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At Society, Sally places her hand on her baby bump, picks up her phone, and then puts it down again. She spots Nate and tells him she’s not feeling very well. “I think something might be wrong with my baby.”

On Crimson Lights’ patio, Chance calls to check in on the toxicology report on Phyllis’s blood and says he needs it as soon as possible. As he disconnects, Abby walks in and says, “Hi, Chance!” He looks at her and says nothing.

Inside the coffee house, Adam orders his usual from Sharon, who is distracted. She apologizes and explains she’s still processing, and then realizes that he doesn’t know. “Last night, Phyllis passed away.” Adam’s stunned.
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Lily joins Devon at the penthouse, where they discuss Phyllis’ kids being devastated. Devon’s sure Daniel’s grateful to have her around. Lily wishes they didn’t know so well how this feels. Devon wants to continue their conversation about Chancellor-Winters.

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At Newman, Victoria asks her parents how Nicholas is doing. Victor says he’ll need some time. Talk turns to Summer, who won’t let them help with the memorial. Victor steers the conversation with Tucker. Victoria says it went nowhere and announces she withdrew their offer to buy the company — she’s no longer interested. Victor’s taken aback. Victoria explains that it’s already been a headache. Victor crabs that she should have consulted with him. Victoria reminds him she’s the CEO of Newman. Victor says he put her there. He realizes this is about Adam. Victoria denies it vehemently. Victor asks why she’s so against Adam reuniting with the family. Victoria sniffs that handing him a company isn’t a success of his own. She tells her father if he’s so determined to give Adam McCall Unlimited he should do it independently from Newman, which won’t have anything to do with it. Victor tells her, “Don’t forget who handed you this company.”
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They sit down and Adam marvels over Phyllis being gone in the blink of an eye. He thinks it sounds off that she married Stark. They worry about Nick. Sharon hopes he’ll turn to her; after losing Rey and Cassie, she can help people. Adam assures her Nick will reach out. He reminds her to take care of herself too. Suddenly, Adam gets a text from Victor summoning him to Society to discuss McCall. He tells Sharon he’ll check back with her later. Sharon turns and notices Abby and Chance on the patio.

On the patio, Abby thanks Chance for his hard work. He says he’s just doing his job. Abby admits she’s been looking for him. “There’s something we need to discuss.” He asks if Dom is okay and she says yes. What she needs is to be transparent with him and it won’t be easy to hear. “Devon asked me and Dominic to move in with him.” She hasn’t made a decision but she wanted to talk to him first and fears adding to the awkwardness of visitations. Chance marvels, “You’re actually asking me for my opinion on this.”

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At Devon’s place, he and Lily talk about how everything changed last night being in the lounge dedicated to Neil, and then this morning’s news about Phyllis reminded him of losing him again. They agree they don’t want to lose time. Devon says he wants to give their partnership at Chancellor-Winters a second shot. Lily is cautiously optimistic but wants to be sure it’s not an emotional decision. Devon is being very logical about it and wants to hit the reset button. Lily is scared — what if they end up in the same place. Devon vows they won’t let it. They agree to have total honesty moving forward. They toast with their coffees.
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At Society, Sally tells Nate she’s feeling a fluttering feeling in her belly and she’s not sure it’s normal. Nate is confident he knows what’s going on. That weird fluttery feeling is the baby starting to move. Sally realizes that the food is providing the baby with energy. She thanks him and he leaves to get his takeout order after agreeing to keep her pregnancy to himself and giving her some advice about eating smaller meals and cherishing these moments.

Later, Adam arrives at Society to meet Victor and they discuss the tragedy of Phyllis dying before talk turns to Tucker’s company. Victor explains there’s another roadblock — Victoria’s no longer interested in acquiring McCall Unlimited. Adam reminds his father he can override her. Victor put her in charge for a reason and won’t disrespect her decision. Adam muses that whenever it’s a choice between her and him, there’s not really a choice. He announces he’s going to figure out his future on his own and they should go their separate ways.
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At Devon’s place, he and Lily discuss Daniel’s grief. This whole thing with Phyllis reminds Devon that you have to embrace life. He reveals, “I asked Abby to move in with me.”

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On the coffee house patio, Chance assumes Dom would love to move in with Devon, and she would too. He doesn’t have a problem with it. Abby encourages Chance to move back into the Chancellor mansion. She gets the feeling Nina doesn’t want her there, so she’ll leave. They agree to keep Dom’s room there the same for when he visits Chance. Abby thanks Chance and leaves.

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Nate enters Victoria’s office at Newman. They talk about the scene with Phyllis the night before. He says Elena is still seeking answers, but his focus is there at Newman. Victoria wanted him to know she’s no longer pursuing McCall Unlimited. Nate asks what changed. Victoria confesses that if they acquire the company, her father is determined to install Adam. Why would she hand her brother an empire?
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Adam returns to Crimson Lights and spots Sharon talking to Chance. He sighs and is about to walk back out when Sally appears. She asks where he’s rushing off to, and invites him to sit with her. They discuss Phyllis’s death and how Nick’s doing. Sally says he’s pretty torn up, especially for Summer. Adam wonders if she’s jealous of his grief over Phyllis. Sally isn’t; they’re co-parents which is a bond nothing can break. They sit down and Adam confides in Sally that Victor was going to buy a company he would head, but then pulled the rug out from under him. Sally’s sorry he hurt him again. She reminds him that had it happened, he’d be answering to his father and under Victoria’s thumb. “You do not need Victor to succeed. All you need is you.”
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On the patio, Chance tells Sharon that Abby asked him what he thought about her and Dom moving in with Devon. He had no choice but to give it the thumbs up. Sharon thinks it must have been hard. Chance says it really wasn’t. Sharon’s pleasantly surprised — it’s freeing. Hanging onto the anger will only affect him. Chance says he can pay her for the therapy session or let him take her to dinner. She smiles, “Okay… dinner.”
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At Devon’s place, Lily reminds her brother that his ex just moved in. Won’t having Abby move in just cause Amanda more pain. Devon feels they finally have closure, which motivated him to ask Abby. Being together as a family under one roof makes all the sense in the world.

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After Lily’s gone, Abby arrives at Devon’s and tells him she spoke to Chance, who gave them the go-ahead. Devon finds this to be the best news. Abby tells him she loves him and would very much like to make a home with him and their son. They kiss.

At Newman, Victoria complains to Nate that she wouldn’t be able to stop her father from handing McCall to Adam, and if the company fails, Newman would take a hit. “It’s a no-win situation for me.” Nate is fine with that; it leaves the door open for Devon to buy it. They exchange compliments and talk about work. He’s proud to have been told her secrets and notes that her inner circle is usually just herself. Is she thinking of expanding it? She replies with a smile, “Just by one.” Nate smiles back.
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At Society, Nikki’s glad they’re past the whole McCall business, now Devon is free and clear to buy it. Victor confides that he’s no longer interested in acquiring another company. Nikki asks, “What happened?” Victor says Devon wants to rejoin Chancellor-Winters. Everyone is re-thinking their ties with family after Phyllis’s death. He won’t spend any time away from his family including Adam, “As far as I’m concerned, McCall Unlimited is still on the market.”

At Crimson Lights, Adam and Sally debate whether the baby will be a boy or a girl. Adam would love a little girl but will be thrilled either way. Sally wishes the kid would let her enjoy a meal. She’s still having a little nausea, which may mean the baby will have a full head of hair. She’s sorry she worried him. Adam says it’s inevitable. He’s the baby’s father and the bond is unbreakable.
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