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At the Abbott house, Diane and Jack look at the program for Phyllis’ memorial and discuss Summer’s choice to have it at the lounge where her mother collapsed. Kyle listens as Diane wonders why Summer wouldn’t choose a location with happier memories. Kyle says he couldn’t agree more — it’s a terrible decision. He couldn’t talk his wife out of it; they haven’t talked much at all. He feels like she’s on a mission to prove something. Diane thinks she should stay home. Kyle says Summer insisted they all be there.

In the Neil Winters Jazz Lounge, Summer walks over to a portrait of her mother on an easel and tells it, “I will make this right. I promise you that.”
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Lily joins Daniel in his suite at the GCAC and asks if he wants to get coffee before the memorial. He has a pot, so she pours some and asks how he’s coping. Daniel will pull it together for Summer and his mom. He’s proud of his sister for putting this all together and is also worried for her. Lily tells him they’re going to suspend work on Omega Sphere. Daniel is taken aback and pleads with Lily not to do this — he needs structure. Lily given in and says that’s fine. Daniel thanks her.
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Nick arrives in a suite where Sally asks how he is and then apologizes for asking a stupid question. Nick goes on about Summer planning the whole memorial on her own and admits he’s not feeling the location. They’re all back in the same room where it happened and he’s worried today won’t turn out as Summer’s hoping.
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At Crimson Lights, Jeremy answers his phone, listens, and fumes, “What do you mean she was a no-show?!?” He grits that she was supposed to be on that damn flight last night.

In a hotel room, Phyllis unpacks clothing, shoes, and a wig from a black bag.

Nick and Sally arrive at Crimson Lights, where Summer appears. Sally walks over to tell her she’s sorry about her mom. She offers to help out at the memorial and would love to be useful. Summer snaps that it never occurred to her that Sally would be at the memorial, where she doesn’t belong. Does she really think that Phyllis would want her there, especially now that she’s glommed onto her father?! Nick turns as Summer seethes, “I hate that he is still with you when you are pregnant with Adam’s baby. That is who you should be with, Adam. The two of you deserve each other so please just stay far, far away.” Nick sends Sally to the counter and asks his daughter, “What are you doing?” Summer is sharing how she felt. He is there if she needs to take things out on someone and offers her help. Summer will get a coffee at the club and will see him there. She leaves and Nick tells Sally he’s sorry. Sally says she just lost her mother, she gets it. She’d like to be with him, but she’ll be thinking of him. “Summer needs you, go.” They kiss and he walks out.

Jeremy arrives at the hotel room and finds Phyllis and her things gone. He swears, “Dammit,” and walks back out.

At the memorial, Kyle asks Summer what Chance is doing there. Summer asked him to come and has to go touch base with him. She walks over to ask if Chance has any updates. He doesn’t but notes she’s going for maximum impact with the choice of venue. Summer is convinced that Diane won’t be able to hide her guilt. She glares across the room in Diane’s direction.
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Adam finds Sally alone at the coffee house and she explains Summer made it clear that she’s not wanted at Phyllis’ memorial. She found out the baby is his and resents her even more. Sally invites Adam to join her and give her some positive assurance that things will work out.
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At the memorial, Nick tells his parents that Summer is being strong — too strong — when she breaks it will be bad. They agree they’ll be there for her when the grief sets in. Nearby, Michael and Lauren tell Daniel that the portrait of his mother is lovely. Daniel wishes she were alive to appreciate their sentiments. Michael prompts Daniel to turn around and he’s floored to see Lucy standing with Danny. He rushes to embrace her and learns that Danny didn’t want him going through this alone. Near the stairs, Jeremy looks around and spots Diane.

Across the room, Jack, Diane, Summer, and Kyle eyeball Stark. Kyle fumes that he has a lot of nerve showing up there. Summer was afraid he’d pull something like this. She doesn’t care about his claims that he married her mom, “I don’t want him here.” Jack will handle it. He strides over and Summer runs over to Chance, “Please don’t let this blow up.” Jack confronts Stark, who says Diane is guilty and killed Phyllis.
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Chance intervenes and tells Jeremy this is a private affair and he’s not welcome. He complains he’s there to mourn his wife and suggests the cop turn his attention to Diane. Chance informs him he’s going to escort him out of there. He threatens to hunt up a parole violation, so Jeremy goes willingly. Summer looks at Diane and then turns away with an expression of loathing.
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At the coffee house, Sally and Adam talk parenthood. Adam tells her she’ll have to roll with the punches and learn on the job when the kid comes. Talk turns to his deal with Victor but he wants to keep things light. Besides, he doesn’t know how she can help unless she has millions laying around so he can acquire McCall Unlimited on his own. Sally doesn’t have money to offer, but a distraction. “I have a doctor’s appointment coming up. One that checks for any anomalies and the baby’s gender. Would you want to be there?” He breaks into a lopsided grin.

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At the memorial, Kyle tells Jack and Diane that Stark is behind setting this in motion he’s sure of it. Nearby, Danny walks up to Lily and asks her to keep an eye on Daniel for Lucy’s sake. She says, “Of course.” Summer goes to the front of the room and asks everyone to take their seats so they can begin. Several women in black dresses and hats stand to the side of the room and one of them is Phyllis in disguise.
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In the jazz lounge, Summer begins the memorial by speaking about the choice of venue. She thought it was important to restore some peace to the club dedicated to Neil Winters. “The healing starts now.” She’s grateful to everyone who offered to help and respected her need to do it on her own because she needed to make amends to her mom. Unfortunately, she and Daniel were both going through an upsetting time with her when she died. Summer cries as she says Phyllis crossed some lines because she loved them and wanted the best for them. She didn’t have a chance to tell her she realized that until suddenly it was too late. She sobs, “I am so sorry, Mom! I would do anything to have you back right now. I love you and I believe you.” Chance watches Diane and Phyllis’s eyes turn red-rimmed.

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At Crimson Lights, Adam tells Sally he’d love to come to her appointment. Sally warns Nick will be there too. Adam wonders, “Little girl, little boy, what will it be?” Soon they’ll have their answer, “How great is that?”

At the memorial, Summer leads a champagne toast to her mother and invites anyone to speak who would like to, starting with Daniel. He stands up and struggles, “I didn’t prepare anything, I’m sorry.” Lucy urges him to speak from the heart. Daniel says, “I can’t, I can’t. I’m sorry.” Nick walks up the front beside Summer and recalls that he and Phyllis were extremely competitive with each other. A cool friendship that turned into a love story that last a very long time and produced the beautiful young woman standing next to him. Nick makes Michael and Lauren smile as she says he couldn’t describe Phyllis in 10 words or less. She was brilliant, fearless, adventurous, and so damn funny. When you made her mad, look out, but there was nothing she wouldn’t do for someone she cherished. “She was one of a kind.” Summer hugs her dad.

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Jack gets up to speak next. He says his history with Phyllis is a story of extremes. They seemed destined to hurt each other but Nick is right, she was one of a kind; a force of nature. He has a lot of memories of Phyllis, but one stands out. He tells the story of her going into labor in the elevator and delivering Summer. Diane fights tears as he talks. Jack tells Summer that her mother loved her and Daniel more than anything in this world. Summer hugs him. He raises his glass, “Here’s lookin’ at you, Red.”
Jack Y&R

At Crimson Lights, Sally gasps, “Ooh!” She places Adam’s hand on her baby bump and says she thinks the baby is moving. Adam says that’s definitely it. They stand there like that smiling and in wonder.

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At the memorial, Lauren and Michael are at the front of the room talking about their friendship with Phyllis, who was always there for the both of them. Lauren recalls that she was one of the few people who knew what it was like for her to be kidnapped by Sheila Carter. It bonded them like nothing else could. Michael speaks of the highs and lows and is sad she was taken from them on a downswing.
Lauren Michael Y&R

Nikki speaks next and says she and Phyllis had their differences, but had one very important thing in common — their love for Summer. They recently collarborated on a project that was near an dear to their hearts (she shoots a look at Diane), and she came to appreciate how her mind worked. She never ever gave up no matter what. Phyllis, in her disguise, smiles slowly.
Nikki Y&R

At the hotel, Jeremy fumes, “Phyllis where are you? You are not going to mess this up for me.”

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As Nikki continues talking, Chance gets a text from work saying they know who bought the poison. Chance asks for a name. Summer asks if anyone else wants to talk. Lucy seps up. She laughs at her grandmother letting her call her Phyllis and teaching her to fight for what she believes in and to work for what she wants. She flew to Portugal to help her and her dad when they weren’t getting along and she’s really glad she did. Lucy tells Daniel, “Phyllis taught me to never be too proud to say you’re sorry because love is so much more important.”
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Across the room, the GCPD texts Chance that Diane Jenkins purchased the poison.
Chance Y&R

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