. Lily thinks the two of them helping each other will never change. She kisses his cheek, urges him to get some rest, and goes.
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At the club, Diane is cuffed as she protests that she did not kill Phyllis. Jack hollers about her having an alibi and Chance says they have new evidence. Diane hollers it had to be Jeremy Stark. Chance is following the evidence. Jack wants to know what possible proof he could have Diane wants to talk to a lawyer. She asks Michael, “Please help me!”

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At Newman, Nate marvels over the amazing bourbon and swills it around in his mouth. Victoria watches him as he muses, “Nice strong finish.” She calls him a man of passion. He says he’s a man with an empty glass. Victoria teases, “Dare I offer you a refill or is that too dangerous on a weeknight?” Nate counters, “How can I resist?” She says he resisted before. Nate croons, “This time resistance is futile.” He kisses her. Victoria gives him an intense look and them pulls him into a more passionate clinch that ends with them on the desk.
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Outside the office, Audra hears the items from Victoria’s desk falling to the ground. She tiptoes over and hears the moans and groans and kissing inside.
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At the club, Lauren fumes at Michael, “Don’t tell me you are seriously thinking of defending Diane now?” Diane insists she’s innocent and has been framed. Michael says, “I’m sorry, Diane.” He advises her to have Jack call an attorney and to keep quiet. Everyone disperses as Diane is led out. Nick asks Summer, “You okay?” She cries, “I guess I got what I’ve been hoping for. The truth. Diane killed my mom.” She sobs over not believing her mom that the woman was dangerous. Nick leads her out and Phyllis stands alone in the room. She exhales.
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Next on The Young and the Restless: Jack vows to protect Diane, Mariah and Tessa return, and Nick gives Nate an ultimatum.

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